This Was Danny’s Bookish Year 2010!

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I have the honor to be the last to post her on the Bookworms this year. 

And, I’m so not talking about my personal work goals. 
I’m so not going there. 
(simply because it sucked, but next year I will most definitely get 
my effing PhD!!!) 
Ok back to fun Part! 
 The Bewitched Bookworms.
and how thy have changed me! 

I was always an avid reader, but truth to be told I read different kind of books. 
Historical Romance
classic Fantasy.
Those were my kind of books! 
But after reading Twilight my taste changed and I suddenly wanted to 
be young again, to fall in love for the very first time, 
to have sex the first time, 
to dig into a world full of fantasy, 
sexy Vampires, 
Faeries and other paranormal beings! 
So after reading Fallen and Beautiful Creatures
I started to read again
a lot
an awful lot! 
And I needed to talk about books, 
which is why – one day- 
I send out the email to my friends and 
2 weeks later 
The Bewitched Bookworms were born.

It was February 7th when I wrote this mail to my girls: 

Today I finished Fallen and while reading actually a book some idea popped up in my mind. Lately I mainly read FanFictions but reading a book is really something different and It seemed that I really missed that. I was glad when fragile came up with BC, Kristen with Fallen and that Cutie made me read finally The Host.

Basically the love for books brought us together, beginning with Twilight right?

I really love getting good book reviews and well, I thought about doing a blog about books. Not just Twilight, about any book we love. Since all of us have a blog running and probably barely find to
time for yet another blog I thought what about team up with the girls I love and do a blog together? Sure thing I would do the layout for the new blog.

But this is just how I feel, now I ask you:

Friends, what do you think about this idea? Would you like to do this blog altogether? Running a blog means at least for me to update once in a while and if we would team up this pressure is neglectable since we are a few girls doing this together.

We would all work like a team  so that everyone feels like this is OUR blog…. Wow, lot’s of words and I’m thrilled to hear what you think. It was an idea I wanted to share with you!

Love you all,

Well, what shall I say, they all answered within the same day and now…
here we are.
I am so soooo glad we decided to do this together.
Not only is it fun to run a blog with your friends it also
brought us closer together
for that I’m insanely grateful.
I can’t even imagine anymore not talking to Pushy everyday and
discuss some Blog issues, like the next contest, or some new features and simply
talking about the books we read!

To cutie, Heather, uhyesplease and Pushy:
Girls, I love you the most and I’m happy to have you in my life and
I’m thrilled we run this lill blog together!
You all rock my socks!

… and I know you guys *points at the Bookworms Readers* are
already rolling your eyes because we all got 
mushy and corny with emotion when talking about 
how we found each other… 
don’t mind us ..
we just love each other and we love all of you! 

*clears throat* This seriously changed me a lot!! 
With starting this book, I read more and more and more and more
and I loved it!!! I devoured books I would have never picked up if 
not for the other awesome blogs I discovered after starting with the Bookworms…
Yep, the Bewitched Bookworms change me last year, 
and I LOVE it!

Ok let’s talk books!! 

Some  fun (and for me mind blowing) statistics from last year: 
131 books 
this is roughly 11 books per month 
41247 pages 
15 audiobooks

totally hours listened 

12,435 minutes =
207 hours =
8 days 
Oki, now onto  my list of favorites from his year
and I start with the favorite hot guys I’ve met 
last year… 
All of them swoon and drool worthy….
 My Favorite Faery
 July Kagawa’s Iron Fey Saga

My Favorite Vampire

from The Night Huntress Series

My Favorite Angel

from Hush, Hush 

My favorite “Who the Heck Are You” 

from the Faefever series

My favorite “not paranormal” guy

from The Body Finder 

Now onto the books, and it’s not always easy to pick just one so I won’t 
really limiting myself! 
My Most Surprising Read
Nevermore (goodreads) and The DUFF (goodreads)
I picked up both books and didn’t expect much,
I didn’t even expect to like them at all,
(don’t ask me why I picked them in the first place…) 
I found myself enjoying those books so so
much that they deserve an extra spot here.
I loved The DUFF for it’s funny, sarcastic and snarky characters and
Nevermore for this sensible and  vulnerable boy
that hinds behind a Goth Facade…
Oh Boy…

The Best Series EVER
Surprise Surprise
I know I can’t keep my mouth shut about this series
but I’m so obsessed with those books
I’m afraid for myself…
I think I’m loosing it,
but first, I NEED to know how this series ends.
January 18th please come closer-fast!

My favorite Debut Author 2010
Totally and without even thinking it’s
Julie Kagawa!

…who created those wonderful Characters
Ash, Meghan, Puck and Grim
and wo simply wrote a thrilling and exciting series
Iron fey series!!
She’s also sweet and funny and I hope
I have a chance to maybe meet her at the BEA next year!

….and last but not least, 

My Favorite Books
Ok there is no no way to pick only one, 
I tried – I truly did – but there is no way, 
I love each of those books for a different reason, 
so here are my picks:
in NO particular order, I wasn’t even able to order them!

and for the series in there, I just picked one book that
of course stands for the whole series! So of course
all the Iron Fey books made it on the list
(did I tell you how deeply in love I am with Prince Ash??)
all the Night Huntress books
(more Bones, give me more Bones!)
all the Faevefer books
*rolls eyes at self* 

Beautiful Darkness
Personal Demons
Infinite Days
The Iron King
The Body Finder
Destined for an Early Grave
Perfect Chemistry


Wow, ok I think that’s about it .. My Bookish Year 2010 
and I am truly and totally excited for next year, because
I know it will be awesome and…
Love you all 
our dear Readers, I hope you’ll stick with 
this bunch of girls ..uhm women…
also in the next year! 
I promise you we have some awesome stuff planned
and we hope you’ll enjoy all those things with us! 
Happy New Year!!

See you 


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