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Happy Saturday my friends!! I’m totally in the mood for a light discussion.

You with me?

The Allure of The Paranormal

When I look at my goodreads shelf and at the posts I review here on the blog, I realize that most of the books I read and pick up deal with anything paranormal. And I used this work loosely.. paranormal, supernatural – I still have no idea what the difference is. Maybe someone can explain this better to me than the Oxford Dictionary.


Pronunciation: /parəˈnɔːm(ə)l/
denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding:
a mystic who can prove he has paranormal powers


Pronunciation: /ˌsuːpəˈnatʃ(ə)r(ə)l, ˌsjuː-/
(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature:
a supernatural being
unnaturally or extraordinarily great:
a woman of supernatural beauty

Anyhow, the definition is beside the point, (mainly because I still don’t get it) I read and I am addicted to everything paranormal, supernatural. Take this year, I read 52 books and only 2 (two!!) contemporary stories. I both loved  incredibly – no doubt here. (“Freshmen Yeah & Other Unnatural Disasters” and “From What I Remember”) However, if you let me pick the book all by myself I will always pick paranormal over contemporary!

But… Why, exactly?

I asked this myself and I think it’s because of potential to truly be lost in a dream. In a world that does not exists that is surreal, yet feels suddenly very real when spending time within all those pages. I can escape reality, even for just a few hours. Paranormal often goes beyond what feels normal to us, and that’s the whole appeal. We don’t want normal, we have normal ourselves. Every Day! I want to dream and get lost and I personally can do this best with an epic awesome Paranormal Read!

Incredible Creativity!

Moreover, the creativity of authors writing in the paranormal genre is sheer endless. The can let loose and create something beyond our imagination and take us on a ride that leaves us breathless. I am often simply amazed with what those creative minds come up with and that they all still manage to surprise me and present me yet another world I couldn’t have imagined before. Like they take the Angel lore, twist it and make it their own and blow us away! Or, please let’s never forget Vampires! I just love Vampire stories and I’m always amazed when the next series comes out and I am again hooked and surprised that this author again came up with something new!

Let’s talk boys in Paranormal…

Seriously there is just something about paranormal boys/men that is different. They can have character threats you wouldn’t like seeing in a normal boy. Over the Top, Possessive, Strong, bad ass  sometimes very cold, aloof even full blown Jerks -yet we fall in love with these boys over and over again.

Let me give you some examples: Daemon from Obsidain, Seth from Half-Blood, Patch from hush,hush and .. yes (of course I’m going to mention) Barrons from The Faefever series. All those men/boys lure me in and drive the story for me and I love this! Boys in Contemporary are more real and this itself can be appealing too. But, we are not here to discuss the difference – just the allure the Paranormal story holds for us!

Specially paranormal boys in YA are one of their kind – often they are old, sometimes hundreds of years – but when they meet this one girl, all those years doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s face it, anywhere else this would sound creepy. In Paranormal is an epic love story! Take Ash for example, our favorite Ice Prince from Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series..


There is something epic when reading a good paranormal story. Remember The Iron Fey Saga – this world has been incredibly rich, lush and the final story arc was epic! Let’s save the world epic! Look at Cassandra Clare’s Books, they also have this epicness all sourrounding. The Fallen series I would like to mention here too, there was this all-consuming love which I cannot descirbe any different from epic!


So, although there are tons of genres I do like and genres that are popular right now like Dystopian. But, Paranormal will always have a special place in my heart and my shelf and I can’t wait to see what those awesome creative authors have in store for us!

I for myself, I’m never getting tired of this phenomenal genre!


Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are you tired of the paranormal genre or a lover like I am?  What draws YOU into this genre! Tell me!

Much Love and I’m eager to hear your thoughts!


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53 Responses to “Discussed! by Danny – The Allure of The Paranormal”

  1. I was just thinking the same thing yesterday, how I tend to read so much more paranormal/supernatural books than anything else! I have bought a lot of contemps recently, but they’re all sitting on my shelf waiting for me to pull myself out of these wonderful worlds!
    I think that Paranormal is more of humans having powers like telekinesis, mind reading, etc; and Supernatural refers to beings like Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, Zombies, etc. I am very much into Faeries and Angels right now! I just re-read the whole Fallen series! Now I have to read the whole Iron Fey Series, and I just got Sweet Evil too! Can’t wait 🙂
    Thanks for the discussion, happy reading!

    • Truly I am the same – I always tempt to be much more excited about paranormal stories, the just lure me in! Much more than a Contemporary story can do. Although I must admit those Iread I also LOVED insanely!
      I’m totally into Angel – I just love them! I wish I had time to reread The Fallen series I just finished Rapture and.. OMG it was such an epic ending!! Fallen is one of those examples for an epic plot line… *sigh*
      Happy Reading and Happy Saturday!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – The Allure of The ParanormalMy Profile

  2. KM

    I definitely think there’s something special about paranormal! I love both contemporary and supernatural books, but I think what I love about paranormals is the creativity and the sheer escapism. It’s nice to step outside the real world for a bit and read about something so totally ridiculous but that’s still really fun and exciting. And even though I wouldn’t like them in real life, I’ve got to admit that I like the bad boys of paranormal, as well. Although…I think Simone Elkeles’ boys can be just as wonderful in their jerkishness, and they’re in contemp books. 🙂
    KM recently posted..Query Q’s: Interview with 2012 Debut Author Ingrid Paulson, Valkyrie RisingMy Profile

    • You that’s exactly how I feel! Being able to escape real world and escape in such a world which in fact, might be super frightening yet so incredible fascinating at the same time! You hit the nail with the boys, i think apart from them being hot there would be nothing that would totally make me like them – yet in books? It sooo works! :))

      Totally forgot about Simone Elkeles boys!!! They were jerks but they were awesome! :))
      Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

  3. I used to read soooo much paranormal…and I really don’t anymore. It’s really what made me fall in love with reading. I still love it but it became harder for me to find stories that I felt were original. Now I’m just really picky. 🙂 I’ve only read two books that I would consider paranormal this year, The Calling and Black Heart. Both were fantastic! I’m going to be reading Obsidian in the next couple of weeks! I can’t wait.
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    • Totally get what you mean, often similar elements are reused, but somehow I don’t care so much. I can read a story and forget about some elements I saw before, i jus let myself draw in. Maybe you might give it another try: Sweet Evil and Of Poseidon are two perfect example of this awesome genre!!!
      Obsidian is a perfect example of unique! I hope you are going to love it, I did so so much!!!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – The Allure of The ParanormalMy Profile

  4. I’m definitely a paranormal lover, but I think when you read as many books as I do..(an excessive amount…ahem..LOL) you are bound to have to switch it up. Plus I love contemporary too! I usually go through a week or two where all I want is a genre and that’s all I read.

  5. Great article, Danny!
    I ,myself, am a huge fan of Paranormal books, but lately there seems to be a lack of originality in them. Many books contain the same elements. I need something refreshing.
    I love reading Contemporary books, so you’ll find me reading those as well !

  6. I don’t think I’ll ever truly tire of it simply because it’s something that’s drawn me since I’ve pretty much been reading. Like you said there’s an allure there that doesn’t exist with contemporary reads, like it’s reaching into the deepest corners of your own mind and pulling out a story for you to live. Since I’m constantly rolling around in my own imagination, it’s only fitting I roll around in others’ too.
    Donna @ Bites recently posted..80s Awesomeness! ~ 157My Profile

  7. Interesting post! I hadn’t even thought about it that much, but then, I’ve always leaned toward the fantasy in any format, and paranormal is the current trend. I wonder, though, if there were more books being published that weren’t specifically paranormal (A Million Suns comes to mind, as it’s what I’ve finished like that most recently) if we wouldn’t seem to have such an obsession for them. I mean, look at the Across the Universe series – it has many of the elements you listed as liking under paranormal. It’s not what we could consider “normal” (anyone been on a space ship lately?), it has a ton of creativity, and it has one really yummy boy with some pretty obvious flaws. But I wouldn’t call it paranormal, more sci-fi/dystopian.

    All that said, I’m not disagreeing with you – I love paranormal for the exact same reasons you do! But I wonder if it’s more a case of paranormal being the genre that has all those factors that is currently being most published, you know?

    Great post, very thought provoking!
    Anne recently posted..Book Review: A Million SunsMy Profile

    • As I just said to Dona, when I was younger I read more High, Epic Fantasy reads but since paranormal has such a boost I’m excited to read more and more of those!

      And uhm… no. sadly I wasn’t on a Spaceship! Too bad actually!! AND yes somehow I think we can count those SciFi novels too, I mean that’s exactly the point of a para-supernormal get lost in a world that is NOT real! Across The Universe is a perfect example!! Or let’s throw in Cinder, different genre but same effect!

      Your last comment made me thinking.. Do I love it because it’s just popular right now? I don’t think so. I mean I also read Dystopians which most definitely are very popular right now, but I don’t read them with the same passion I read something paranormal.

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Anne!!!
      Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

  8. One thing I like about writing paranormal is to see human behavior in extreme & imaginary circumstances, to see what it reveals about us (and the specific characters in the story).

    Also, I think it shares this with the horror genre: the problems are so extreme that they make your daily life look comfortable. Like, “My job’s stressful & the kids are crying…but at least I’m not getting chased by an army of vampires!”
    JL Bryan recently posted..Catch up on ‘Jenny Pox Week’ at Book Soulmates!My Profile

    • Jeff . I’m super excited and thankful to hear your thoughts! I mean in the end it’s authors like you that make these stories available for a paranormal lover like I am!

      And… apart from the fact that this made me laugh out loud “My job’s stressful & the kids are crying…but at least I’m not getting chased by an army of vampires!” it’s exactly what I mean! Who wants normal when you can get to save the world, be seduced by an demon with a soul or can take astake anc kill some Vampires!!

      I take the Demon over a stressful job anytime!! Leave the job and craziness at work and dive into a fantastic world when I come home!

      That’s what I want!
      Thanks for giving that to us!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – The Allure of The ParanormalMy Profile

  9. I feel you ! I LOVE paranormal, supernatural, or anything along those lines just beacause to me, it is so much easier for them to suck you in. You aren’t defined by the lines of , whether or not it can actually happen in “real life”. You are in that world, and in THAT world anything goes ! That is one of the many reasons that I write fantasy. Anything goes in a Fantasy world, and boy does it ever !

  10. It’s just like you said – the absolute escapism from our normal, realistic world. Just losing ourselves in the fantasy. It’s a safe way to let ourselves go.
    And oh, my word…Barrons. YES!

    • OOOo Wendy!!
      (me having a little fangirl moment)
      Thanks for stopping by!

      There is nothing better than an incredible world, we still need to discover and figure out the rules. I love digging in those stories always excited to see what the creative genius behind is will show me.

      How can I not mention Barrons here?? He’s the epitome of epicness when it comes to alluring, strong and seductive man that hide behind an aura of assholery.

      But, Kaidan most definitely needs a place among those I mentioned before! Kaidan and Sweet Evil have everything I love and hope for in a paranormal story! That’s what I want to read – Thank you so much Wendy!
      Keep that creative genius going! ;))
      Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

  11. I think my GR shelf contains mostly paranormal books too. Or dystopian. I don’t know why I love them or why I’m drawn to them. I like the males portrayed in these books because like you said they have certain traits. As for being much older, maybe it’s because they’ve been around for so long and are worldly? I’m glad you included The Iron Fey and it’s Epicness. I’m looking forward to the new Fey series by Kagawa featuring Ethan. I enjoy reading about vampires, werewolves, faeries and witches. I haven’t gotten into mermaids much, but there’s a lot of great mermaid books out there. Angels are fun, but I’m kind of getting tired of them. However, I do love Fallen. Great post!!
    Julie recently posted..TLC Book Tours: Review of Blue Asylum by Kathy HepinstallMy Profile

    • The men are definitely a big part in this whole addiction. They are just different and often beyond any rules and this makes them so facinating!
      The Iron Fey series was epic – this while story was enormous much more than you would have guessed in the beginning! Specially Iron Queen was phenomenal!
      I can’t wait for Ethan’s story – did you see the cover? Holy Cow!

      Mermaid books! Gosh, Of Poseidon!!! Read it! I know I’m annoying but this book was so awesome and had everything we are discussing right now!
      Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

      • You are so not annoying! Yes, I have to read Of Poseidon. I have it for review too. I have so many books and I accept way too many to review.

        I saw the cover! But is it going to be weird swooning over Ethan? You know, when we read about him as a kid? Sometimes, I feel like a cougar swooning over these fictional boy characters. lol But then again…if there supposed to be hundreds of years old..then I think it’s okay. Is there a term for liking someone old?
        Julie recently posted..TLC Book Tours: Review of Blue Asylum by Kathy HepinstallMy Profile

        • LOL you know when I first heard that Julie is writing about Ethan I was like… uhm… but he’s a kid! I think this takes place a while after the initial Iron Fey book and .. let#s face it. He looks all grown up on this cover – they even showed him shirtless!
          Let’s swoon! I think we are officially allowed to do this!

          Oh yes, don’t get me started that I feel like that myself! Those boys are half my age! But, that’s the beauty of reading – suddenly all our years fall away and we are 18 again! So again I say! Let’s be a cougar and own it! :)) lol

          To your last question “Is there a term for liking someone old? : Creepy ?
          Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

  12. Btw…how hot is that picture of Damon or rather Ian! I like Stefan and glad that Elena and he have made up. But I like her being with Damon. In the episode before last weeks… I agree with what Rose said about Damon to Jeremy in the car. He makes her question everything. Surprisingly, I’ve never read the books. But I’m a huge fan of the show. I hope vamps make a comeback.

    • holy hottness right??!?!?! This series is epic! I love it so much and it is most definitely one of the best paranormal shows out there. Apart from Supernatural of course! (Sam and Dean?! *swwwons*)
      I read the first two books and I hated them, I was downright furious because they were so lame. The show however? Epic!

      I’m Team Damon and I strongly and sadly believe that Elena and Stefan will be and stay together…
      Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

      • I love Damon, but I kind of wish he’d be bad again. When I first watched the show, my mom and I would say how we hoped Damon wasn’t lurking outside when we took the dog out. I liked that he was scary and that we feared him. Stefan was the good vamp and Damon was the bad…of course we still wanted him not matter how many horrific things he did.

        I’m also not sure about this whole thing with Alaric. I like Alaric! I don’t want him to be a monster. He was the voice of reason. I also think they need some new villains. Personally, I’m getting tired of Klaus and Rebecca. Oh, and their mother who acts like a robot. Maybe, I just don’t care for the actors. lol Where’s Katherine when you need her? I think they need to go a different route and I hope they do next season. Don’t get me wrong…I love the show — immensely! It is definitely epic!
        Julie recently posted..TLC Book Tours: Review of Blue Asylum by Kathy HepinstallMy Profile

  13. Iman

    Although I like both contemporary and paranormal, I find myself reading paranormal more often. Some of my favorite contemps would be 13 reasons why and raw blue. And yes, I think I mostly read paranormal is because of the allure of a different world, where you can be anything. My favorite paranormals are vampire academy (where the boys are especially appealing, i.e Adrian), Unearthly, Shadow Falls… But for some reason I never liked the Fallen series…

    • Iman

      P.S: is that Damon’s picture? I would have pegged you as Team Stefan girl. I too have never read the books, but I do love the tv series! (team Stefan, of course)

      • OOOoOOO Shadow Falls: How I love this series! And there you got, that’s a perfect example! In the beginning we have no idea what’s going on in this world and the rules, we slowly discover the secrets – and I love this suspense! like, who is Kylie! I’m dying to know!!

        I’m right there with you on Team Aidan for VA – I was so sad in the end, which is why I love this spin off series soo much! I do love the Fallen series so much- but I know not all do and I guess why. Did you ever read past Fallen? Because the series get’s so much better! Passion was .. swooon worthy!

        See, that’s what we are talking about! All those different creatures and world just waiting for us to be discovered! Looove it!!

        P.S.: Totally Team Damon here and yes that’s Mr HotTness Damon Salvatore, I found him fitting for this post. And although I like Stefan it’s Damon for whom I’m cheering and swooning! forget about the books, they are soo aweful! I read the first three and then I needed to stop wasting my time! Let’s watch the show and forget about these boooks!
        Danny recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Giselle from Xpresso ReadsMy Profile

        • Iman

          You got me, I never read past Fallen, I’ll take your advice and read them, maybe they aren’t what I thought they were, Fallen seemed very…unrealistic. I’m currently reading Taken At Dusk and it is Great, I’m loving this series more and more. And about Vampire Diaries, I read the first book and did not like it ALL, I heard the return books were worse, and I don’t like Damon, everyone says that even though he is a douche sometimes, he sometimes shows a soft side, I agree. But most of the times, he’s very sarcastic and annoying. Stefan is amazing, always showing his soft side, never a douche. But my favorites are the Originals, I love Klaus, and Elijah and Kol (swooooooon!)

  14. Kristin

    I love reading non-fiction books and contemporary novels but the majority of books I read, whether adult or YA, are paranormal.

    And you totally hit the nail on the head as to why I love them, well said!

  15. Danny-
    I’m with you I use paranormal when I guess I should be using supernatural. But I like paranormal better. But then let me ask you about fantasy. Are Faeries fantasy or paranormal? And PNF and PNUF? What? What do those mean? I get so confused. I like a little magic in my books. Like you, I want to escape. But even in a comtemp, there can be magic. There’s the “Thank God that not me!” or the “I know how you feel” or the perfect romance-Anna and the French Kiss. Was that not magic??? I take it one book at a time. And if it doesn’t completely loose me, I put it aside. It’s not my book.


    hrose2931 recently posted..Review-The Green Man by Michael BedardMy Profile

    • Oh gosh hon! I have no freaking clue about the differences between PNF and UF and PNUF – seriously this always drove me nuts!

      I love how you think of the magic a Contemporary book has on you and I agree there can be magic moments also there, They are just different which isn’t bad at all! I love a good Contempory story but it’s just when I pick a book up normally it’s a paranormal story 🙂

      I seriously have to read Anna and the French Kiss, seriously !! I know I need to!

      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – The Allure of The ParanormalMy Profile

      • Okay! I’m calling you out! You, always the lover of romance in a story have not read one of the greatest contemporary romances ever???? St. Clair is like every guy you’ve ever swooned over except he doesn’t have paranormal skills! You have to read it!! Their romance is so sweet it’s like cotton candy and chocolate. Whenever I need a smile, I think of that book. You must read it! And, it’s set in Paris which of course makes it that much better to me.

        hrose2931 recently posted..Review-The Green Man by Michael BedardMy Profile

  16. I am with you, always choosing paranormal over contemporary. .i just like the bit of unexpected in my reading, makes my escape far more interesting. Hmm from your,definition paranormal seems to involve the phenomenon like mind reading and psychics, I think it pertains more, abilities while supernatural deals with the entitities. That is the way I interpreted it, but who knows, right?

  17. Paranormal and (lighter) Fantasy have always had a special place in my heart! I adore to be truly lost in a story and I think sometimes the stories that don’t have these twists just are too close to home, even when they’re fiction! Thrillers? It happens. Contemporary? Happens. I love to dive into the Paranormal worlds and live through the characters in settings I wouldn’t normally be able to–like you mention! That’s why I think Dystopias have become a close second lately and why I prefer Historicals to Contemprorary too. I’ve always been a believer of things Paranormal too. 😉

    And of course, it’s amazing seeing these completely new worlds authors can create! I admire them all for managing. It’s AMAZING.

    Great discussion Danny and super interesting topic:)
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Guest Post: Choosing Locations For Stories by Red TashMy Profile

  18. Hi Danny. Great discussion. It’s really nice to hear readers complimenting their favorite writers and getting so excited about their characters. We authors feel the same way you all do, that’s why we spend months or years writing these great stories. It funny, but I agree with everyone here, because half of my six books are paranormal or supernatural, with a vampire sequel in the works, so vamps are not dead, so to speak. haha! I’m interested to know what you all think about women as the main characters rather than men. I ask because women are the main characters in my vampire series.

  19. I’m neither a lover or a hater of the paranormal genre. Honestly, it’s a genre that’s pretty hit and miss with me. I think it’s mostly because of subject matter. I’m usually not interested in the “supernatural”– that is the vampires, the shapeshifters, the angels, the demons, etc. I do like a good ghost story though, and I think that’s considered “supernatural”. That’s not to say that I haven’t read a good supernatural book though. I have. And I don’t turn my nose up at supernatural books either. Even though I tend to be skeptical of the genre, I’m always willing to try out different books in the genre.

    I’m much more interested in books that are more “paranormal”, that is the humans that have special abilities whether it’s mind-reading, telling the future, or countless other super powers/ supernatural abilities. Although, to be honest, I couldn’t tell you why I’m fond of books that deal with this subject matter over the vampires and other creatures that lurk in the night.

    Come to think of it, I don’t have a “go to” genre. I think my reading selection is greatly varied, and I rarely read two books in row from the same genre.

  20. I love and will always love the paranormal genre! I agree with you that it beats contemp because of its creative and unrealistic world you get to be in. And of course, the boys. 😉
    Great post!

  21. @TwiilghtDew7

    Every time I go through the paranormal section of the bookstore my heart starts pounding with excitement. I see lots of books that I have already read (and loved!) and a ton more that I’m craving to read. I love the escapism, the drama, and the fantastical elements. I also like how the worlds represented in these books are different from our own and they feel as if they *could* be real, if only in our imaginations and dreams.

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