Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart Hurt

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Super Six Books That Made My Heart Hurt

I love a good story that is so angsty and full of heartbreak that you can’t help but be pulled into the characters’ shoes and feel their pain. The only problem is, in my opinion (and my not so easily swayed heart), few authors can pull off this kind of writing where you can get that kind of visceral response just by reading about their fictional characters’ lives. Here are six books where the fantastic authors where able to pull out my heart, stomp on it, and put it back together again, along with their main characters’.


PS, I Love You is one of those books that had my chest aching throughout a good chunk of the book. Maybe it was because I had only been married a few years when I read it, or maybe it was because our best man had tragically died in an accident a week before our wedding, leaving behind a young widow. The scenario of young Holly losing her husband Gerry to an illness, becoming a widow in her twenties wasn’t such an unfamiliar topic for me due to the situation with our friends, and it was something that I desperately hoped never happened to me. This book was a tear jerker and it’s still one of the most heart breaking books that sticks with me. The angst level is high, due to Holly being unable to move on. And then I watched the movie a day after we lost my husband’s grandfather. Not a good idea when I would have liked to keep my composure in public… (Goodreads / Amazon)


Say what you will about Stephenie Meyer’s writing and Twilight, but New Moon held a super-high angst factor for me. With Edward gone for most of the book, and Bella barely holding it together with Jacob pulling a disappearing act of his own, this was definitely one of the most tense books to fly through until Bella jetted off to Italy to rescue Edward, leaving poor Jacob in the dust. (Goodreads / Amazon)


The final book in the Caster Chronicles had my heart twisted in knots. The first part of Beautiful Redemption had me aching with sadness because my favorite character had bit the dust and she was never coming back, but there was hope for Ethan since he now had a quest even though he was technically dead too. But could he pull it off and make his way back to Lena and Link? So many deaths of favorite characters, so much heartache. So, so good. (Goodreads / Amazon)


In my opinion, the queen of angsty young adult, contemporary romance is Katie McGarry. Her first book, Pushing the Limits, introduced me to the painstakingly and lovingly crafted broken main characters, their seemingly hopeless situations. Both Echo and Noah have gone through so much for being so young, it makes my stomach clench just thinking about their situations.  (Goodreads / Amazon)


New Adult/Adult author Jessica Sorensen is my other go to author for super angsty books. The third book her Coincidence series features two of the most broken characters that I’ve ever read, and as Violet and Luke are drawn to each other even though they know that no good will come of it, you can’t look away from the train wreck that you know is coming at the end of this book. Two of the most self-destructive people I’ve seen that you actually root to succeed! (Goodreads / Amazon)


And finally, Katie McGarry’s latest book in the Pushing the Limits series made me feel so heartbroken and helpless for the main characters. Isaiah and Rachel each have their own problems that are holding them back, keeping them apart. Such a great read. (Goodreads / Amazon)

So those were my Super Six books that made my heart hurt so good. I can’t wait to see what books broke your heart!

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11 Responses to “Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart Hurt”

  1. I have not read P.S. I Love You, I’ve seen the movie though and it was good. Great picks! 🙂
    Diana Grace recently posted..Tour Stop: SPARTANICA + Excerpt and GiveawayMy Profile

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    Heather 3/2/2014

    The book is a bit different than the movie version of PS, I Love You, but they are both great for different reasons. I definitely recommend reading the book too, Diana!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart HurtMy Profile

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  2. I have to admit the only book out of these that I’ve read is Beautiful Redemption which means that I need to get around to reading the rest of these asap. Especially anything by Katie McGarry (soooo behind considering how much hype her books have been getting!).

    Awesome selection of books!
    Alice recently posted..Book Talk (#1): The Book Thief by Markus ZusakMy Profile

    Reply »

    Heather 3/2/2014

    You haven’t experienced the amazingness that is Katie McGarry yet, Alice? You totally need to dig in there. You have three heart-wrenching books to catch up on!
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart HurtMy Profile

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  3. I’ve only read one of those and it was predictably New Moon. But I FEEL you–New Moon is one of only two books (in my LIFE) that I skimmed ahead in to make sure the pain and misery was going to end at some point. Gah.
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted..Review: The Undead Pool by Kim HarrisonMy Profile

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    Heather 3/2/2014

    I totally skipped to the end of New Moon to make sure that all was well too, Jessica! I just had to make sure that all the heart fail wasn’t for nothing, lol.
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart HurtMy Profile

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  4. Great post Heather! I agree with you on New Moon and Pushing the Limits – I’m yet to read the others!
    Ebony recently posted..Super Six Sunday #5My Profile

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    Heather 3/2/2014

    If you like the angst, I highly recommend the Coincidence series by Jessica Sorensen. The Destiny of Violet and Luke that I listed above is book three, but all of the books in this series are heartbreaking. The books come out every four months or so too.
    Heather recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Angsty Books That Made My Heart HurtMy Profile

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    Ebony 3/3/2014

    Thanks Heather! I have the first book in the Coincidence series on my TBR, so I’ll be sure to get to that soon! I’ll have to check those out – 4 months between books is fantastic!
    Ebony recently posted..Making Up For Monday #4My Profile

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  5. Chanpreet

    I’ve read 5/6 of these books and have to agree with you. I’d also have to add Me Before You to that list as well as a few others.

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