Mr. Danny wants to be challenged!

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Hey, all!! It’s Danny and Pushy here with a bit of fun.

Earlier today Danny heard
the most shocking words out of her husband’s
(oh, we’ll call him…. Mr. Danny)

“I think I might read a book.”

*Danny’s jaw hits the floor*

See, the reason this is so outlandish is because Mr. Danny
while being all the things a good German husband should be
(intelligent, debonair and indulgent)
is not much of a reader.
Like…at all.

But since he’s planning on being on an airplane
for 20-some hours next month
he thought it might be time to crack open a book.

And thus an amazing idea was born!

Mr. Danny has agreed to allow the Bookworms readers
to pick this first special book which hopefully will launch Mr. Danny
onto the path of readership!

So, Danny and I have select five options.
Please help us pick one for Mr. Danny
by leaving your vote in the comments.

Then check back in a few weeks!
Mr. Danny has agreed to come back and tell us all
about his adventures in the land of literacy.

How fun!

So…..the options are:

Naked by David Sedaris

Because Danny told me her
husband’s family
can get up to shenanigans
and I thought he would enjoy
reading some SERIOUS family craziness!

DUFF by Kody Kaplinger
Because it’s classic YA,
snarky and oh so funny!!!

Nineteenth Street NW by Rex Ghosh
Because Mr. Danny likes politics
and global economics and
this book combines both!

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting
Because it’s an awesome YA book
with a mystery touch, but no
too paranormal like Vampires and such,
he would totally freak out, so
The Body Finder would be a good alternative.
and… we looooveeed this book!

Hunger Games
Because we heard that many husbands already
read this series and were excited about it.
So why not him too?

We can’t wait to see what you guys thing Mr. Danny should read!
Thanks so much for your help!!!

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14 Responses to “Mr. Danny wants to be challenged!”

  1. Heather

    I think these 5 books aren't manly enough for Mr. Danny. He needs to read David Rosenfelt's first Andy Carpenter book, Open and Shut. <a href="http:// <a href="http:// (”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> <a href="http://(;” target=”_blank”>(” target=”_blank”> <a href="http:// <a href="http://(</a rel=”nofollow”>” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( There's murder, mayhem, a smart ass attorney, and much manliness.

    If that's not a better choice for Mr. Danny, then I'd have to go with the David Sedaris one.

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  2. Darkfallen

    I have to go with The Hunger Games as well. My husband will prolly never read a book for fun but at least this one sounds like something he would like if I could unglue him from the television. Lol do you think I could get him to read if I stuck him on a plane for 20hrs? If so I might just have to send him your way Danny

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  3. Alexa

    I'm also going with The Hunger Games because the book is amazing. It is not too girlie so Mr. Danny should find the adventure to his liking, plus there are politics at work in the series.

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  4. Nineteenth Street and Naked both sound like good choices. If he likes humor/satire, you may want to consider grabbing a couple of Kurt Vonnegut's novels (Breakfast of Champions is a personal favorite, though a little bawdy at times).

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  5. Jessicandesigns

    I would go with The Hunger Games….or I would go with a totally different one and have him read I am Number Four. My husband doesn't really read either, he is always getting on me for reading all the time…and I read it and told him to read it and he loved it! Now we are going to the movie together when it comes out in Feb! It was fun to have him asking me all these questions while he was reading!

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  6. Hunger Games ftw! Honestly I've seen just as much adults as kids who've enjoyed this book. I have yet to meet someone who did not enjoy it. I doubt Mr. Danny will be the first.

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