Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner

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Neptune’s Tears by Susan WaggonerNeptune's Tears by Susan Waggoner
Published by Henry Holt and Co., Macmillan on June 25th 2013
Genres: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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4 Stars

London, 2218 A.D. Seventeen-year-old Zee is an intern empath. She’s focused on her job, poised for a great career—until one day an attractive patient undoes her hard-earned calm. As an empath, she cannot afford such distractions, but neither can she stay away from David, even when she discovers he’s one of a mysterious alien race. As London comes under attack by anarchist bombings, and as Zee struggles to get a handle on her unusually strong psychic abilities, David starts pulling away. Although Zee’s sure he’s attracted to her, David has secrets he cannot share. But it’s too late for Zee. She’s losing her heart to the gray-eyed alien boy, and she’s determined to follow him—no matter how far it may take her

Honestly, I requested Neptune’s Tears on a whim, when I got the last Macmillan catalogue. Somehow the blurb sounded amazing, but I didn’t hear much about the book. And I was so super surprised!!!


Beautiful Paranormal element mixed in a SciFi/Dystopian envelope.

Zee is an empath and while this sounds rather normalish, it is so much more. It has more of a magical component I absolutely adored and was fascinated by. The way Susanne Waggoner described this unique ability was beyond beautiful and truly surprised me with its intensity! But, that’s not it. The story takes place waaaayyy in the future, but it was not so completely different from us now. Sure, medicine, science and technology is super advanced, but it still felt somehow right.

Zee strong beautiful girl!

Zee was such a great character! She was strong loyal and a true emptah. She was a wonderful friend and seriously, I would love to be friends with her!! She absolutely loved her job, which entails helping to cure people, or just make them feel better. Sometimes, terminal ill people come and Zee tries to eases their pain. Her talent was so selfless and so was Zee, it was just fitting to her personality being an empath.

David.. mysterious boy? tell us your secrets!

He was indeed very mysterious and we had no idea what he’s hiding. Also, he was so hot and cold with Zee that we had trouble understanding this boy. But, that was his allure, and soon we realized that something is keeping him from truly opening his heart. Even with all his secrets and mysteries,it was still easy to fall for David right along with Zee, there was just something about him ….


Romance, Secrets and … big shocking Twists!!!

The romance between David and Zee was adorably romantic and I loved following these two fall for each other and trying to leave everything else behind! I wholeheartedly enjoyed and loved the sweet romance. If you know me, you also know how important love is for me and Neptune’s Tears had the perfect amount for me!!

When we finally find out  David’s secret I was shocked as I didn’t see that coming!! And right then, the story picked up for me again and I was getting even more excited reading the next books! I love the direction this story is heading!

Bewitched Rating

Bottom Line

Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner delivers an adorably romantic tale with a thrilling  twist that makes your eyes pop! Neptune’s Tears is a gem among the Young Adult SciFi stories!



Do you have this book on your radar? If not, you should add it! Like Scifi and sweet adorable romance?

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