My Friday Love {5} Birthday Edition

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Welcome to our new feature and meme :
where we want to share with you what we loved this week
in the world of blogging, books and more!
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A wonderful Friday my friends!!
*Pushy here…*

Today is a special day…

One of our own has gotten a year more
of beauty,

And today is her birthday.

So My Friday Love is…


How can we say how much we love Danny?

She’s kind and generous,
she’s sweet and funny,
she’s beyond brilliant and just a wonderful friend
and she created this freaking blog!!!

So, please join us
in wishing Danny a most glorious birthday!

For my part,
I (Pushy) would like to give Danny a little something special…
Something she recently discovered and I know she REALLY wants…

Yes, my Darling, for your birthday I’ve gotten you…

Atticus O’Sullivan
No, no…you don’t have to thank me now.

Just be gentle with him.

Because I’m positive you’re not the only on who wants to spend
seven minutes in heaven with this hot druid!

*Kristen pushes Pushy out of the way*
My turn!!!

Dear Danny –

Happy Birthday!

I’m wishing you a wonderful day full of coffee, wine, yummy food and better yet

You need to take this day to be pampered and spoiled!
I wish I could give you a kiss in person,
but for now *MUAH* this will have to do.

All the best! Love, Kristen

And we’re not alone in wanting to wish you a very happy birthday.

Here’s what some other folks had to say:

Jenny from Supernatural Snark says:


I hope you have a spectacular day and
get a little time off from your thesis to celebrate!

You are one of the cutest people I have ever met
and I miss your face like you would not believe.

Have a happy, happy birthday! Much love:)

Karen from The Slowest Bookworm says:

I would just like to wish you the best birthday
and hope you get lots of lovely gifts.

If you do, I want to see one of your famous *squeeing* sessions for real on camera lol.

And lastly but never leastly
(yeah, I made that word up)
are the lovely ladies from Paranormal Wastelands:

*Heather butts her way in, late as usual*
Happy Birthday, Danny!!!!!!!
I hope you enjoy your special day, watch the new episode of True Blood with an extra dose of Eric and a huge glass of wine. If that’s not good enough, just go back a couple and enjoy nekkid amnesiac Eric with an even larger glass of wine. Makes me forget everything. Just relax and enjoy a little “you” time. I miss you and can’t wait for your thesis to be done.

So please take a second to wish our lovely bloggy founder
a very happy birthday!!!!

Much Love,

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