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This Was Danny’s Bookish Year 2010!

I have the honor to be the last to post her on the Bookworms this year.  What  A  Year  It  Was!! And, I’m so not talking about my personal work goals.  Nope…*coughs* I’m so not going there.  (simply because it sucked, but next year I will most definitely get  my effing PhD!!!)  Ok back to […]

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A Year In Review – Pushy Style

LOLZ Cat does not cotton to the reading slump…. So….the year’s end is approachingand we Bookworms are using this week to take stockand look back on the year that was. And what an AMAZING year I have had! Like Cutie, I was lucky enough to make the list of peopleDanny asked to join her in […]

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Heather’s 2010 Year In Review

2010 is almost over already? Really? When Danny asked me if I would like to share my love of books and post a few reviews here and there on a new blog she wanted to start, I readily agreed. And I’m glad I did. Blogging about something we all love with my favorite girls is […]

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A Year In Review – the cutie edition

As I reflect upon the year 2010I can shamefully proudly say thatI spent more time reading than I did cleaning.And that, my friends, is a thing of beauty. Whilst I didn’t end the year strong,(I blame Joss Whedon and his fan-freaking-awesomeness)I do so declare that I read well over 100 books,closing in on 150 give […]

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