Book Blogger Challenge – Day 3, 4 and 5! (yep altogether!) BFF’s and Tears!

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As I have been a a slacker these last days with the Blogger Challenge, from April (Good Books and Wine) I decided to put the last few days together in one post!… Hope you guys don’t mind…


Day 3 – Who are your blogging BFF’s ?

Due to my location, of course it’s hard for me to fully connect with other Bloggers as many of you guys gang out  on twitter during the same time – or just basically live in the same time zone.

Still, I am lucky enough to found some amazing Girls I know would call friends!

The Bookworms- Pushy and Heather

First of all, my Cp-blogging Girls Pushy and Heather! We’ve been friends since around 5 years now and we have meet a few times already in real life. It would be just half the fun to Book Blog without them. We became friends when we were all obsessed with Twilight and this love brought us together. Then we founded the Bookworms together and I’m happy to have them in my life.!!

photo 3 Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 12.23.46 AM

Pushy and me  this year BEA and Pushy, Heather and I last year BEA! 

Jenny – Supernatural Snark

I’ve met Jenny 3 years ago at BEA and we’ve been friends ever since. At least once a week Jenny and I skype where we talk about books and blogging. The amazing thing is that we have such an incredible similar taste and often read books around the same time. I can talk books with Jenny constantly. Even more, Jenny hears me out when I again feel insecure about my Blog and when I just need to rant or feel down. She became a real friend!
Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 12.24.10 AM

Jenny, Pushy and Me last year BEA 

Alison – Alison Can Read

I’ve met Alison last year BEA and amazing enough she and her husband came to visit me in Munich!!WOOOT. We had a fantastic weekend together and she’s been the only one ever coming to visit me!

Mary – The Bookswarm

Again, I’ve met Mary at BEA last year, but we didn’t hang out so much last year. This year, we spend much more time together and I love Mary so much!! She’s funny and awesome!!

Me with Alison, Mary and Pushy this year BEA. This evening was made of awesome! 

Day 4 – The Last Book I flung across the room

Luckily I don’t have so many books that make me furious or make me so mad that I flung the book across the room! But.. I was highly (!!!) frustrated with Wild Awake and The Last Academy. Both books drive me super mad and if I wouldn’t have read the eBook – meaning I would have had to actually throw my Kindle around I would have!


I had so high hopes for both books… too bad they didn’t do it for me..

Day 5 Recommend a Tear Jerker

There are lots of books that make me cry, but since I am such a crybaby I looked for books that made me truly cry and sob. And … those books were so emotional for me that I nearly cried the whole freaking book! Yes… I couldn’t stop and kept sobbing and sobbing. It was sad and heartbreaking but also so incredibly full of love and beauty and wonderment!


If you haven’t read these books than I DARE YOU now to read them!!!!! Both books are so filled with heavy emotion that it was simply an amazing experience reading them. I wish there would be more books like this!!!

Also..  Katie McGarry made me cry so much with.. :


 Much love!! and I am so excited to read about your answers and I am especially interested in your Tear Jerkers!

Much love,

danny Siggy


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22 Responses to “Book Blogger Challenge – Day 3, 4 and 5! (yep altogether!) BFF’s and Tears!”

  1. Pushing The Limits made me cry too! I love Katie McGarry! She’s such an awesome author!
    If I Stay & Where She Went are on my TBR list. I’m looking forward to trying something by Gayle Forman. Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

    Reply »

    Danny 7/12/2013

    I’m the biggest Katie McGarry fan!!!

    And if your taste is similar to mine you’ll LOVE Gayle Foreman!!!!!

    Reply »

  2. I was intrigues by the Where she went thriller, yet the If I stay blurb and thriller weren’t enough to capture me as the second book in the series did. I want to read If I Stay because I want to read the second book and they way you describe them makes me feel that I can really read both of them 🙂
    Thanks 😀
    Lil Berry recently posted..{15 Day Book Blogger Challenge} Day 4: Last Book you Flung across the RoomMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/12/2013

    Double loud YES for reading both of them. And I was not convinced by the blurb if the first book too, but I was one of the best books I’ve ever read!!

    Reply »

  3. Oh no, The Last Academy and Wild Awake are both on my TBR. Sorry to hear you didn’t like them.

    Reply »

    Danny 7/12/2013

    Main main problem was that the MC was and acted way too young. Plus, I had no idea where this book was going until the very end. And by then my mood was already down!

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  4. Oh Danny, I have every intention of coming to visit you! I AM going to save up money so I can head on over so we can talk books! (And you can show me around your city and all the ‘important’ places to go.) I know we haven’t met yet in real life, but I still consider you a real life friend and not just an internet friend!

    I have heard Wild Awake isn’t for everyone. Some LOVE it and others hate it. I have no idea where I’d fall.
    Candace recently posted..Review: Becoming IndigoMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 7/12/2013

    Ohh Candance *hugs tight* if would be amazingly and awesomely incredible of you’d come to visit me!!!!!!

    And you’re one of those people I’d just LOVE to meet!!!! It’s a shame really that we haven’t yet as j feel pretty much the same just like you!! Hugs and kisses!!

    Yeah Wild Awake drove me bananas!!

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  5. Im so glad I found your blog because I love your graphics and what not, but also I think I may participate in Super Six Sunday!

    I haven’t read ANY Gayle Forman and I know it’s my loss. If I Stay and Just One Day are even sitting on my bookshelf in all their glory, just waiting…

    I was also so frustrated with Wild Awake by the end. I agreed (with editor Molly) that the voice was amazing but the whole storyline was almost erratic and pretty bizarre to me.

    Reply »

    Danny 7/12/2013

    Hey Kari!!!! Welcome *waves* !! We’d be thrilled if you’d join the super six Sundays!!!!!

    And you must read those books!!’ They are so incredibly heartbreaking I think I was having water in my eyes constantly. Well, when I wasn’t full out sobbing…

    I myself still have to read Just One Day but I know these will be awesome!!

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  6. You know my love for you knows no bounds Danny!!!!! I absolutely adore that picture of the three of us, you guys are always the highlight of BEA for me and I just wish we could stay in NYC for at least two weeks so I can spend some quality time with you both. I think we did much better this year though, so we’ll have to make sure we stay those few extra days next year too.

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

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  7. I love seeing the pictures of you guys from BEA. I hope to be there one day!

    I didn’t cry with the Gayle Forman books, but I did feel the emotions. They were incredible and I loved them! I love her latest, Just One Day. She just knows how to tap into that emotional core.

    Loved Katie McGarry’s books!

    Heather @ Buried in Books recently posted..Apocalypse Blog HopMy Profile

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  8. Awww…you’re definitely one of my best blogging buddies too. All of the people on your list. And If I Stay made me cry buckets.
    P.S. I probably won’t comment much this week since I’m hanging out at my parents house. They’re getting ready to sell the house the I grew up in, so I have to go through all my old stuff and throw things away. *Sob!*

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  9. It’s so amazing that you got to meet your bookish friends at BEA and that one of them even came to visit you. That is awesome!

    The time difference must make it so hard to connect and join in. Even I feel that way being on the west coast and having a job that keeps me off Twitter for much of the time.

    I am still tearing up over IF I STAY by Gayle Forman. That book was just so beautiful and amazing and sad. And I loved PUSHING THE LIMITS. My heart ached for everything that happened to Echo.

    I haven’t read either of the books you flung. but I had been interested in The Last Academy. I think I’ll have to check out a few reviews first.

    But it’s so awesome that you have a good blogger friend that you can talk to each week, who will listen and be supportive of you when you have doubts. That’s amazing!

    Oh, and your blog rocks. Just saying. 🙂
    Rachel recently posted..Quarter Talk: What These 10 Bloggers are Saying – Q2 2013My Profile

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