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 It’s Friday! Which means we get another My Reading Spot!!!

Today we have the awesometastic Giselle from Xpresso Reads. I am sure you have heard of her? If not! You have to! She’s awesome and a constant face in the blogger world! I love her reviews, they are always perfectly balanced and beautifully written! Her enthusiasm is contagious and I’m even considering reading this Zombies series about which Giselle is so super excited ! As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy , go and check her review, she truly makes you wanna read them!  Her weekly feature “Fresh Batch” always tells me about the most exciting releases in YA! I’m always excited when I see her pretty and cute face on among my Blog commenters :))

But now, let her show us how and where Giselle reads:


Hello my lovelies!

First I want to thank Danny for inviting me to be part of My Reading Spot which is an awesome feature that I’ve been stalking. Bewitched Bookworms is one of my favourite blogs so I’m really happy to come over!

So obviously I read a lot, and I also have a toddler so I often get asked how I have the time. Well first, he naps an hour (more if I’m lucky) every day, then he goes to bed at 7 so that gives me plenty of time right there. (I can read a book in about 5 hours). But also, since he’s the only grandson on both sides, we have wonderful grandparents who are pining to have him over *hands over child happily*. When that happens and I can read in the daytime I chose to read on the couch with the coffee table next to me that will have my cup of much needed coffee, and my laptop. (Picture 1)

Most of the time, I’ll be found reading when it’s dark outside once my son is in bed. So that’s when I’ll be using my big old recliner. This is a super comfy chair and it reclines almost to a full horizontal position. I love it! As you can see I’m all set for night reading with my lamp right there. The windowsill usually has concoctions of different food/beverages to appease my constant munchies (and yes these munchies occur naturally. Just so we’re clear. 🙂 (picture 2)

When I’m lucky, my son will be in a good mood and busy himself with toys or pot and pans for a while. This is when I try to steal some reading time. What’s funny though, if I’m sitting on the couch, he’ll come and ask me to play with him. Or make me watch him (in which case if I don’t he cries). But I’ve noticed if I sit in HIS chair. This is his tiny made-for-toddler chair, he’ll play quietly around me. Yes, I do fit in it, and it’s actually not that uncomfortable. Plus, if I don’t have to watch Elmo for the 25th time by sitting in this thing, I’m more than happy to. Elmo has four ducks Quack Quack Qauck Quack. *pulls out hair*. This is him in the chair at Christmas. His name is Alek – short of Alekzandre. He was 19 months then, and he adores books already!

So this is where I read. In the summertime I also read outside on my deck but it’s still in storage from winter so I couldn’t take a picture. It’s a super comfy outdoors chair though. It reclines! 🙂

Thanks so much for having me, Danny! This was a super fun. Plus, it made me get off my butt and clean my living room!


Oh Giselle you are more than welcome, but honestly the pleasure was all mine!!! And *gasps* do I see a MacBook there?? I LOVE all things Mac and I wouldn’t even touch anything else, yeah I’m weird that way! When you said The Bookworms were among your favorite blogs, this totally made my day!! *hugs*

Oh and, isn’t Alek the cutest?!?! I love his name so much!! Where does it come from? How cute is this chair for him?? Besides, I would probably cry myself if you wouldn’t play with me ;))

Thank you so much for sharing today Giselle!!!

Wish you all a great Friday, Much LOVE

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39 Responses to “My Reading Spot Featuring Giselle from Xpresso Reads”

  1. Giselle’s chair looks really comfortable! I wouldn’t mind having one 😛
    Oh and her son is so cuuutteee! (I should stop shrieking or else everyone will find me creepy!) But he’s totally adorable ! Awwww ! Look at his tiny sofa !

    Great post 😀

  2. Yay thanks again Danny this is great! It totally IS a Mac! My lil MacBook Pro I couldn’t ever go back to PC. And Alek’s name came off an internet search. LOL. Creative is me!
    And I’m laughing at you mentioning At the World Dies! I seem to be famous for it! “Oh the girl with the zombies!”
    Love your face Danny!!

  3. Ahhh, I love it! 🙂 Great feature, Danny! Giselle IS amazing, isn’t she? She was the first to really welcome me to the world of blogging and has been a wonderful accomplice – er, friend since then 😉

  4. Oh my gosh Giselle look at Alek! He is just precious:) And your couch is calling to me, it wants me to read on it. It looks so comfy and cozy and such a great place to curl up!

    • It’s super cozy! There’s not much light there in the evening though so I can’t stay there when it’s dark. 🙁 But the chair is awesome! Thanks chick!

  5. Wow, the chair and the couch look so comfy I’m afraid I might fall asleep reading especially if that chair goes completely horizontal! Please tell me you have blinds or something to cover those windows at night. I’d hate feeling like someone was watching me.

    That little chair is so cute! Hey, anything to keep them happy, right? Alek is adorable! Can you read with the pots and pans banging? Elmo is better than Barney or the Teletubbies! Wonder why he’s quiet while you’re in his chair? That is so interesting.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review-Fairystruck Songs of Magic 3 by J L BryanMy Profile

    • Actually the house is a 1.5 story so the living room is just high enough that people on the street can’t really see in. You’d be surprise the noise I can read in! Bahah. And yes, Elmo is MUCH better than al those other freaky shows on the TV now.. the Wiggles. *shoots self*

      • There’s actually something worse than the Teletubbies isn’t there? And we had a Big Bird that if you covered his eyes and then uncovered them he’d say “Peek a Boo”. We didn’t realize it because the grandparents sent it. One morning my husband turns the light on and he hears “Peek a Boo!” I think he had to change his pants! LOL We ended up duct taping BB eyes. Don’t grandparents send the loudest toys??
        I guess I’ve learned how to tune out distraction too. I just can’t do it over sports. Then the head phones come out. My head hurts remembering the pot banging. But we did love Sesame Street. I don’t think you can beat them. They had the best videos!

        hrose2931 recently posted..Review-Fairystruck Songs of Magic 3 by J L BryanMy Profile

  6. Oh my goodness, Giselle, if I told you that I want to hug the living daylights out of your son, would that be weird??? x) He is SO SO SO cute!! And it makes it even better that he’s already starting to love books — I can tell he’s going to be a major ladies man already! 😉 (He also wears awesome striped socks like I do!) I was wondering how you had time to read too, but now it all makes sense! Nap time = reading time. Gotcha!

    I’m seriously ADORING this feature, Danny! And it was really nice to learn more about your reading time too, Giselle! <3
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..Masquerade Read-Along Week 4!My Profile

  7. I love Giselle! Isn’t it funny some of the things we can get away with if we just experiment? If I sit by my son (3) in the family room he’s happy to watch his stuff but if I try to read in the living room (away from the noise) he whines at me all day. I do read at night though when he’s sleeping. Gotta get creative with toddlers in the house! I’ve even got so pathetic that I’ll sit on the floor and hold a car and occasionally make car noises and drive it a little and read at the same time. He’s usually okay with that. But that’s only on the days he’s super whiny and doesn’t let me do ANYTHING!
    Thanks for sharing your reading places Giselle!
    Candace recently posted..Review: Masquerade by Cambria HebertMy Profile

    • Omg I burst out laughing when I read this. This is totally something I would do too! When he was younger he was ok if I just made his teddy bear growl every few minutes LOL

  8. I <3 this feature Danny!!

    It's great to see one of my fave bloggers featured & to learn more about her reading time/comfy spot – it looks so cozy 🙂

    How GORGEOUS is little Alek!! He is too cute Giselle x

    Thank-you for sharing..

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  9. Yay, Giselle! Definitely know about that awesome woman. 😀 I love her blog!!
    And now I officially love her reading spots too! That couch and chair o: o: *wants* They’re perfect! Lol. And aww, the mini-chair! That’s so cute! And I definitely admire you for reading as much as you do with that cutie in your life!
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Your Fate in Fiction: Become FusedMy Profile

    • Aww thanks Bex!! <3 The mini chair is awesome and it's surprisingly comfy!! But it leaves my butt prints. We'll see what it looks like in a year or so O_O

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