This was Danny’s Bookish Year 2011!

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End of the Year my friends and I’d love to share which books I found exciting this year!!

So I checked Goodreads and I read 124 books – which are 6 books less than last year. BUT, I read more pages so, I guess I’m good anyway…

124 books
42776 pages
from this were 31 audiobooks ( I guess that could be more…) with total of 295 hours (which equal roughly 5 days of listening..)

Yes I believe it was a good year!

So let’s jump to the highlights!

Most Anticipated Book 2011

(The book I was waiting most axiously about this year – and I was in a state of pure excitement once it came out… I was at work, downloaded the audio so that I could start right away, after this I was simultaneously listening to the audio while reading the book. I read it 3 times in a row before I was ready to move on…)

Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning Cover


Best Audio Book 2011

(I listened to some great audios this year, however those 3 were by far the best)

Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning Cover Hounded Cover Passion by Lauren Kate Cover

Shadowfever, Passion and Hounded – All of them are awesome for different reasons: Shadowfever is just incredible, with “the Voice” Phil Gigante reading the men voices and a woman reading the woman voices, never listened to an audiobook that was so alive!! Hounded – was just wicked funny!!!  And Passion – I just adore Justin Eyre, she has a voice full of passion and complexity, I could listen to her forever!!!

Funniest Book 2011

Bumped by Megan McCaffer

I believe you either love or hate it. I had so much fun reading it, I was even reading my hubs part of the book just because I had to share it with someone – like now!

Most Romantic Book 211

Passion by Lauren Kate Cover

Gosh how I loved this book! Seeing 2 Soulmates fall in love over and over again – I get ghoosebumps all over again *sigh*

Best Mystery and Thriller 2011

Variant by Robison Wells

I normally need romance in a book and I’m not so much into Mystery and Thrillers, but Variant blew me away with it’s uniqueness and suspense!

Best Dystopian 2011

Divergent by Veronica Roth  Ashes by Isla J.Blick

There were a lot of Dystopian books out this year, but those two were my absolut favorites. And since I really hate the US cover of Ashes, I took the German cover here – which is really beautiful!!

Best YA Book of the Year 2011

Daughters of Smoke and Bone  he Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Those two books simply blew me away, and I didn’t expect either of them to love as much as I did! I fell in love with them – like sooo much! Epic Awesomness! 

Best Book of the Year 2011

Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning Cover

Yep most definitely! Shadowfever was the best book for me this year. Reading and listening to it 3-4 times in a row has to count for something…

So, yeah – that’s it for the 2011!!

It was fantastic and amazing and I’m looking forward seeing what next year brings!

Now, let’s hear your best books this year! And feel free to leave a link in the comments so that I can check out your posts!

Goodbye 2011 and Welcome 2012

Much Love,

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14 Responses to “This was Danny’s Bookish Year 2011!”

  1. LOVE the new site you guys! It's beautiful and easy to navigate:):) I just have one word to say about this list: BARRONS!!!!! So my most anticipated book of 2011 too. Quite possibly my most anticipated book ever:) I still need to read Variant, I've heard it's amazing and I have it in my pile calling to me. Fantastic choices Danny!

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    DannyBookworm 12/29/2011

    Thanks hon, in glad you like it!!! In still playing around though.., and OMG yes on Barron's !! I guess I'm going to read the series again next year. I have some serious Barron's withdrawal
    Variant was surprisingly awesome you should read it!

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  2. Many of those I still haven't read, but a few I have. I liked Divergent and Daughter of Smoke and Bone. But I can definitely agree with you 100% that Shadowfever was the best book of the year for me too. I actually read the whole series this year (I was late on that wagon) and loved them to pieces. I can't wait for the spinoff! I hope it's a good and well-done spinoff and not disappointing though! lol

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books
    My recent post Review: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

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    DannyBookworm 12/29/2011

    Oh be glad you got so late to catch the fever …I can tell you the wait for shadowfever after dreamfever was the most horrible wait ever in my bookish life.
    If you haven't read Mara Dyer you have to read it, I looooved it!!!

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    imlovingbooks 12/30/2011

    That's what I hear, and for that I'm glad! lol

    I've had my eye on Mara, but there's been SO MANY mixed reviews. It seems like everyone either loves it to pieces or hates it to death. lol But I will probably still try it one day to see which side I'm on. 😉
    My recent post Review: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

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    DannyBookworm 12/30/2011

    Yes I did do. Specially since Mara was so hyped before it came out. But, I loved it to pieces, it was incredible … And this boy….*sigh* you need to meet him!Sent from my iPhone

  3. Ohh, new design. \o/ Haha, I love all the designs you have. And yes! Shadowfever was amazing. o: I'm actually joining a friend for a re-read now when she finished up the fourth one and I can't wait! I've been wanting to re-read it since finishing the series! I definitely agree about the placing on Divergent and Mara too! I absolutely loved them. The rest I've been super curious about, but haven't been able to get to yet. o: I probably should! Looks like a pretty awesome list. 😀

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    DannyBookworm 12/30/2011

    I'm still not perfectly happy with the design but I guess this will do it for now….
    Gosh. I read the Fever series like 5 times already???? But, I have to rearead them again 2012 – I feel a serious Fever Withdrawal and this can be really dangerous.. lol
    Oh and you did not read Daughters of Smoke and Bone – gosh you have to! It is soos soooo amazing!!
    My recent post My Friday Love {17}

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  4. Lori Strongin

    EXCELLENT choices! Love, love, love Divergent and Ashes, and Mara Dyer was definitely one of the best reads of the year, IMHO.

    Don't know how I haven't heard of Shadowfever before, but I can definitely feel your excitement over it and think I'll be checking it out.

    Hope you had a happy holiday season, and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year filled with awesome reads!

    My recent post Welcome!

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    DannyBookworm 12/30/2011

    Ohohoh!! You haven't heart from the Fever series? Oh seriously, you need to read them, like NOW! There are 5 books out there with Shadowfever being the 5th and last (before the Spin-off) and they are fanfreaking amazing!
    Not YA though, those are adult (yes, very much adult) Urban Paranormal Romance books but, one of the best series out there.

    Here is my Review of the Last book

    Too bad all the comments didn't make the switch, there were some funny ones over there… 😉
    Anyway let me know when you start reading them :))
    My recent post My Friday Love {17}

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  5. hrose2931

    I haven't read my copy of Mara Dyer yet. I've been saving it. I loved Divergent, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Passion!
    I haven't read the others yet. I never read the Fever series so I have no idea who Barrons is. I've read that Ashes is a must read. I've got it on my list.

    Great list!!
    My recent post Review Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey

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