My Friday Love – Must Listen Podcast and Must See Television

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Happy Friday Welcome to our Friday Feature!

My Friday Love is a weekly  where we want to share what we loved during this past week.

My Friday Love is… 


Do I Dare To Eat a Peach Podcast

by Dan Wells and Robison Wells

I listen to all sorts of podcasts while I work–comedians, paranormal radio shows, movie review shows, television show discussions, and bookish discussions. But I discovered the most wonderful one of all by authors and brothers Dan Wells (Hollow City, Partials, I Am Not a Serial Killer) and Robison Wells (Variant, Feedback). They’re funny, they bicker, they’re intelligent, but Rob hates Pearl Jam–and that’s almost unforgivable in my book , and Dan agrees with me.

A few of my favorite episodes that are must listens:

Episode 15: Which Monster Would Be The Best Boyfriend? / iTunes

Episode 4: Which Dystopia Do You Want to Live In?

Teen Wolf

Boy, am I late to the party with this excellent TV show that airs on Mtv. Sure the CGI was super cheesy in Season one, but how bad can something be when you get to see this in every episode?

 Seriously, I could just watch an entire show of Derek Hale and Stiles. It doesn’t hurt that Derek is super cut and muscle-y, and shirtless at least once in a lot of the episodes. And Stiles sure knows how to bring the snark–and that is the key to this girl’s heart.

Supernatural Season 8

I’m the one that convinced Danny to finally watch this awesome series. I’ve been watching since day one, and I can’t wait until next Wednesday for the season premiere.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel–I can’t wait. After rewatching all seven seasons over the summer, I’m super ready to see how Dean gets out of purgatory.

 So Happy Friday, and Happy Listening/Watching!!! 

and what do you think about podcasts? What do you listen to? And who loves Teen Wolf as much as I do? I’m not afraid to admit it!!!

Much Friday Love,




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6 Responses to “My Friday Love – Must Listen Podcast and Must See Television”

  1. You are a terrible influence. Seriously. I spend too much time in front of the TV as it is…and you’re telling me Teen Wolf (of which I saw the first two episodes and threw up my hands) is awesome? And that I need to catch up with the Winchester boys? (I lost track of them around season 4 or 5…) *sigh* But I <3 good shows with hot guys. It's a problem.
    Mary @ Book Swarm recently posted..Giveaway Hop: Banned Books Week 9/27-10/7My Profile

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    Heather 9/28/2012

    OMG, Mary–Teen Wolf is so awesome. You just need to keep watching. I blew through both seasons in a week. I even subscribed to HuluPlus just so I could watch season two on my phone during my lunch at work. Derek Hale shirtless is all I’ll say…just check out and if you need some convincing in the form of some pics…

    You stopped watching Supernatural back in season 4 or 5? Really, the mythology probably bogged you down. I suggest sitting down with netflix and catching up. They have all seven seasons on there now. Psst…there’s hot pics of the Supernatural guys on those tumblr’s too.

    Love, your enabler, Heather (and I’m not ashamed) LOL
    Heather recently posted..My Friday Love – Must Listen Podcast and Must See TelevisionMy Profile

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    Mary @ BookSwarm 9/28/2012

    YOU ARE A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE!! And *wipes off drool* those Tumblrs are deadly. How are hot guys like that allowed to roam free?

    Yeah, it was the mythology that really…meh. The Devil and dead Lilith and okay, I’m done, even with the hot Winchesters…oh why can’t they just roam the country taking care of mythological creatures and urban legends? Okay, Ms. Enabler. I’m Netflixing this weekend!
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Giveaway Hop: Banned Books Week 9/27-10/7My Profile

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    Heather 9/28/2012

    I’ve lost hours on those tumblrs. I hear you about them roaming free–they just need to be roaming free near us.

    Once you’re caught up on Supernatural, we’ll see how you feel. Because I’ve got all sorts of feels for the boys. *sigh*
    Heather recently posted..My Friday Love – Must Listen Podcast and Must See TelevisionMy Profile

  2. Ahh some great picks ladies I am going to check out these podcasts and Supernatural…can I just say drool over Dean every week!
    Heidi recently posted..Friday Forecast September 30-October 6thMy Profile

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    Heather 9/28/2012

    The Dare I To Eat a Peach podcast is really fun. Dan and Rob pick a a different list from some website to discuss, and they have such different opinions that it’s fun to hear them go at it when they don’t agree. But they are pretty knowledgeable about all sorts of things too, so it’s a broad spectrum of pop culture to books to tv, that it’s something for everyone.

    And Dean is my absolute favorite 😉
    Heather recently posted..My Friday Love – Must Listen Podcast and Must See TelevisionMy Profile

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