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Degrees of Wrong

(Goodreads, E-Book: Amazon, Barnes and Noble)

by Anna Scarlett (aka Anna Banks)

Published on August 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

This time, the straight-and-narrow path could be the road to ruin.

Dr. Elyse Morgan’s mission: find the cure to the HTN4 virus. The compensation, courtesy of the United Nations: a lab stocked with hi-tech goodies, limitless resources and enough chocolate to make her rear look like a cellulite farm. Bonus: she gets to live.

Rescued (kidnapped) and secreted (imprisoned) on an undersea warship, Elyse adjusts to her assumed identity as a cadet with the finesse of a toeless ballerina. Her sulfuric temper and blatant insubordination capture the unwanted attention of the ship’s captain, the gorgeous, infuriating, engaged Nicoli Marek.

Elyse would rather perform her own autopsy than become the other woman, but Nicoli—who’s as full of himself as he is of secrets—regards his impending marriage as a mere political transaction. And Elyse as fair game.

As Elyse’s suspicions about the UN’s true agenda mount along with her attraction to the relentless, chronically shirtless captain, she must choose between the murky path to everything she’s ever wanted, or the squeaky-clean path of self-sacrifice—which could mean taking the secrets of the virus with her to the grave.

Warning: Features a strong, chocolate-loving heroine who takes no prisoners on the way to saving the world from an epidemic and winning a captain’s heart. (From Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

After meeting Anna Banks at a book signing a few months back and hearing her talk about her latest book, Degrees of Wrong, I knew that I had to preorder it since she was so snarky and just plain fun to listen to. And I’m so glad that I preordered it for my Kindle Fire. Danny’s already reviewed this book and loved it. You can check out Danny’s review here.

Elyse is an early twenty-something doctor/researcher who’s forced by the United Nations to find a cure to a plague that has swept the Earth. She’s taken to an underwater training facility for soldiers, where she must masquerade as a new recruit and serve as a ship doctor while she develops a vaccine. She’s snarky, smart, headstrong, and unwilling to follow any orders. Combine all of these qualities and she constantly makes trouble and draws attention to herself, which is something that she definitely doesn’t need, especially since no one is supposed to know exactly who she is or why she’s on board that ship.

Nicoli is the good looking, successful young captain of the ship–full of himself and unattainable but that doesn’t stop every woman aboard from dreaming that they have a chance. But Elyse and Nicoli butt heads from their first meeting, and as he’s tasked with keeping her out of trouble, he decides that it’s more fun to goad her on. While there’s attraction from the start, Elyse knows that he’s engaged, and she refuses to entertain any ideas of the possibility of more from Nicoli other than a begrudging friendship. Over the course of the book, the romance between Elyse and Nicoli develops slowly. There’s no insta-love here folks, and that’s quite refreshing. They bicker, they battle, they try to outwit each other–and they’re quite evenly matched.

The world building in Degrees of Wrong isn’t too heavy or light, and the science behind the plague and the cures is obviously well researched and thought out. The futuristic details weren’t too far out there that you couldn’t envision using them in the near future when this book is set.

Degrees of Wrong gets a 4.5 out of 5. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable mix of sci fi meets romance with a heavy dose of a snarky kick ass heroine who can take on the world with nothing more than her wits and razor sharp tongue. This book was well paced, and there was never a dull moment inside of Elyse’s head. The only thing that disappointed me, however, was the lack of more in the romantic scene department. This is a romance book for adults, and while Anna Banks can write UST (unfulfilled sexual tension) like nobody’s business, the book came up short in the end when the time came.



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11 Responses to “Review – Degrees of Wrong by Anna Scarlett”

  1. So glad you connected Anna Banks to Anna Scarlett…i had no idea *facepalm*
    I love snarky protagonists and like that this is new adult. Curious about the world building and the plague. Awesome review!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted..Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay ~early reviewMy Profile

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    Heather 9/29/2012

    LOL, I got to make the connection easily since she said it in person at a book signing. I’ve heard the level of snark is just like in Of Poseidon, so if you like that, you should love this one.
    Heather recently posted..Review – Degrees of Wrong by Anna ScarlettMy Profile

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  2. You are just all shades of trouble these days, aren’t you? I think I HAVE to read this book! A combo of scifi and romance along with an alpha male and hold-her-own heroine…yes, please. *runs to Kindle to download* Between my stack of books and what’s currently cued up on Netflix (Supernatural), I don’t think I’m leaving the house this weekend. Well, except maybe for food.
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Giveaway Hop: Banned Books Week 9/27-10/7My Profile

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    Heather 9/29/2012

    That’s me–the enabler 😉 Cue up Season one of Teenwolf on Netflix while your at it. Leaving for food is a good idea, unless you have good delivery nearby 🙂
    Heather recently posted..Review – Degrees of Wrong by Anna ScarlettMy Profile

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    Mary @ BookSwarm 9/29/2012

    Soooo…I’m already fully immersed in Degrees of Wrong and LOVING Elyse’s internal voice. Between her chocolate addiction, predilection for violence and inability to make a good impression on Captain Hottie, she’s a girl after my own heart! Thanks for the rec.
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Giveaway Hop: Banned Books Week 9/27-10/7My Profile

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    Heather 9/30/2012

    No problem, Mary! It’s a great book 🙂
    Heather recently posted..In My Mailbox – Pushy’s All Audio EditionMy Profile

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