Beautiful Darkness Update!

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Hello, hello, hello!!! It’s fall and that means there’s a certain excitement in the air. Is it because all the little chitlens have headed back to school? No! It’s because Beautiful Darkness will be out in less than…

Yes, Danny, glitter text was REQUIRED for excitement of this magnitude!!
*Pushy takes some deep calming breaths*

Even though I’ve already read Beautiful Darkness, I’m really dying to get a copy of my very own to love and reread (and possibly stare at with hopeless adoration). And this means that my wait is getting shorter! WOOT me!

So, dear reader, what does this mean for you? A few things!

First off, it means that we’re that much closer to the Beautiful Darkness book discussion we will be hosting!!

That’s right: 12 awesomesauce bloggers and Goodreads-buddies will be coming together with YOU each week from November 2nd to January 18th to read Beautiful Darkness as one big, happy, bloggy group! There will be chapter recaps and discussion questions and, no surprise here, a contest!!!! It will be madness! It will be EPIC! It starts in 32 Days!!

Secondly, in order for you to join us in the Beautiful Darkness Book Discussion, you’ll need a copy of the book.

Haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet?!?! Well, walk into any of your local indies (if you live in the Chicagoland area, Anderson’s Bookshop is one of the best indies around) and ask them to reserve a copy in your name. Or, prefer to have it show up at your door on October 12, so you can start reading it in your jams and bunny slippers? Most indies will have your book shipped directly to you.

Or, a little e-bookstore called Amazon will do that too. And they’re dropping their price as the release date nears. My dear friend and frugalista, erikasbuddy, sent me a mail the other day that her pre-ordered copy is down to $9.71. For a HARDCOVER BOOK!!! And when you pre-orer with Amazon, if the price goes down, you simply pay the lowest price they’re offering before it ships. Pretty cool, hunh. So don’t wait!! Get out there and get order your copy TODAY!

And finally, if you’re like me, then you’re dying for any little tease for the book. Well, the latest and greatest tease is THE FULL LENGTH BOOK TRAILER!!! It was released last night, exclusively on Reading Teen (check their blog out it’s awesome!!) but you can see it below now too.

Keep checking back here for more news about Beautiful Darkness, our book discussion of it and all the extras that will go along with it. As I said above we’re definitely going to be hosting a contest along with the book discussion. We’ll also be bringing you and exclusive interview with Kami and Margi. So exciting!! So stay tuned.

Now go and get lost….in a book!

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  1. We need a tall, dark, mysterious doctor STAT!! Pushy has collapsed and mouth to mouth is DEFINITELY needed… ifyaknowwhatImean. *winks*

    Dude, I'm soooo excited. I totally need to reread BC.

    Annnd as always: Glitter Text FTW!!

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