Santa’s Sac Scavenger Hunt Day 6

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Hello and Happy December 6th!
And of course, welcome to the latest installment of our…

Today’s clue is as follows:
Which book introduced you to the amazing Ice Prince Ash?
You know, this Faerie Prince one of the Bookworms finds totally swoon worthy?
Find the package in this post and click on it.
This is the hidden box you’ll find in the right post:
(this box in form of a heart fit’s perfectly for today’s clue- 
don’t you think?! *snickers*)
Remember: please leave us a comment on this post and let us know
if you were able to find the correct post or if you need a hint.
If hints are needed, we’ll give up to three hints in addition to the clue above,
so let us know in the comment below how it goes.
Good luck!
Gosh and loook what sweet Santa had for you yesterday?
This gorgeous blue necklace, 
inspired by Twenty Boy Summer. 
Created by the über-talented Cynthia! 

uhmm…. isn’t that a day full of hearts here today?
So, let’s share some love: We love you all for having so much fun with us – it’s been a Blast and we hope you’ll come also the next 6 days.. because we.are.not.done! *winks*

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