Breaking Dawn Part I – A Danny Review!

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Finally, Breaking Dawn Part I hit the movies! Yesterday, I was with my girls at the German premiere. Even better, last week Wednesday I had the chance to attend a special press pre-viewing. Seriously, this is was of the best things ever!!! Simply because a very dear colleague (who’s hubs is writing a German Book Blog: managed to get me on the guest list and then presented me 
the invitation for my defense. 
How awesome is this?!?!
I can tell I had tears in my eyes – I was so touched. 
So, but now I saw Breaking Dawn twice and 
would love to share my thoughts with you! 
Be aware of Spoilers!!!

Before going too much into detail, I LOVED Breaking Dawn, I think Bill Condon did an fantastic, phenomenal job in capturing the essence of Breaking Dawn. His love for detail amazed me! 
Beginning with the Wedding: 
The wedding was perfect – the tone, the setting, the emotions. Bella was beautiful and I think
her dress was perfect! I know that some already argued that it was not as expected. think it was perfect for her, plain and just Bella! 
The speeches were wonderful and touchy! Although, Billy’s was not touching it was simply funny!
I believe that couldn’t have gotten it more right. Again, the setting was amazing and beautiful, the landscape was incredibile! I loved how the even played out the tiny details, like Bella shaving her legs ­čÖé
Kristen did a wonderful job capturing awkward Bella who’s nervous about her honeymoon with Edward. 
And how about the wedding night? 
Again, I think it was perfect – not too much, but enough to tease and definitely more than in the book. (I’m still mad at you Mrs. Meyer for … nothing..) We even get a little more when Bella captured the night in the next morning. Again! Beautiful! 
The time they spend on Isle Esme was playful and fun. Bella trying to seduce Edward, and Edward trying not to touch her was most of the times pretty funny! Both, Kristen and Robert portrayed these szenes perfectly! 
I love the addition of the chess game and honoring the beautiful covers of the books with this! As I said, Bill Condon worked with a ove for detail on this movie! 
Bella pregnant. 
Incredibly but also shockingly perfect. I’m pretty sure some people will be more than shocked by these szenes. Seeing how the child draws all the energy out of Bella was disturbing. But although disturbing, it delivered the seriousness of her situation and the despair Edward felt seeing Bella suffer. I didn’t know special effect were able to do something like this but Bella looked horrible during her pregnancy! I was close to tears often enough here… 
Renesme├ęs Birth 
First off, I LOVED the reaction from Rosalie, Edward and Jake when Bella told them their favourite names – it was a big laugh moment! And I truly believed that they would never ever pull this scene off. I would have bet anything that they would never show the graphic details that were in the book! I was wrong, so wrong! Again Bill Condon managed to surprise and delivered this scene shockingly close to the one in the book. I’m not sure if this is approriate for a PG13 rating… but, I appreciate this scenes! Edwards despair, Bella dying, Renesem├ęs birth, Jakes anger… everything was there and perfect!
The wolfes and the fight scenes. 
Here I was the only time really disappointed. The fight scenes in Eclipse have been so epic, yet here they seem flat and boring! Close Up shots managed to not show anything… I really missed some awesome Vampire Speed and agility and Wolf fights… 
And as close as Bill Condon stayed to the book for all the other scenes, here he went his own way and gave them… clothes..! Wolfs coming out of wood – fully clothed, with socks and everything! This was really disappointing, not because I can appreciate a six pack when I see but, but more because it felt so off and wrong! 

The Imprinting
Seriously, Jake imprinting on Renesme├ę was perfection!!!!! They way it was explained and showed… I loved that they showed her in this flash scene also as a Teenager – a beautiful girl! This way it was easier to understand and grab the whole idea of imprinting. Gosh, this girl was beautiful! I had tears in my eyes during this scene! 
The Music
One final comment about the music! Oh my! This is again a gift to the fans. I loved how they took musik from Twilight and added it here to very special scenes! This was so so wonderful! Specially, Flightless Bird – the song we all know as the prom kissing scene music was played again at the wedding kiss scene! Soooo perfect! Also Bella’s lullaby appeared here and there. I loved that they decided to go again with Carter Burell for the music – he did an phenomenal job! The music made the whole experience perfect and round for me. Also I think it brings together all movies and ties them together! 
Altogether I looooooved Breaking Dawn, I loved the emotions and the love for detail! Thanks Bill Condon for this fantastic movie! 
So my friends, how do you feel about Breaking Dawn? 
Anything you liked particular or anything you didn’t like at all? 
Share with me! 
I’m excited to hear what you think! 
Much Love, 
P.S.: For those that speak German among us, I was invited to guest post at a German Blog about Breaking Dawn: (Thanks to Florian again for getting me to see Breaking Dawn so early and for inviting me to guest post!!)
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