TV Tuesday – I Dare You To Watch : Revenge

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Welcome to TV Tuesday here on Bewitched Bookworms,  and we’re bringing you a new feature where we share our favorite television series with our fellow Bookworms and with you,  our lovely readers.

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I Dare You To Watch is a feature where one of the Bookworms picks one of their favorite television series that at least one of the other two Bookworms hasn’t had the chance to watch yet. After explaining what they love so much about this show, the newbies will watch an episode (preferably episode 1 of season 1) and will come back in two weeks and give their verdict. Did they like it? Will they be checking out more episodes? Did they go on a Netflix binge?

Danny here today and I’m recommending and daring Heather and you all to watch:



This is one of the series that I saw around but never really cared so much. Then one day I was bored and had nothing else to watch when I started watching Revenge, and I was instantly hooked. Set in The Hamptons and is all about the rich, beautiful and mighty. but there is Emily who wants to revenge her Dad and infiltrates this tight society only to bring them all down – one by one!


About Revenge Season 1 :

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) comes to the Hamptons and rents a beach house next to the Grayson family mansion for the summer. Emily is really Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed for treason when she was a little girl. After a lengthy trial, he was imprisoned for life, and was murdered in prison by agents of the people who framed him. Amanda was separated from him after his trial and never saw him afterwards. She has now returned to the Hamptons as an adult to exact revenge on those who wronged her and her father. Her primary target is Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), matriarch of the Grayson family, who loved and betrayed Amanda’s father. The show focuses on Amanda’s plot to destroy every individual who played a role in her father’s imprisonment. Along the way, she discovers various facts about her father’s past which change her plans many times. As the series progresses, Amanda brings in other individuals as allies for her plan.

As Amanda executes the stages of her elaborate plan, she finds it difficult to remain emotionally detached. She struggles to identify her true motivations and examines how her actions change her sense of identity. As she enlists trusted friends into her schemes, she worries how their involvement will change their lives and how she will proceed after she enacts her revenge on those who wronged her and her father.


The reasons why I love Revenge and want the other Bookworms and fellow readers to watch:

  • Drama – Intrigue and Revenge! The plot is mysterious and thrilling and there are so so many secrets that got me so hooked, I needed to know what really happened and if Emily succeeds! Aiden Mathis
  • Emily is KICK ASS – she truly is – she trained to revenge her Dad in Japan. But I also loved how Emily develops throughout the series. She’s sometimes is ice cold, but them some manage to to see the real Emily! She’s a very intriguing character who is not so straight forward and all “good” there is a lot of “grey about Emily and I like it!
  • Hot Men! Lots of them!
  • A phenomenal Madeline Stowe as the villain, seriously she’s amazing!
  • Aiden Mathis – (Barry Slown) who I love so freaking much – he is/was my favorite character besides Emily in this series.. which is why .. what happened to him, seriously broke my heart!

The series is up on Netflix for your binge-watching pleasure  and the new Season can be watched on Hulu! 





Oh yeah, Danny! I VOLUNTEER, um, I MEAN…ACCEPT!

Heather: I really don’t know why I never started watching Revenge in the first place. It must have been on at the same time as something else that I watch, and I’ll admit to a tiny aversion to ABC programming for some reason. But my best friend has been gushing about Revenge forever and it has Danny’s stamp of approval, so I’m up for giving it a shot.


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Why do I have a feeling that I’m going to get sucked into this series? Good thing there’s a few seasons on Netflix and the new season is on HuluPlus!

Who is with us? Who hasn’t seen it yet and takes this dare from Danny? Watch the first episodes with us and then we can discuss how we liked it! 


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4 Responses to “TV Tuesday – I Dare You To Watch : Revenge”

  1. I’ve also seen Revenge around a lot. I think I watched one episode from season 2 and actually liked it but since I couldn’t get season 1 I never watched it properly. Now you’re making me really want to watch it so I’ll go do some searching 🙂
    Zareena @ The Slanted Bookshelf recently posted..Review: Opposition by Jennifer L. ArmentroutMy Profile

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    Danny 3/31/2015

    Season 1 and 2 and 3 are awesome!! 4 is not my favorite right now, but the first 3 were amazing!!!
    Danny recently posted..TV Tuesday – I Dare You To Watch : RevengeMy Profile

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  2. I did watch this show in the beginning but lately not as much and Yes I agree that the guys are hot 🙂
    julie@m5monkeys recently posted..The Start of Me and YouMy Profile

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    Danny 3/31/2015

    You know what, I also don’t watch it as excitedly anymore than before. I think with all the “boys” gone now too much has changed…. Let#s see where they are going with this season, but I completely miss Aiden!
    Danny recently posted..TV Tuesday – I Dare You To Watch : RevengeMy Profile

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