Born At Midnight Special: Welcome Derek and Lucas! (incl.Giveaway)

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*squeals in excitement*
Today my friends, I want to share something absolutely awesome with you.
I had the pleasure to meet Derek and Lucas,
the two boys that both want to win
Kylie’s heart..
Not sure what I’m talking about?
Check out my Review here.
Born At Midnight

available for pre-order at amazon ( Kindle, Paperback) goodreads:
Release: 29th of March!
So let’s get going with the fun:
Hey boys *blushes*, glad you had the time to come here and answer some questions. … and please guys, behave yourself while you’re here…

YOU FOUND THE EGGG (although you can’t see it right now)

Let me start with an easy question for both of you, how would you describe Kylie? Just tell us how you see her with your eyes…

“First, if there are any behavior problems, it’s won’t be on my end,” Derek says with a smile. “My kind isn’t known for being trouble makers.”

Lucas grimaces. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hey, it’s not a slam. It’s just the truth.”

Lucas shrugs, but doesn’t look happy.

Derek continues, “If you really want to know more about how I see Kylie, you might want to go over to C.C. Hunter’s website and read the scene written from my point of view. It won’t be up until March 29th, though – C.C. Hunter is holding out until Born at Midnight’s official release. But here’s the link to the Special Content page.

“There’s actually one from my Point of View, too,” Lucas says. “As you probably know, Kylie and I have a history.”

Derek ignores Lucas and continues talking. “But to answer the question, I know what you expect me to say. That’s she’s hot. And she is, but . . . well, her looks aren’t all that she’s got going for her. She’s . . . different and special. She feels more, and cares more deeply about everything. I know because I can read her emotions. I feel what she feels. We share that special bond. So I understand her. More than most people,” he adds and cuts a quick glance back at Lucas.

“So you can really read what she feels?” Lucas asks. “Interesting. So tell me, how does she feel about me?” His gaze is bold as if he’s sure about where he stands with Kylie.

“Honestly?” Derek just stares at Lucas, as if hiding his own emotions. “You scare the shit out of her. That’s how she feels.”

Lucas tucks a hand into his jeans and just a bit of his confidence seems to fade. “Maybe in the beginning but I think that’s changed,” He says and pauses for a moment before continuing. “As for how I would describe Kylie, that’s easy. She’s like an angel. Always has been. I knew her when she was six and she was even beautiful then. She’s also a puzzle. Not the kind that drives you crazy, but the kind you just keep coming back to because, more than anything, you want to figure it out. And yeah, maybe she’s is a little scared of me, but deep down she knows that I’d do anything to protect her. Anything.”

“Like I wouldn’t?” Derek asks.

Okay…I think we should move on. Derek, how do you like being at Shadow Falls?

He hesitates for a few moments. “Well, honestly, I was dreading it. But when I met Kylie, that changed. Everything changed.”

Lucas rolls his eyes. “Give me a break.”

“We share a bond, like I said.” Derek shrugs. “Of course, it’s not something I would expect a werewolf to understand.”

Lucas scowled but doesn’t say anything.

And, if you’d have the choice, Derek, would you rather be normal instead of being a Faerie *oppps* sorry – I mean Fey..

Derek frowns. “I had my reasons for not really wanting to be a Fae. But they’re personal. After being at Shadow Falls, things have changed, like I said. I’ve changed. I think Shadow Falls changes everyone in one way or another. Now, I see the good I can do with my gifts. As a matter of fact, my gifts actually saved Kylie’s life.” He cuts his eyes at Lucas again.

Why should Kylie choose you instead of Lucas?

Derek continues to look at Lucas. “I think Kylie will eventually see who she needs to choose. Look,” he says, “it’s not even about one of us being better. It’s about who’s right for her. And with my ability to know her feelings, let’s just say that gives me an edge. I share her emotions and I can be there for her.

Lucas, thanks for your patience while I was talking to Derek… So, how is it for you being a Werewolf?

His dark brows pinch a little. “How is it?” The question seems to have frustrated him, or maybe it was Derek’s last remark. “It’s normal. I’ve never been anything but this. I mean, I could ask you how it feels being human. Would you be able to explain it?” He pauses. “Yeah, I know some people think we’re anti-social. We’re not. We just care deeply about those in our circles, those in our packs. A guess you could say we’re selective about who we let get close. But what’s wrong with that?”

“A hell of a lot is wrong with it,” Derek says.. Then as if realizing he’s interrupting he says, “Sorry. .”

Lucas rolls his eyes again.

What kind of girl do you like? What does a girl need to have to catch your interest?
(maybe you like blond girls *blushes* ?!)

Lucas arches a brow, and looks a tad embarrassed by the question. “Well, Kylie caught my interest. She’s blond. But as much as I hate admitting it, Derek’s right about her being special. It’s more than just her looks. It’s who she is and I think that’s what attracts guys. Okay, sure a pretty girl will catch our eyes. We’re males and that’s normal, but it’s not going to keep us interested too long if there’s not something more.”

Last but not least: Why should Kylie choose you?

“Because as much as Derek would like to think he understands her better, it can’t compare to how Kylie and I share a past. We met years ago, and we bonded. I’ve never forgotten her, never stopped looking for her in a crowd of people. And now that I found her again, I’m not . . . Let’s just say that I won’t go down easy. Sure, if Kylie chooses him, I’m not going to beg. Werewolves don’t do that. But I don’t think I have too much to worry about.”

Thanks boys for your patience, I appreciate your time and…. *clears throat* ..uhm Lucas?
I always wanted to feel if a werewolf’s fur is soft.. would…. you ..uhm ..maybe shift and *blushes* let me touch your fur???

Lucas raises a shoulder and a slight smile appears in his eyes. “Not that I’m not flattered, but it might be safer to pet the fairy over there?” Lucas glances at Derek who doesn’t look happy. “You see,” Lucas continues, “when I turn, I’m not as sociable as I am in this form. Besides, I wouldn’t want to hurt my chances with Kylie.”

*squeals again*
Wasn’t that pure wonderment?
Gosh and I can tell you those boys are both HOT!
But of course I’m sad I didn’t had the chance to pet Lucas…

Ok and I have one more awesomness to share!

You can win a copy of
Born At Midnight!
and it gets even better, it’s international!
All you have to do is fill out the form below and
get an extra entry for tweeting

Meet Derek and Lucas from Born At Midnight & win a copy @BwitchedBkworms #BornAtMidnight

and answer me this question:

What would YOU ask Derek or Lucas?

and just out of curiousity:

Team Derek or
Team Lucas?

as usual, feel free to grab them !! click to get them in full size!
and I realized later that I didn’t stick to my own color coding.. *rolls eyes at self*
but the cover with the wood is soo Lucas for me, while the cover with the waterfall
is so Derek…

P.S.: and…I’m all for the bad boys – just saying…

One one more thingy to share,
Check out the Prequel:
Turned At Dark
by C.C Hunter
available for free

a big thanks to C.C. Hunter for letting Derek and Lucas
come over here and answer patiently all my silly questions!
(visit her website to join the awesome contests she runs)
annd last but not least
thanks to Eileen for..
she knows why *winks*
Happy Friday my friends!
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57 Responses to “Born At Midnight Special: Welcome Derek and Lucas! (incl.Giveaway)”

  1. tawnibear

    Just from this post (since I haven't read it yet) I'm going for Lucas. I think it may just be because I am bias…I love the name 'Lucas' 😉

    Reply »

  2. Ohhh… We already have team buttons? Awesome!!!:D
    Well, I haven't read the book yet, but from what I can see, I'd go with Derek. He seems my kind o guy.:)) And what I'd ask both of them… They're obviously not going to be BFF anytime soon and they booth like Kylie, but if she chose one of them, what would they do? Back away (so she could be happy with the another one) or keep fighting to win her heart?*rises one brow*

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing, Danny!
    My recent post Review- Green-Eyed Demon Sabina Kane 3 by Jaye Wells

    Reply »

  3. *squee* YES I couldn't help myself to design some Team Buttons since I'm pretty sure
    there will be equal amounts of Team Derek's and Lucas' around. Although from the entries so far,
    Lucas is ahead!

    I'm excited to see how the relation between the boys will develop. But yeah, right now I don't see them becoming friends either…

    Reply »

  4. Hi,__C.C. here. And first I want to say thank you to Danny for asking me to join her at Betwitched Bookworms. Her interview with Derek and Lucas was so much fun. I'm loving reading everyone's comments and questions. ____I'm writing book three, Taken at Dusk, and Derek and Lucas are managing to be at the camp together without killing each other. And both of them would do just about anything to keep Kylie safe. Right now, Kylie is upset at Derek, not that Lucas is completely out of the doghouse (or wolfhouse) either. ____I'm eager to see how many readers are Lucas or Derek fans. I did a Skype interview the other day and poor Derek wasn't looking so good. But I told everyone to just wait until book two. Derek will wins some hearts over.

    Reply »

  5. vonharzj

    Great post. I think you got both Derek and Lucas down, although I think Derek got a little more attention and I real love Lucas. Cannot wait to see what happens next for Kylie and the boys.

    Reply »

  6. I have to admit, I like my boys bad. And I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a werewolf. So, I'm going for Lucas. Derek seems a bit … how do I put this … conceited. Sorry Derek. (winks at Lucas)

    Reply »

  7. Aww, thanks for answering, C.C.! I so can't wait to read the book and learn more about Derek and Lucas. Just a few days to go, yay!
    Oh… Poor Derek. Well, no worries. I'm always going with the least popular team, so I'll be there for him.:)) As I said, he seems my kind of guy. *blush*

    Reply »

  8. vidisha

    So if Kylie would choose one of u…what would the other do….this questions always comes up when there is sort of triangle going one….???

    Reply »

  9. Kimberly

    Hi, I have not had the pleasure of reading "Born at Midnight" yet but based off this post I would ask the boys what their relationship with each other would be like after Kylie chooses one of them? No hard feelings?…

    Reply »

  10. I think both Derek and Lucas are mature enough that they will have to accept how things turn out. Will there be hard feelings? Oh, heck yeah. Someone will get hurt. They may never be the best of friends, but I think they can both remain at the camp without killing each other. Plus, I've already promised whoever loses out on Kylie will get a chance with Danny. LOL.


    Reply »

  11. *blushes furiously* OoOOoO and I'm pretty sure I can distract the boy from the serious heartbreak. I promise to make him smile again 🙂
    Plus, I'm also blonde… although I don't have any special power ( at least not that I know of)

    Reply »

  12. Darkfallen

    I can already tell that I'm going to be Team Lucas! For one thing I'm with ya on the irrisistable bad boys Danny. I can't get me enough of em.

    *Dreams about Patch* Oh sorry. I'm back! Can't help it all I want for xmass is Patch wraped in a tight black tee shirt;)

    But from the sound of this interview Lucas might give Patch a run for his money. Many have tried, none have succeeded! I can't wait to read this and give Lucas his turn at bat.

    Great post Danny!!!!!
    *hugs hugs* *kiss kiss*

    Reply »

  13. Ana Lucía

    well I haven't read the book, but maybe I would ask them: what they see in Kylie and/or what appeals to them about her?
    Thanks for making it international!! fingers crossed 🙂

    Reply »

  14. Alexa

    I think I would ask Lucas why he ran away in the book.
    UGH I'm so torn between Derek and Lucas, seriously I couldn't decide even if I wanted to. I do love the instant passion with Lucas but I like how Derek seems more emotionally involved. So torn, so I can't wait for the next book to see how they both interact with Kylie

    Reply »

  15. Ohh, I love it when someone can't decide which one. Because not only is hard for Kylie to decide, it's hard for me to decide. I think both Derek and Lucas see Kylie for who she is. And Kylie is special . Even more than she knows.

    As for the how their basic protective instincts are different. Lucas is more physically protective where Derek is more protective of her emotionally. Not that both aren't willing to die for her. It's just that Derek senses more of what she feels, and Lucas's nature is to be physicallly protective.

    And both boys are willing step aside if it's what Kylie wants.

    Now about choosing to be human. There was a time when Derek would have chosen to be human. Actually, he is half human. But now I think he would choose to be who he is. Half Fae. In book two, your learn he has some other gifts he's just now realizing.

    Reply »

  16. Dim

    My question is: If you could have anything in the world, anything at all, what would it be?

    I'm Team Lucas because Derek is being a goody-goody and that's the name of my first love who just so happens to be a jackass.

    Reply »

  17. i haven't read the book. but if i base it on the interview i'm gonna be team lucas! 😀 my question would be did they have any other love before kylie?
    thanks for making it international! 🙂

    Reply »

  18. Suzan Lacey

    Hmm, Tough to choose as I haven't read the book yet, I like Derek and I like that he can read her mind and feelings but if I'm honest I think it would seriously annoy me after a while, I'd be like seriously stop reading me, if I want you to know I'll tell you! Besides I have a soft spot for werewolves (not twilight ones though, then again twilight vamps kinda annoy me a little to, Vamps shouldn't sparkle!) So I'm gonna say Team Lucas! I'd also ask Lucas 'If things don't work out with Kylie wanna get a drink with me?' I'd ask Derek 'Are you reading my mind right now? Well stop it!'

    Reply »

  19. Hey,

    Love that we're still getting comments. Hmm…If Lucas and Derek could be anything in the world…? Hmm, I think they might answer: Kylie's hero.

    I think Team Lucas is winning. It will be very interesting to see if this changes after book two. Let's just say that Derek's heat level and even his bad-boy status is increased.

    Thank you everyone who posted.


    Reply »

  20. thaispampado

    I'm team Derek 😛

    I'd ask them: You said all the good things you like about Kylie, but is there anything you don't like about her?

    Reply »

  21. Yui

    I haven't read the book yet but I think I like Lucas. Hmnn.. I would like to ask both of them 'What is in Kylie that other female doesn't have?'

    Reply »

  22. ruby95660

    Well…… since I haven't read the book yet, I'm not realy sure what to ask, but I guess I'd ask both of them that if she chose one of them, what would the other do? Back away or keep fighting for her?

    Reply »

  23. don't really know what to ask them cause I haven't read the book yet but clearly they both Kylie in their own way…hmmm I guess my question would be that if Kylie wasn't around would the two of you still have a reason to be in competition with each other or bore hatred with each other?
    My recent post Pimping my other blog

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