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Two posts in a row by Uhyesplease! I know!

I’ve never been one to prepare New Year Resolutions, but goshdarnit – I love looking back and doing a year in review!

Who knew that me slacking off on the fanfic blog that Pushy and I ran by writing a review for an actual book would spark an idea in Danny’s mind for such a fun book bloggy adventure! Truely, we put this blog together as a way to organize our own books and reviews, we had no idea it would explode like it did! And all of our bloggy followers are da bomb!

I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks now on what books were my favs, or fav reviews on our site. But I think it comes down to this. My favorite book (series) I read due to my dear, sweet Bookworms are the Fever books by Karen Moning. I just love the fun writing, the mystery, BARRONS, the grown of Mac, the insane cliffhangers, BARRONS, the sex, the culture, and BARRONS.

Besides my favorite book, my other favorite (I feel like I need to say all of this in an Oprah voice and take you all to Australia or give you a brand new Caaaaa-haaaaaar!) thing about 2010 are my bloggy peeps. I am so lucky to live so close to two of you. Our shenanigans last weekend literally made my week (my month?). Even tho it was negative a million windchill you drove me around the city and stuffed my cake hole with pizza and wine. Really, how good you are to me!

And then my dear Danny – who runs this blog with such heart and fervor, I feel so damn lucky to be a part of it. And Cutie – my first Twifriend who hooked up Pushy and I, well, you’re the Eve to my Adam, or um my Bread to my peanut butter, or my shell to my turtle. Thanks for being such friendly Cutiepatootie.

So this is short and sweet – as my sad toddler may be up wanting pain meds any moment. I know I said I don’t do resolutions or goals, but here’s one. Push yourself out of your box. Pick up a book that you wrinkled your nose at previously because it’s not a genre you are normally going for. Try it, you might like it!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!

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5 Responses to “A Year in Review – Uhyesplease”

  1. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    YES!! Fever series is slated for 2011 !! I have the first book and all systems are GO!!

    I think the most fun I've had with you all year was Random Magic!! HAHAS!! Excellent!!

    I've also had a great time learning that you are a smart sy-fy nerd that can makes my brainz hurts, you'll give me your thoughts on EVERYTHING I throw at ya, and you are a most awesome pet pet 😉 Uber loves!!

    Owwww!!! and you thought we squeed at each other when we got Linger… wait till FOREVER!!! I'm thinking — YOUTUBE VIDEO baby!! <– just to hear us squee ;P

    Forever jealous that I don't live closer
    Your sidekick that needs a sidekick and lives to far away 😉

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