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This week is the Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010 and there are tons of wonderful and interesting events to come up this week. Today is the Book Blogger Interview day where Blogger interview each other! Woohoo!!

We have the great pleasure to interview Misty and Alex from the Hawaii Book Blog, where Misty blogs together with Alex about Books and Authors from Hawaii! At the same time Misty got some questions for us – OoOooo!
Before we start I want to mention that The Hawaii Book Blog is nominated for the Best Cultural Book Review Blog! Congrats!!!

Let’s start with the questions:

First, let me congratulate you for being nominated for the Best Cultural Book Review Blog!How does it feel? 🙂

It feels great! We’re honored to have gotten so far considering the tremendously talented bloggers who write cultural book blogs. It’s also nice to get involved with the blogging community and do fun posts for Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

What do you think makes your Blog different from other Blogs?

Our blog is very niche in that we deal with literature about and from Hawaii and the Pacific, but we also read and review anything by local authors. So we end up with a bit everything from nonfiction to romance, but rarely get a chance to read the popular books or bestsellers… unless they take place in Hawaii. We’re also very active in the island community and cover literary events and participate in nonprofit fundraisers that support reading.

Was the Book Blog your first Blog or did you started with a different Blog?

I started a blog for one of my grad school courses and tried to keep it going but wasn’t consistent with it. Hawaii Book Blog was the blog I really committed to.

How did you met Alex your fellow Blogger and
how did it came that you two blog together?

Alex and I went to the same high school. We did a project together and have been friends and partners ever since. I started Hawaii Book Blog by myself and was so stressed trying to keep up with everything I wanted to do. I roped Alex into writing a review or two and eventually he was hooked!

What do you love most about Blogging?

I love meeting new people and discovering new books and authors. I love interacting with readers and writers–sharing opinions, discussing issues, talking about characters.

What kind of genres to you read?

Well, outside of HBB I love fairytales/folktales and their re-tellings. I enjoy paranormal romances, steampunk, fantasy, Victorial lit., satire and the classics. I am also fairly active in a few fan-fic-doms.

Alex likes to read a lot of nonfiction–history, politics, sports. He’ll also read the classics and hard sci-fi.

What kind of genres does your blog focus on?

Our blog doesn’t focus on any genre at all… which is why it’s sometimes hard for us to make book blogging friends. We’re a little bit of everything and don’t fit into the same categories as other book blogs like “YA” or “Romance” and “Mystery/Thrillers”. We read and review any books by Hawaii authors, published in Hawaii, set in Hawaii, or about Hawaii and it’s history or people. Sounds limiting but it’s really not since there are a lot of great stories and characters associated with the Pacific.

Name 5 of your Top Favorite Book characters, Boys or Girls!

Misty: Draco Malfoy, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Howard Roark, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Paddington Bear

Alex: Howard Roark, Sherlock Holmes, Pinnocchio, Sir Gareth, Winnie the Pooh

Thanks so much Alex and Misty for this great interview! *giggles* I love that Alex took Winnie the Pooh, I for myself I have a soft spot for Tigger! 😉
I absolutely love the concept of this Blog and I cross my fingers that Alex and Misty gonna win the Award! And, I would love to visit Hawaii one day… desperately!
Hope you guys gonna check out their Blog, it’s definitely worth heading over!

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  1. Thanks Danny and the rest of the Bookworms for being so wonderfully gracious. It was fun doing the interview and exploring your site. I shall visit often— i love reading your book discussions!

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