Sunday with the Bookworms {4} with Pushy in England, Retail Therapy & The Leftovers

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Welcome Friends! Do you have a Coffee? Or a Tea? Then sit down and chat a little bit about your week with us!

Like every week, Heather, Pushy and Danny are sharing what they read this week and what other exciting things happened in their lives!


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Heather’s Week

I’ve been on vacation plus my birthday was this week, so I’ve been doing things close to home with my son and nephews. We’ve had a picnic at Matheissen State Park and watched the Fourth of July parade back in my hometown. Plus, we watched the fireworks in our current city as a family. The kids loved them and it was a good time.

I did find some time for reading, finishing up The Redemption Key before digging into a new book that’s been burning a hole in my to be read pile. I finished Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones, and it was fantastic with some great character development in this one.

RedemptionKEy SixthGrave

Television wise, I’m still watching True Blood (ho-hum so far), Beauty and the Beast (excellent as usual), and Teen Wolf (definitely worth watching). I’ve also started watching the new series on HBO, The Leftovers. In this new show, 2% of the world’s population disappeared suddenly, and now three years later, everyone is still trying to figure out what happened. According to, it’s “Created by ‘Lost’ co-creator Damon Lindelof and acclaimed novelist Tom Perrotta, the series is executive produced by Lindelof, Perrotta and ‘Friday Night Lights’ executive producers Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey.  Lindelof serves as the series showrunner.” After watching the pilot episode, I will be tuning in for more to see if the series is good or not.



Pushy’s Week

What a great week for me!!!  I’ve been on vacation with my sister and mother in England and we’ve been having a lovely time!  I got to do some great reading while I’ve been traveling (although not a whole lot as we’ve been doing a ton of sight seeing).

I finished up HP’s Chamber of Secrets and moved onto The Prisoner of Azkaban.  This may be my favorite of the series!!!  Plus, I’ve started reading a book which is the first in a series of mysteries set in the Lake District (where I’m visiting) and inspired by Beatrix Potter’s life!  They’re a recommendation by my mother and I’m very much enjoying the first one, Tale of Hill Top Farm.

prisoner of azkaban tale of hilltop farm

And on the flight out I got to watch a couple of movies I haven’t seen yet.  Yes, I’m aware that I’m the last person on the planet to NOT have seen these movies, but….I hadn’t.  But now I have!  WOOT!  They were interesting but chock-a-bock filled with insane folks.  But still interesting.  And I thought it was funny that American Airlines apparently had a Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence thing going on.  Wonder what our return flight movies will be….

american-hustle-poster-2 silver_linings_playbook-t2

Danny’s Week

I had such a busy week! I was teaching a class with 20 students and in between I was running from one meeting to the other. So after this horrible week I treated myself with some retail therapy and went shopping! That always makes me feel better! Oh and of course, I couldn’t go home without yet another scarf!

Casual Look in grey
In terms of reading, I am still not done with City of Heavenly Fire – but it’s an 24 hrs audiobook, which is double as long as most other audios! I finished Mortal Danger, which was quite interesting and different!
I started a book I heard so much from at BEA – The Young Wold by Chris Weitz. And even though I’m not a fan of Dystopia I desperately wanted to read it.
And.. the beginning is already so awesome! The voices are so amazing, it’s written with so much humor that I’m really loving it right.
Plus…. as a big Twilight fan, I can’t help it but love Chris Weitz. Remember? He directed New Moon!


So tell us about your week, what are you reading? Do you also love to go shopping to make yourself feel better? 

Any Tips for Pushy and her England Trip?? 

What summer television are you watching?



Lover of words and authors; absolute fan girl of books! Give me a good story, with characters I can love (and hate) and I’ll follow you anywhere. Sing me a song of worlds I can dream of, and I’ll listen forever.

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16 Responses to “Sunday with the Bookworms {4} with Pushy in England, Retail Therapy & The Leftovers”

  1. Happy birthday, Heather! It was the moose who got hit by the Sheriff’s car that did me in — I wasn’t intrigued enough by the rest of the story to keep going after hearing those moose cries.

    Yeah, Pushy, what’s going on with True Blood? It’s weird and I need Eric. But I won’t quit it, as this is the last season. Have fun in England!

    Aw, Danny. I’m sorry about a horrid week! Retail therapy and a new scarf always help. *hugs*
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Happy Fourth of July, ‘Merica!My Profile

  2. Livia

    I stopped watching True Blood early on in season 5 when the property owner cancelled our HBO channel. So I need to catch up. I was POd when they killed off the 2 Chris actors in season 5 though, grrr!

    I love audiobooks and I’m a big Twilighter. So I added The Young World to my Good Reads TBR shelf and have put it on hold at my local library. Thanks, Danny! I remember how cool Chris was in the New Moon promo interviews. It was clear that he understood why females embraced the Twilight saga.

  3. Sounds like you all had awesome weeks! The Leftovers looks very interesting, but I don’t have HBO so I’ll probably have to wait on that one. And Heather, I’m jealous about youd HP reading, I wish I had time to re read all of them:-) Danny, I’m loving that cute sweater you bought. And I also want to read Young World. Hope you all have fun weeks coming up!
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy recently posted..Over-Booked (5) – A Book Haul PostMy Profile

  4. Oh, I LOVED Silver Linings Playbook. As an author, I seriously found it fascinating to watch them as characters. I can’t figure out how some people come up with such strong characters that are so flawed, but you still like so much!

    I haven’t read HP in years, but I do remember loving Prisoner of Azkaban as one of my favorite. Since I write fantasy that involves witches, I stay away from HP because I”m worried it will influence my writing, but I sure do miss the Hogwarts world!
    Katie Cross recently posted..The Numbers of PublishingMy Profile

    • I know how you feel about Teen Wolf, Lea. It’s just one of those things that you have to actually give a chance before you decide to like it or hate it, you know?

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