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Indie Spyglass: Character Interview With Raven Grace from Raven’s Kiss by Toni LoTempio

Welcome to another installment of Indie Spyglass, where we feature the work of Indie authors and get to know a little more about them in the process. Today, we’re featuring a character interview with Raven Grace, the female lead from Toni LoTempio’s latest urban fantasy/paranormal romance Raven’s Kiss (my 4 1/2 star review here, Goodreads, […]

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Character Interview with Nathan fromOpposite of Amber

Last month I was lucky enough to get the chance to review a great book: Opposite of Amber by Gillian Phillip. And today, Nathan Baird himself stopped by to chat! Nathan, first off, thank you so much for coming over so we could learn more about you! So, your relationship with Ruby in this book […]

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Please welcome Aidan…! A Haven Character Interview and Giveaway

Remember earlier this week when I was talking about this book I loved?  Haven?  If not, read my review, but please come back…  I have something for you!  *waits patiently*  You’re back?  Great!  I guess now you know that I’m pretty much fascinated with Aidan,  the mysterious main character in Haven. Well, I had the incredible opportunity […]

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Hexbound Blog Tour – Lily and Scout!

Today we have two special guests. Lily and Scout from Chloe Neil’s YA series Firespell. The first book in the series came out earlier this year and the second is about to be released January 20th! Chloe is again going on tour and the Bookworms were lucky enough to get a date on her Tour. […]

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