Sunday with the Bookworms {8}… with Fairy Luck, Suddenly Supernatural and Trial by Fire

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Welcome Friends! Do you have a Coffee or a Tea? Then sit down and chat a little bit about your week with us!

Like every week, Heather, Pushy and Danny are sharing what they read and what other exciting things happened in their lives!


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Heather’s Week

Things have been pretty quiet around here, but we did do the dreaded school supply shopping for my son this weekend. I can’t believe that he’s starting kindergarten in three weeks. He’s excited and I’m left wondering where all the time has gone. Friday night was Netflix movie night, so we stayed in and watched our latest favorite parody movie: The Starving Games.  The film makers made another one of our favorites Vampires Suck, and we enjoy their weird sense of humor in the writing.


Fairy Luck was a delightful installment in the Songs of Magic series by JL Bryan. I can’t believe there’s only one book left, but this series is coming to a fitting conclusion. Look for my review and a giveaway next week. Next, I started Exile by Kevin Emerson. I borrowed this e-book from the library since I haven’t read a good book about a band lately.

fairyluck exile

Pushy’s Week

It’s been a slow week for me too, but the weekend has been great!  We adopted a dog (YAY!!!!) and she’ll be home with us soon.  We’ve also been working on some renovations on the house this week, so there hasn’t been a ton of reading time.  I did however finish Made For You by Melissa Marr and I can’t wait to share my review!!!!  I’ll be hosting the book on tour in September (SOOOO FAAARRR AWAYYYYY) but *spoiler alert* I LOVED IT!!!  So what am I reading now?  I decided to go the Middle Grade route next and I’m reading the Suddenly Supernatural series by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel.

school spirit scaredy kat

They’re so sweet and interesting!  I can’t wait to finish the series!

Danny’s Week

Oh you guys, this week I started reading Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. See, I loved her Starcrossed series and I was excited to hear about her new series, but I had no idea how much I would end up loving Trial by Fire.

Trial by Fire was EPIC! It was absolutely breathtaking and amazing! I can’t wait to share my review with you guys and chat about this book with you!

Like every year I also anxiously awaited the release of the next Bloodlines book, which I always listen on audio. I downloaded Silver Shadows as soon as it was available. I just love Adrian and Sydney so so so so much, and I wish we would get more than just the 6 books…


and then in tune with my reading I finally watched the Vampire Academy movie. ….


Ok so, the books are amazing! And usually I am super easy going with movie adaptions, but what they did to Vampire Academy just sucks! The removed the heart of the story! The friendship between Rose and Lissa, the struggle of falling for Dimitry, hell – the chemistry between Rose and Dimitri!

The made it look like a parody or comedy…

The only light in this movie was Rose – Zoe Deutch was absolutely fantastic as Rose! Perfect casting in my book – she was fierce, stubborn, smart and witty! Danila Kozlovsky who played Dimitry can be super hot, but somehow the extracted his hotness for this movie, no idea what they did but he looked not as hot as I hoped Dimitri would look like.

So how was your week? seen any movies? Which books are you reading right now? 






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5 Responses to “Sunday with the Bookworms {8}… with Fairy Luck, Suddenly Supernatural and Trial by Fire”

  1. SOOO glad to hear you loved Trial by Fire, Danny!! I’m excited to read it, but you know..always worry about building it up too much in my head. Glad to hear it lives up to expectations!
    The Starving Games looks hilarious, because it’s a suppose to be a parody—the VA movie looks terrible, because I haven’t read the books and even I can tell they got the whole essence of the books wrong.
    Have a great week, ladies! 😀
    Becky V. recently posted..New Shelf Goodies & The Weekly Nutshell {97}My Profile

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    Danny 8/5/2014

    Trial by Fire was absolutely phenomenal!! Really, it totally blew me away! And yeah.. the VA movie made me a little sad;(
    Danny recently posted..Review and Giveaway – Fairy Luck by J.L. BryanMy Profile

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