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Happy Weekend my friends! 
Instead of a Book Review, I will now let you know about a few rambling thoughts. 
Some of you might have noticed (or not) that I haven’t been around so much on the Blog as I used to be. Not that I’m not posting, I do – 
and normally I try to comment to the every comment I get on my post. 
I appreciate every comment! I do!
And, I read all of them! I do!
And I promise I will get back to that point! I will! 
Let me give you a short outline of my days. 
6.00 am : alarm …
6.15 am: Getting up,  shower..
6.25 am : Making Coffee (!!!)
6.30 – 7.00 am: Reading eMails and writing posts that are scheduled for the day. Yeah, I wish I would
finally get around scheduling my posts, but I wrap them usually up in the morning (just like right now) 
7.10 am: Getting Ready for work 
7.30 am – 6-7pm: 
Here comes that hard work … 
Yeah, I’m actually writing and wrapping up my thesis… 
I’m working on a PhD in biology and hope/need/want 
to finish and hand in my thesis …soon!
End of Month?! 
And, it’s harder than I imagined. 
Seriously, I’m not a natural born writer, I’m a reader, 
I love to work in the lab – I love working with people! 
writing isn’t something that comes easy for me..
So I have to focus on writing – finishing my PhD!
7.30 pm:  Finally home, but this writing exhausts me. It keeps my head busy 
even when I’m home… 
Thinking… Thinking… not having my head free! 
9.00 pm – 10 pm: Working on stuff for Kismet, which is really awesome! 
I love working with authors and bloggers on tours, so I naturally love it!
Then, I’m doing some Design stuff: Buttons for others, Graphics for Bookworms, 
layouts for others… More Buttons…  
10.30 pm -11 pm: Getting some emails out , doing some Bookworms work, getting through emails 
trying to see what I need to answer now, what needs to wait  
11.30 pm: Finally getting to bed… and finally getting to read 
and then I fall  asleep not even 15 minutes later! 
Circle starts again! 
Weekends of course are differently and here I have time to catch up with 
all the stuff I misses during the week! 
 But seriously at the moment my head is just 
filled with science and my thesis  and I can’t tell you how insanely happy I am when it’s finally over! 
So why did I tell you all this? 
Stay with me! 
I promise to be back fully once my head is clear again 
and this constant fear of failing is over! 
Once I handed in this piece of .. *insert whatever words come to your mind here* 
I will be more relaxed and finally back on track and be my own true self! 
So, but enough of me, how are your days? 
How do you spend your days and where to you find time to 
How do you do all this? 
Much Love my Friends
and Happy Weekend! 
 (I sure as hell need it…
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17 Responses to “Danny Talks… Maybe Not About Books.. Maybe a little…”

  1. My dad's a micro biologist and associate dean at his university – he loved teaching and misses it a lot. He still teaches a micro pharmacy class at the med school and would like to teach more but the admin work load is too much.

    Have you read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot? It's a social/science/family history of the HeLa cells – it was one of my dad's favorite reads this year.
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  2. I have been through the PhD process vicariously with my husband. It's awful — especially when you are working at a "real" job and trying to write too (which he did). Thought he'd never get done. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best. You Can Do It! It does end….eventually….
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  3. Small Review

    Aw sweetie you sound so busy! Sending you lots of fortifying hugs πŸ™‚ Good luck with your thesis! I don't have anything major going on like a thesis, but the summers are always busy here. I live in a tourist town and it gets insane in the summers. So work is busier and it takes forever to accomplish anything if you need to leave the house.
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  4. This summer hasn't been too bad- I taught summer school so I was working half days and I have a little time off before the school year starts. Once the school year starts again I'm going to have to be more purposeful as to how I spend my time to make sure I have a balance between work and fun stuff and mandatory stuff, as I have a tendency to leave chores until they reach a kind of ridiculous level. Worst case scenario- I do the best I can. I have a ton of events and things scheduled for this coming fall so it'll be interesting to see how well I stick to my timeline. Good luck with your thesis and I hope you get some relief soon!
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  5. hrose2931

    I've already wished you luck sweetie, but I'll wish you extra time in the day. Make sure to take care of yourself somewhere in there! I'm scared to go back for my Masters I don't know what I'd do for a PhD! Probably PhD in my pants the whole time. I've heard you have to defend your paper, at least in English Lit you do. I think you should do very well. If they already want to keep you, it's a matter of words on paper. They're up there, just take a deep breath and write. I'll think good thoughts for you!! Please let us know how it works out

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  6. Some days are harder to find time to read and blog, but I try to make time during not-so-busy days. Usually on the weekends, I schedule posts so they go up even when I don't have time to go online. I do miss going to other people's blogs though and commenting on their own posts! But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? πŸ˜‰
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  7. I'm glad to hear you can at least have a little time for yourself during the summer! But, yes scheduling things and managing things with a full time job is just tough. But I always try to find time for my hobby and reading and blogging are definitely things I absolutely love doing. So I try to find the time. Just right now, my head is full of other stuffs and I'm happy when my head is free agaan!

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  8. Thank you so very much Sweetie!! Yes, I do have to defend my thesis too,but I don't want to think about it right now. This will probably happen in October since I have to practical courses to organize in between, which is why it is so important to finish this month! And yes, it's just a matter of finally finishing the written stuff – all the rest is done and I#m so very very glad my boss decided to keep my and let me do what I love! Teaching Students is something I'm looking forward too! I will definitely keep you all updated! Love you my friend! <3
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  9. Same here, i try to do lots of things on the weekend, but in return I don't have much time for hubs even on the weekends! I really miss having the time to read other blogs and I feel bad for not taking the time to do it. I'm happy when this time is over and I can finally have a normal head again !

    And yes, one has to do what has to be done… πŸ˜‰
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  10. hrose2931

    Okay, you have to defend your thesis. So, I'm going to send you nerves of steel and strength, I think Finley Jane from The Girl in the Steel Corset keeps her cool in tough situations. So, you have her strength and calm. Evie's sense of humor and quick thinking and reasoning from Paranormalcy (I haven't read the sequel) so you can laugh at yourself if you answer something wrong and then keep going not dwelling on it. And Kevin's ability to imagine himself a superhero when he needs to do something outside of his own reality from Kevin's Point of View. With that combination and your own superior intellect and passion for what you do you should be just fine! Spend time with the hubs! Take some fun time for yourself. You know what they say about all work and no play!

    Love you to my friend and will look forward to calling you Dr. Danny!
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