Discussed! by Danny – when NOT to finish a book?!

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Yeah! It’s saturday!
We all love Saturdays don’t we? 
So today I’d like to discuss a bit with you… 

When do you NOT finish a book? 
I admit, normally I always finish a book – at least I try. 
Even when I don’t like a book so much I finish and 
then make up my mind. 
Out of respect for the author and also because I always hope 
the end will make up for it… 
Yet lately I found myself more and more putting a book down, 
telling myself that I will pick it up again (later) but this never happens. 
Well, I can tell you about the reasons for the last books and all had been 
slightly different. 
1.) The Girl of Fire and Thrones. 
I know that many people truly and utterly loved this book, yet 
around 2/3 in the book – I stopped! 
I got so so very mad that I had to put it down. 
See, my problem here was that I don’t like to be
patronized in what I believe. Also, I like hidden and subtle  suggestions in book, not 
flat out open telling me. The book was very religious in my opinion and 
it was just too much – so I stopped! 
I didn’t even read the end… 
2.) The Witches of East End

I had high hopes when picking up the book, or better saying when I got the 
audiobook. The story was interesting yet I stopped when I was again about 2/3 in the book. 
I was simply, completely and utterly bored. 
I get that this book was a first in a series and means to set up the world, but…
it simply was too slow for me…
3.) blood
Oh I wanted to read this book so badly! It sounded so awesome and
exactly like what I normally like. But, I  never managed to connect to the characters. 
They were grey and one dimensional to me and didn’t stir my heart. 
So I tried to pick it up several times and always put it back… 
Finally, I gave up….
So, my friends. How is that for you? 
Do you try to finish a book out of respect for the author, 
or maybe because you hope the ending will make up for it? 
If not, what makes you NOT to finish a book? 
Tell me about you? 
Any book lately you did not finish? 
Let’s hear it! 
Much Love, 
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12 Responses to “Discussed! by Danny – when NOT to finish a book?!”

  1. Bibliotropic

    I try to finish the books that I start, but sometimes I just find them so godsawful that I can't keep going. I've put down a few books for that reason. But for the most part, I try to finish them, partly so that I can feel a little more justified in writing a review of them. I have no problems with saying how and why a book was bad!
    My recent post Nostalgia Friday: Daughters of Darkness, by L J Smith

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  2. I have trouble with memoirs. But, when one is highly recommended to me by friends who know what I like, I give it a try. This was the case with The Girls from Ames. I liked the first chapter, but then I realized each girl had one chapter to tell their story — I felt like I was going to read the SAME THING ELEVEN times. No thank you…not for me.

    I also couldn't finish Finnikin of the Rock. I loved some of her other books, but this was too much fantasy, and I got confused at the beginning and never recovered. This is one that I tell myself I will try again someday, but you know how that goes….
    My recent post Book Review: Circle of Fire, by S. M. Hall

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  3. I usually try to make it at least half way through a book before I give up. Sometimes, like with The Girl of Fire and Thorns, if it's too preachy I get annoyed and give up. Also, if I can't connect with the characters, or if I find the plot boring I will give up. Sometimes, like with Before I Fall, if I find a book too repetitive I will give up.

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  4. gravesok

    I feel obligated to finish a book if a publisher has sent it to me for review. Other than that I am learning to put a book down if it does not capture my interest or it has too much foul language or sexual content in it. It is hard for me to set a book down, but as Juju said, "life is too short to read books I don't dig" I agree!
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  5. I normally give a book to about 100 pages ( give or take) and if it doesn't catch me I have no problem walking away from it. I use to hate it and would just truck through any given book. Now I see it like this…. too many books I want to read to waste time reading a book I am not enjoying. Doesn't take my respect away from authors because they are still doing something I couldn't do but some stories work for others and not me… that's okay!
    Great discussion

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  6. Most of my life I ALWAYS finished a book; not to would have been like walking out of a movie – just not done. However, the older I get, the more I agree that life is too short. So these days, if by a fourth of the way or so through I just can't like it, I will put it aside.
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  7. Small Review

    I DNF all the time! I used to be real big on finishing everything I read, but then I realized that even if I live to be 100, I still won't have enough time to read all the books on my TBR before I die. And that isn't even counting all the books that I will want to read that haven't been published yet. So I just can't spend time with books that I'm not enjoying. I DNF when I realize that I'm not having fun.
    My recent post Review Comparison: Enclave by Ann Aguirre

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  8. It's a real bummer. It happened to me with authors I love. Adored their prevous books and was excited for the new release…then WHAM – didn't like them at all or simply not as much as the others.
    Marliss Melton, Cindy Gerard, Jane Graves
    I hear you!
    The cover of blood looks so great, though.
    My recent post Follow Friday!

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