BEA2U is back for BEA 2013 – kick off and Submit your Questions!

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Yep the Bookworms are going to BEA again this year. Just sadly, insetad of all three of us going, Heather won’t be able to come with us. So it will be just Pushy and Danny! *sad face*  But fear not, dear reader!  Heather has plans to be all in the mix!  *Pushy tents her hands and grins slyly like Mr. Burns*  Oh, yes….there are plans….. 😀

Anyhoodle – last year we had a quite popular feature at the Bookworms we called BEA2U where we gathered what we learned from the first year we attended BEA. You can find all of the previous posts below, and many of the things we covered are still totally valuable. However, since this was such a fun feature and we got such amazing feedback, especially from people we met at BEA, we decided to bring it back again this year!


Woot, so here we are talking again about BEA. I might think that we gathered some new tips druing our second trip last year, and we’d love to share them with you.

Be involved and Submit your Questions!

This year, we also want BEA2U to be EVEN MORE for all you guys! Because we would love you to submit your questions and we will try out best to answer them, and if we do not we will ask our partner in crime Jenny from Supernatural Snark and … if we all don’t know we try to hunt the answer down for you!

Yes, that’s us being dedicated!

So we hope you are as excited as we are about all things BEA and of course our BEA2U feature. 

Last year at the end, we had an awesome giveaway where we promised to get books from BEA to you guys. Last year Elena from Novel Sounds won and even though we said we might only to be able to pick up 1 of her books, Pushy managed to get all the 3 books she wished for!  *Pushy loves a stretch goal!*

And this year we will host a similar Giveaway giving people the chance to get a book from BEA even though they cannot attend! We will have your back !

Here are our previous posts from last year!

BEA2U 2012 Posts  – Before

BEA2 2U Posts directly from BEA

and now… First time at BEA and nervous? Second time at BEA but still have some  questions? Are you at home and can’t come but still have some questions about BEA? Keep them coming!!! 

So whatever you want to ask, just submit your question and we will include the answers to your questions in the upcoming posts! 

Much love!


Submit your Question:

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15 Responses to “BEA2U is back for BEA 2013 – kick off and Submit your Questions!”

  1. Y’all know I love a good BEA post.

    Seriously. I’m kind of addicted to them.

    Stop laughing.


    I loved your posts last year and I can’t wait to see what you’ve cook up this year. And now I know I have to meet Danny (but Jenny assures me Pushy is just as awesome). I’ll see you guys there!

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    Danny 4/29/2013

    Haha, so Jenny told you that you must meet me?:-))) I do love Jenny rather fiercely. we meet at our first BEA together and we just clicked and fell in love!

    Can’t wait to meet you too Hannah!
    Danny recently posted..Dare You To Blog Tour & Giveaway!My Profile

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  2. I love that you share so much with us! I have to live vicariously through you guys so I love every BEA post you do! Now that I have attended ALA, which I know is very different, I have a better idea of how it all works. How HECTIC it all is and how impossible it is to do everything you want. I can’t wait to hear everything from you guys!
    Candace recently posted..Review: Hooked by Liz FicheraMy Profile

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    Danny 4/29/2013

    Gosh I would love to go to ALA once. I heard it#s fantastic and some say it’s even better than BEA! We have a few things planed in terms of posting while we are at BEA and I hope we manage. During this week, everything is so busy and finding time to blog is rather limited. So I hope our plans all work out :))

    I wish I could meet you someday Candace!
    Danny recently posted..Dare You To Blog Tour & Giveaway!My Profile

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  3. Bethzaida

    Loved your last year’s BEA2U post! We were in some of the same signings lol. I did plan my BEA signings on a spreadsheet and I found the event more enjoyable this way. The first year I went I was so lost! Right now I’m freaking out a little bit because BEA hasn’t publish the in booth signing schedule. Hopefully they will soon.

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