BEA 2011 Recap Vlog from Heather, Pushy and Danny

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Hey guys!! 
Finally we managed to post our Recap from BEA 2011. 
Heather, Pushy and me attended BEA and we were super supppper thrilled!! First, because we haven’t met in one year and we really missed each other… Talking on skype or chatting just isn’t the same.
Pushy and me stayed for the whole week including Book Blogger Con and 
Heather stayed for two days BEA! 
(but she already said next year she’ll stay the whole time)  

So instead of posting a Day by Day recap we recorded a Vlog together. 
it’s 50 minutes… 
Don’t go!!! 
I cut it down to 12 minutes :)) 
We just talked about the highlights for us
and I hope I did the whole experience justice.. 
We got so many books, 
we met some many authors and …
we met so many new and old friends. 
It was fantastic, for all of us! 
So here we go, 
and I apologize for rambling (a lot) and 
for my accent!
(listening to it while cutting the video was … horrible …) 
Oh and I truly should mention that Pushy and me had some drinks before and
during recording… Heather (as usual) stayed sober 
and had to endure our ramblings…

Authors mentioned: 
(mentioned at least three times…) 
Chuck .. we cannot pronounce his name
(mentioned at least twice ) 
Bloggers mentioned:
seriously, meeting her was the beginning of a love story! 
Melissa @ I swim for Oceans (LOOVE that girl!) 
Kate @ verbvixen 
Eileen @ E reads & write
Bloggers that we met and LOVED meeting 
Lisa @ Baffled Books (she’s such a sweetie!!) 
Erica @ Book Cellar
Amber, Stacy @ The Page Turners
and so much more and we apologize if we forgot to mention you!!  
Oki thanks to all for watching.. I might or might not upload the 
directors cut version… but 
seriously.. it’s 50 mins!! 
Much love!! 
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18 Responses to “BEA 2011 Recap Vlog from Heather, Pushy and Danny”

  1. Deea

    Aww! You girls are so sweet! Wish I had been there with you all! *sigh* Well, maybe next year! I'm glad you had so much fun and you met so many great authors! *jealous of all the books you probably got* It would be so awesome if they did an event like this somewhere here in Europe!*dreamy sigh*

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  2. The Slowest Bookworm

    Wow, sounds like you all had an amazing time! It was great to see you all – you know, but faces to the names. The books you mentioned sound awesome.
    My recent post Help Wanted

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  3. YOU LIKE ME YOU REALLY LIKE ME! I'm so flatted I made this vlog and I LOVED meeting you guys. We definitely had the best author speed dating table. Let's do it again next year!

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  4. Hira Hasnain

    OMG, I absolutely LOVE the Vlog, guys! All you ladies are awesome…and I love the camaraderie! 😀 I hope I get to meet you guys at the next BEA – and I wish you guys would do more vlogs! You bookworms…ROCK! 🙂

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