The Faefever Series and The Smartest Author Ever!

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I think lately I read only highly addicted series that make me want to scream that I don’t get the next books in my hands. It’s not like I read everything out there and it’s definitely not that I like every series out there, but when I find something addictive I can’t help it but become obsessed.
What makes a book a good book?
Even more, what makes a book a book you cannot put down?
I think this is something every one of us will answer differently. I only know my answer: it needs to have a world that draws me in, that makes me want to live there, that breaks my heart only to put it back together. I need emotion – pure strong emotion. I need characters I love and not just like, they can do stupid things but I need to connect with them. Whenever I read a book and review it I won’t tell you how good it’s written or about the basic rules of writing ( I have no clue about that) all I care is what I feel when I read the book. This is what counts for me, this is how I judge a book.
Let’s count Danny’s most addictive series…


Oh My goodness, I mean I was obsessed with this story and the characters and I read those effing books 5 times!! 5 times in a row. Ok I have to face it that I’m still highly addicted to Edward who melts my romantic heart!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

My friend FireCrotch told me to read them and although I didn’t like the synopsis I read and started them. And Thank God I did that! Those Vampires are the epitome of hottness and I like to call them my Vampire Chippendales. But those books are not just about sex and romance, it goes deeper, deep into the soul. I made Heather read it and told pushy to read them just to share my excitement! Read my Review here.

The Night Huntress series

All Heather’s fault and I’m glad she made me read them. Normally I only care for the male MC but here I fell in love with Cat too. After I finished the 4 books which are out until now I immediately started again with the first! Cat and Bones have the strongest and most unusual relationship, and yes these books break your heart constantly! Heather and me just reviewed this series!
What all of them have in common is the highly addictive nature – at least for me. And while Twilight definitely falls more into the YA section (where is the sex??) the other two series are just hot, full of steamy romance which melted my grown up heart!
Now, I have another to add to this list and I promise you they are beyond additive. I’m talking about the Faefever series and the smartest and cruelest author ever!
Seriously this series is killing me. ( I hear you saying “Danny is always so exaggerating ” ! Yeah, ask Heather and Pushy they would agree with you in an instant.)
Ok let’s get to the point of this review:

Faefever series

4 books out so far

5th will be released January (which is so awfully far away):
final book of epic proportions!

written by
Karen Marie Morning aka. The Smartest and Meanest Author Ever

The Plot and the World

I’ll try to make it short. It’s a series about Fae, but you won’t like them (well most of them) because you will mainly meet Unseelie Fae and they are nothing more than cruel disgusting monsters. The story takes place in Dublin which apparently is a hot-spot for Fae. Fae can traditionally only be seen by Sidhe-seers: People who are born with “the sight”. All other people cannot see the real Fae unless they want you to see them. There is a Seelie (good) and an Unseelie (evil) Court, but most of the Unseelie Fae are imprisoned so that they can’t screw things up. The story starts with Mac who travels from the US to Ireland to avenge her sister’s death and slowly learns that Faery Tales are indeed true, that she’s one of the rarest but most powerful Sidhe-seers ever and that everyone apparently wants to use her to find this one mysterious and evil book. Why? And who to trust?

The Characters


MacKayla Lane

is nothing more than a spoiled, beautiful Barbie who has everything she ever wished for and who cares more about her next manicure than she does about the world around her. With her sister’s death this world changes for Mac and she starts to change. She wants nothing more than to avenge her sister’s mysterious death and she travels to Dublin to find out more about it. But, she begins to learn more about herself as well and soon her world is turned upside down and she needs to grow up – fast!

Jericho Z. Barrons

What the heck are you? :
He’s the one that helps Mac to adjust to her new world and he doesn’t do this gently… Barrons uses Macs special Sidhe-seers gifts to detect hallow Fae artifacts, but he’s especially interested in a mysterious Unseelie book. He gives her a home and rescues her constantly! He’s always there when she needs him. But this doesn’t make him the dazzling white prince – on the contrary he’s dark, mysterious and he gives nothing personnel away, and to be honest most of the time he’s not even nice. But (and how could it be differently) he’s sensual and powerful.


is a Seelie Prince who also keeps popping up in Mac’s life. Whenever Barrons is not there to rescue her, he comes. But he wants to use Mac just for the very same reason: the find the mysterious book. Mac again has no clue if she can trust him.

Basically Mac is used by everyone for their own purposes but no one tells her enough to make up her own mind. She’s pushed, played with and she has no clue who to trust apart from herself.
What makes those books so special??? The Plot seems simple, like any other good book but believe me, this is not what makes those books so dramatic: Let me tell you…:



The Killers at the End of Each Book

When I started those books, my friend AH from goodreads told me to wait for the last book before I start them because each book ends with a cruel cliffhanger. Oh but I didn’t listen, I thought I could handle it, I mean how bad can those cliffhangers be?
Boy, I was so wrong – I read the first 4 books in such a blur that I didn’t even know when a book ends and when the next starts.! Then I read the 4th book and I turned pages until I realized f** she can’t possible mean this? How can she does that to me? Seriously the last cliffhanger is a killer….

Jericho Z. Barrons


What the f** are you man?

You will meet Barrons right in the first book, but you have no effing clue who or what he is. All you know is: He keeps saving Mac’s live, he’s powerful, he’s dangerous, he’s sensual. But is he on the good side or the bad side? Is he human or is he not? Does he fall in love with Mac or not? Who the F** are you? He’s the most mysterious and intriguing character you will ever met. Whenever you think you figured it out he will smash your ideas. I turned pages and pages always hoping to get a chance to see behind his facade to get to know who or what he is and I kept my hope up until the last book, only to be left again hanging in the dark. How frustrating? I promise you it will kill you when you read those books.

Karen Marie Morning


The Smartest and Meanest Author Ever

an open letter to KMM:
Dear Karen, I bow my head. Seriously, what you did with those books and those characters is the meanest thing ever, but at the same time I think it’s the smartest thing ever. You get your readers obsessed and addicted with the plot and the characters. You give your readers characters so strong, detailed, rich and deep that you want to know everything about them, every single detail and you give only tiny (TINY) bites and pieces.
You managed to addict all those readers (including me, yes definitely including me) in such a way that they can’t step away from your books and characters! The plot you created is so multi-layered and deep that it kills your readers, they need to know how this is going on. And when they finally think things are about to clear up you put in the next layer and everything is turned again upside down…
And how could you create such a figure like Barrons and never reveal something about him? I mean you wrote 4 books and nobody has a clue what and who he is? Clever Mrs Morning! You own me now, seriously you do!
You made me start screening your message board to read all those ideas your devoted readers have, just because I hope someone caught something I missed! Hours I spend on this board! I read your interviews in the hope to get a hint, I read your blog. And now you make me wait until January!! You made me even buy a CD because there are deleted scenes plus an Interview with Barrons in the booklet. See what you did to me? Insanity! I haven’t bought a CD in years… Ok I guess I need to calm down!

My final Verdict

Epic. Meanest cliffhanger. Awesome character development, if you compare Barbie – Mac from the beginning to the Mac we meet in book 4 you’ll see what I mean. She grew up and she’s strong and I was happy to see her develop! Plus those books have the most intriguing, mysterious man ever – Jericho Barrons aka. What the f** are you man? The Plot is dark, mysterious, definitely fascinating and keeps you guessing and guessing! I again have to give the series 5 books plus a crown (although the first book wasn’t as good as the other ones – but after reading them twice in a row they deserve nothing less)
magic_RatingMy advice? Read them, but only if you are strong enough wait until January when the next and final book will be released. If you love the tension of well placed and mean cliffhanger read them now – but consider yourself warned!
Links you might need after reading and becoming an addicted mess:
  • Karen Marie Morning’s website (all you need to know you’ll find there, including the message board where you can find an ask Karen section and lot’s of Interviews and FAQ’s)
  • BoodRush: official soundtrack for the Fever series including (!!) a booklet with deleted scenes and an interview with the mysterious J.Z. Barrons. This is why I had to buy this, since you can’t find this interview online and I need to read this!! (I told you this series drives me mad)

Additional info:

She wrote a Highlander series that consists of 8 books, each focus on a Highlander and how he finds his mate. It plays in the same Fae/human world but in the 11th and 16th century, plus they include Time Travel. I didn’t want to start but then I heard that it is indeed a cross over and they are great! Not as good as the Fever series. They are different and much more romance , all about finding the only true love. *sigh* Oh and did I mention that she writes steamy hot sex scenes? I just finished them and I can say that the plot development is getting better in her later books. The first books were more : girl meets boy (uhm.. highlander), they fall in love, the loose each other until the find each other back and live their HEA. Later, her the plot goes much deeper and I like that a lot!
Especially Book 4-7 set the stage for the Faefever books and this is why I love them so much, you get a lot of background information and this might help to get a better clue about the incident in Faefever!
Let’s close this post with a serious Eye-Candy I found on her Website, this is Christian MacKeltar who plays a role in the Faefever series and is related to the Highlanders I mentioned above. Rumor has it he will get his own book…
A special thanks to Missie from The Unread Reader who told me first about this series! Thanks Sweetie and see what you did to me! *hugs tightly*
And a wonderful shout out for Bella from “Obsessed” who constantly talked to me about the newest theories about the Faefever books!!! It’s so much fin with you on Twitter girl!!
Did you read them already and love them as much as I do?
If you haven’t read them,
maybe after reading my review you want to read it now?


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30 Responses to “The Faefever Series and The Smartest Author Ever!”

  1. Oh, you know just how much I LOVE these books!! They are a-freaking-mazing!! I don't think I'll ever find a series that I love more … and you're right, it's because KMM is just plain talented … she gives nothing away, NOTHING, yet pretty much everyone I've spoken to who has read the series is OBSESSED with it … I honestly don't know how she does it … and the cliffhangers are KILLERS, lol!!! Seriously, once book 5 comes out, I'm not going to leave my room for like a week while I re-read the entire series, then devour Shadowfever ๐Ÿ˜€ Honestly, there isn't any other book / series that I feel THIS strongly about … I just want to talk about it all the time (hehe, but you know that already from Twitter :D), and convince everyone to read it … *sigh* … KMM is made of awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    My recent post Highlander the MacKeltar and Adam Black edition -D – Karen Marie Moning

    Reply »

  2. +JMJ+

    I love Karen Marie Moning's Highlander books but am determined not to start her Faefever series until the last book comes out. =P It's not that I'm laughing at your misery, Danny, for I do understand . . . I'm just not about to share it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I did get into J.R. Ward's BDB series a while back. I compare them to heroin: they are so addictive that you keep reading even when you'd rather not . . . and believe me, there was a point when I really didn't want to hang out in their world any longer. =P In fact, I credit Ward for turning me off Vampire Romance for at least the next ten years. It was just too much, too fast, I'm afraid. =(

    Right now, the only Paranormal Romance author still on my "auto-buy" list is Kresley Cole. A lot of readers, including myself, compare her series to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but someone I know objects to that because Cole and Whedon are writing completely different stories with completely different goals. The main thing about her is that she doesn't stick to one "species": her books have vampires, werewolves (lykae), demons, shifters, witches, valkyrie, and others both taken from myths and made up on her own. (And as far as I can tell, she's the only one doing valkyrie. They're her thing!)

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  3. "I only know my answer: it needs to have a world that draws me in, that makes me want to live there, that breaks my heart only to put it back together." <<<< YES, Danny! YES!!!

    *sigh* I have such a love/HATE relationship with the Fever series! I was totally drawn into the world, and just because I didn't get the answers I wanted, I ranted in my reviews! Totally not fair to the meanest author ever because they are really good books, but GAH!!!! Those chiffies were so evil! Doesn't she have a heart?!

    And really! WTF are you Barrons, besides a sexy badass!

    I'm so glad you read them and liked them Danny! Possibly you should have waited until Jan, when the next books is released, but now we can suffer together! Thanks! You are a good friend! *hugs*
    My recent post Smart Chicks Kick It!

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  4. Greta

    I am most definately going to read the series soon. AH has been after my to read them for some time now. She told me that they aren't your average Tinkerbells.

    OH!! And did you put 2 and 2 together? The unseelies (that might not be spelled right)!! That's just like in THe Iron King. I really need to look into some fairy myths. I'm curious as to what that really means because if that author is using that word and so is the Iron King author.. it must have meaning.

    I had a friend who visited Ireland a while back and he told me that they built roads AROUND places where they say fairies live. IT's bad luck to put something atop where fairies live. How cool is that huh?

    I can't wait to start these. It looks like it will be pushing January so maybe that's for the best. We all know that I don't do to well with having to wait lolz!!

    Good review!! And I'm looking forward to reading about some highland hunks ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you have to read those in order to understand them?

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  5. Oh Danny, you definitely have me intrigued! But I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to wait until January. I mean, what if the author leaves us with another cliffy and I'm forced to throw a tantrum of epic proportion?!!

    So to answer your questions, no I have not read the series. And yes, your review has certainly made me want to dig into them ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Susie

    Danny you kill me! You and pushy are killing my to read list on Goodreads because you mention a new series and get me hooked to buying it or making a trip to the library immediately lol. This is why I adore you though. We have the same taste in books like BAD!! I will be adding these books to my to read list immediately lol

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  7. AHfromGoodreads

    Great review, Danny! I would suggest that perhaps if people would like to get a taste for Ms. Moning's work that they start with the Highlander series now…..Let's see 8 books, that would take at least a few months….that would take you into November…then start the Fever series so that you can read them before the last book comes out. She does write evil cliffhangers……

    Those are great pictures of the characters. Mac is exactly as I envisioned her. Love your version of Barrons (what is he, anyway?).

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  8. Unseelie and Seelie court are traditional Faery courts, it's common in Fae lore which is why many authors are using them and put their own ideas in that.

    It doesn't matter which ones you will read first. I started with Fever and then read the Highlanders. This was totally fine with me since I know what will happen afterwards and then read the backstory. But, since the cliffhangers are so bad, start with the Highlanders yummies and then read Fever, and don't forget to tell us about!!
    My recent post Why Im so pissed with True Blood Episode 31

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  9. YES!!!! I heart these books SO much!!! (infact all the book series' you highlighted up there im kind of obsessed with!) but EVERYONE must read the fever series. MUST!!

    KMM is cruel and a big tease! she is EVOL but i worship at her feets for giving us these EPIC stories, and Barrons. OH BARRONS!! && V'lane!! January is much too far away.

    this was a great post!!

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  10. Atelisha

    lord! i LURVE Barrons!!!!
    i hope to hell he is not killed!!!!
    good lord!!!!!! so freakin obsessed with Barrons and this whole world!!!

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