BEA2U- Answering your Questions! SigningLines, Galley Drops, Meeting Bloggers and more!

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It’s almost there. BEA is only 2 weeks away and everyone is getting excited. Now, we can all start planning our schedules, the mobile app is finally there (which I love) and the list of books has been also revealed!



Two weeks ago we asked you to submit a question and now it’s time to get some answers right?

Question from A Backwards Story 

Find her Blog – and on twitter 

Thank you so much for putting BEA2U together. This will be my first year at BEA, and I’ve had one big question that I didn’t really know who to ask: I imagine that the signing lines are insane. When I went to the National Book Festival in DC, we had to line up hours early to be guaranteed a spot with the author. How early do we come to the BEA lines? I feel like standing in line for hours will take away from other things at the expo. Will this be the only chance to get the ARCs? What if we really want an ARC, but don’t want to wait in line? Are we able to talk with the publishers about that, or is waiting in a long line (especially when two signings are at the same time and you can’t wait in both lines, or you’re coming from the breakfast, etc.) the only way?


BEA_HarperSigningDear ABS

yes, the lines will be insane. But then, only for some high acclaimed authors. There are other lines which will be much shorter.

For instance last year the line for Sarah J. Maas was insane and people were lining up at least 45 minutes ago. Same insanity with Chris Kolver or

So, I imagine the line for Simone Ekeles to be absolutely crazy and also for Abbi Glines, just to name only two. There I’m pretty sure you have to be there 30-45 minutes before the signing start, otherwise you won’t get to see the author or the ARC. But again, for most authors it is perfectly fine to come around the time the signing starts.

Will this be the only chance to get the ARCs? What if we really want an ARC, but don’t want to wait in line?

There are two types of Galley’s you can get a BEA. One is certainly at a signing, and here it totally depends on the publisher. Sometimes they do have only enough galley’s for the siging, once the signing is over there is no chance to get an ARC anymore. This is true for most of the cases. But then there are other publishers that always have a pile of ARC’s left, so when you go to a publisher and ask nicely you might be lucky.

But this is not the only way to get an ARC. Publishers have piles of books they “drop” a certain time, this called galley drop. Often they have a few times each days for different galles. For instance, last year “Poison Princess” was going to be dropped on Friday morning 8am, and the publishers are not giving these galleys out before, so you don’t have to ask:) Thankfully, many publishers have a galley drop schedule so you know which book will be dropped when.

I hope that answers your questions, if you have more just drop them in the comments!


Question from Kassidy

Find her on twitter

I’m going to BEA this year for the first time as a ‘power reader’, since I am not a blogger. June 1st is power reader day, and it says that doors open at 7, how early should I get there? Does time matter, or is it okay if I get there later?

Alright, so as I am not attending as a Power Reader so I don’t know the specifics. I would assume that you might get your Badge even the day earlier when it’s not so busy. But.. if not, then yes I would suggest coming early. Also, did you see that the first 100 to come get a Goodie bag from Macmillan! and.. they are always worth it!!

On the other side, when you are coming later all the first rush is over and you can get in a little more relaxed. So, it depends if you really want to meet up with other people in line while waiting to get in (which can be fun) or if you don’t care about this early buzz, then come later, grab your Badge and go in:))


Question from GoreLeonore

Find her : Cover 2 Cover Blog – Twitter 

This is my first time at BEA, how should I go about getting books home? I am taking the train but don’t want to over do it.

Oh I’d totally ship them home (if I’d live in the US , which I don’t..). Pushy always packs all her books and sends them home, like this you don’t have to worry about them and carry them around! They are so heavy, so don’t stress yourself and send them!

Question from Kitty

Find her : Book Kitty Blog  and on twitter

Last year I saw a few of my favorite bloggers at BEA but didn’t dare to say hi because I’m a little shy and didn’t want them to think I was a crazy stalker. Here’s my question: What is the best way to approach bloggers/authors without looking or sounding like a stalker? 🙂

Kitty!!! you know what my favorite moments at BEA are? When someone comes to me, to say Hi because she recognizes me from my Blog. Seriously! Just go and Say Hi!!! and.. now that I know you are there, I will watch for you. Please please when you see me? Say Hi!!


Me, Melissa, Pushy, Jenny and Alison (see our smiles? we loved meeting each other)  

And you would never ever look like a Stalker. We are all in the same boot, we are at BEA because we love books and since so much is happening online, it’s just so amazing to meet fellow bloggers! When I see someone I might recognize I just go say Hi and ask if they are really Kitty from Book Kitty blog and say that I read her blog and that’s so awesome meeting her. Believe me, that’s when the ice breaks:))

With Authors it’s a little different and for me, it totally depends who this author is. So, when I see an Author where I loved the book and she/he is right now free and not talking to someone I might go, say Hi, introduce myself and tell how much I loved the book. then you see where the conversation goes, or just leave when you feel like the Author just doesn’t want to talk, or a busy going somewhere:)

Don’t be shy!


Pushy and me meeting Tom Pollok, totally surprising outside when I was having a smoke break. He was there catching a breath and we started talking! 

Question from Jessica

Find her: Blog and on twitter

I really want to go to BEA, but I just cannot afford to stay more than one or two nights. I am a blogger, so my goals would be grab some books to review on my blog (signed if I’m lucky), hopefully meet a favorite author or two, and make some new bloggy friends! Here’s my question(s): Is it worth the trip/expense if I won’t be able to stay for the whole thing? If so, which day/time would you reccommend arriving/leaving on? All the best, Jessica @ Jessabella Reads

Dear Jessica!

The short answer: YES

Even if you can just come for 2 days then please come and do it! I’d recommend coming the first 2 days as those are the busiest and where the most people are. On the last day BEA closes earlier anyway so it’s totally fine to just leave before! So this year, come in Wednesday Night and leave Friday evening 🙂


Sooo, I if you are still having some question, please just leave them in the comments! We either answer them today or next week, if the answer requires a longer answer!

Anyhooddle, we cannot wait to meet you all at BEA!!

Much Love,


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21 Responses to “BEA2U- Answering your Questions! SigningLines, Galley Drops, Meeting Bloggers and more!”

  1. Great tips! I’ll be going to BEA for the first time this year, and I’m so excited!

    But I wanted to let you all know about the 2013 BEA Book Blogger Picnic that will be on Friday night from 6-8pm in Central Park. It’ll be a low-key event where we just meet other book bloggers! Go here for more info: 2013 BEA Book Blogger Picnic. Hope to see you there!
    Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase recently posted..2013 BEA Book Blogger PicnicMy Profile

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    Danny 5/17/2013

    Oh Andrea!!! That is such an awesome idea!!!! I hope I can make it!! But, I’d love to come 🙂 Thanks for letting us all know!
    Squeals. BEA here we come 🙂
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U- Answering your Questions! SigningLines, Galley Drops, Meeting Bloggers and more!My Profile

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  3. EXACTLY! Go talk to people, people! I went to BEA all by myself last year, not knowing a soul, having only been to NYC once before (while chaperoning a 7th grade class trip. Oy.) and had a BLAST! Once I got over the initial shock of all these people who love books in ONE PLACE, I forced myself to talk to people, to meet people, to hand out my business cards…totally worth it. GO. Have fun. TALK.

    Can’t wait to see everyone! Come say hi to me, if you see me!
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Speed Date with Emily: THE GIRL WITH THE IRON TOUCH by Kady CrossMy Profile

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  4. When I went to ALA my biggest worry was that I would wander around, feeling lost, all by myself. Fortunately I had Bailey’s number and I just texted her when I arrived and she quickly showed me the ropes. I had thought I would stick with her but I discovered we both kind of go at different paces. I was much more laid back in that I didn’t care so much about some things. Plus we wanted different books too. Then I met up with my friend Sara and it turned out to be the perfect match and we stuck together the rest if the time. I did meet other bloggers but if there wasn’t someone to introduce us I didn’t know who they were. I had hung around with Katie from Katie’s book blog and didn’t know who she was until later! That was slightly awkward but I am shy. One important thing is go just come out of your shell a little. As I attend more events I find myself more comfortable and less shy. You’ll be happier if you put yourself out there and take chances. This whole thing has made me a better and much happier person rather then the depressed person with only online friends. Only another year or two and hopefully I can make it to BEA! It stinks its during the week. Makes it hard with kids.
    Candace recently posted..Young Adult Review: Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie BrownMy Profile

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    Danny 5/21/2013

    I just hope you will make it to BEA one time – I’d just LOVE to meet you Candace!

    And I know what you mean. Even though I was never alone since I always go with Pushy, there are still times when I go we go separate ways because we want different things. But then, all people in the lines are just awesome! One shouldn’t be shy because in the end we all love the same things!

    I met so many awesome people and you are right we just shouldn’t be shy and go and talk to people :))
    Danny recently posted..Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer – Blog Tour, Interview with Hunter!My Profile

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  5. Kitty is so adorable! I kind of want to pounce on her and if I see her, I just might. Then she’ll feel less like a stalker because I will have stolen that title from her 😉 Meeting bloggers is one of the best parts of BEA, and we all sort of wander around staring at people’s chests trying to read their badges, so there’s no need to feel shy:) Love this feature you guys!

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    Kitty (bookittyblog) 5/20/2013

    You made me giggle! I hope to see you there! Pounces are welcome 😀
    Kitty (bookittyblog) recently posted..Farewell, The Arrangement by H.M. WardMy Profile

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  8. Pabkins

    I hope I get to meet you lovely ladies while I’m there. It’s my first time also and I’m trying not to stress out about it, but I feel like I’m having all sorts of anxiety this evening lol. I feel like I’m on the plane for deployment and don’t know what I’m really in for haha

    Reply »

    Danny 5/21/2013

    Seriously I have this anxiety attacks constantly before BEA!! Don’t you worry, it will all work out, you will be positively overwhelmed, but soon everything is half as bad as it seems!
    Can’t freaking wait to see you:))
    Danny recently posted..Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer – Blog Tour, Interview with Hunter!My Profile

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    Pabkins 5/21/2013

    Thanks Danny! That’s makes me feel so much better to hear! I’m literally on countdown mode to the time I get to leave for the airport. I’m in such need of a vacation…though I know this isn’t going to be a relaxing trip I hope that it invigorates and exhausts me in a good way! I’ll definitely stalk you to find you and hook up! I’m going to squee like a five year old and give you a big hug k? Lol

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  9. Becky

    Great advice! This is my second year going and my mom and I have decided to make this our mother/daughter trip every year from now on. I will make sure to keep an eye out for you to say hi =)

    Anyways, I just had one quick question. How do you find the arc drop off schedules because that was the one thing I couldn’t find last year.

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