Please welcome Aidan…! A Haven Character Interview and Giveaway

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Remember earlier this week when I was talking about this book I loved? 
If not, read my review, but please come back… 
I have something for you! 
*waits patiently* 
You’re back? 
I guess now you know that I’m pretty much fascinated with Aidan, 
the mysterious main character in Haven.
Well, I had the incredible opportunity to interview him… 
Take a seat and welcome ..Aidan! 

Hey Aidan, I’m so glad to have you here *blushes*.
*shifts uncomfortably in chair* Ah, yeah. Good to be here.
So you go to this school “Winterhaven” and I heard some rumors that the kids there are all very…. special?

Winterhaven is a great place. After all, it’s hard enough being a teenager under normal circumstances, but when you’re really different it’s even more complicated. Winterhaven offers a place where…*glances around surreptitiously to make sure no one is listening*…kids who have psychic gifs can be themselves, where they don’t have to feel different or ashamed or afraid of being ‘found out.’ Kids who might seem abnormal elsewhere are considered perfectly normal by Winterhaven standards. That’s what makes it so special for people like…well, like me.
… and what about you? What makes you special? (apart from your looks of course…)
*shakes head* There’s nothing special about me. I have some gifts, just like everyone else here at Winterhaven. Some people have just one–I happen to have a few, that’s all. Mostly, I like to be left alone to concentrate on my work in the chemistry lab–except when I’m with Violet, of course. My work is…um…important to my future. Our future.
So…you’re saying you have multiple psychic gifts. That’s all? There’s nothing else about you that’s different from the other students?
I have an…affliction, if you will. I believe it can be cured, and I’m very close to doing just that. Beyond that, I’d rather not go into details, if you don’t mind.
How long are you already at this school?
I’ve been here… *clears throat*… quite a while. Since…freshman year.
You have a bit of an accent–I assume you’re not from here in New York?
I’m from Dorset, England, originally.
Well, let’s talk about Violet, this new girl. What did you think when you first saw her?
My first thought? That she was beautiful beyond compare. And that she reminded me of someone…. Also, there was an air of sadness about her that piqued my curiosity. She looked…haunted. For some reason, I was drawn to that. There was just something about her… It’s difficult to explain.
Is she special too?
Violet is very special, in so many ways. Oh, wait…you mean a psychic gift? Sorry. Yes, Violet has the gift of precognition–visions of the future. Unfortunately, they’re usually very unpleasant for her. However, I think she is coming to appreciate her gift a bit more these days, now that she’s here at Winterhaven.
Did it annoy you when you were assigned to work with her?
It annoyed me that the headmaster seemed to be manipulating me where she was concerned.
He seemed inordinately eager that I should get to know her. *leans forward in chair* I don’t like to be toyed with.
Did you..uhm … *blushes furiously* ever heard.. about the.. “Aidan Effect”?
I’ve heard the term on occasion. *shrugs* No idea what it means, exactly. I’m fairly sure I don’t want to know, if truth be told.
I have to admit you make me a little nervous …. *clears throat*
Sorry about that. I’m afraid it’s an unfortunate side effect of my…ahem…affliction.
Anything else you want to share with our readers here?
Just that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and that not everything is exactly as it seems. People tend to not see the truth sometimes, even when it’s right there, staring them in the face.
Thanks so much for your time it was a real pleasure having you!! Iguessyoudontwannagoonadatewithme?No?K,sorry.. it’s the Aidan Effect, I couldn’t help it…
*smiles ruefully* Sorry, love, but my heart belongs entirely to Violet–at least, for as long as she’ll have me.
by Kristi Cook (blog, website, twitter)

Release date: February 22nd 2011 by Simon Pulse
copy received from publisher
(hardcover, Kindle version both available for pre order)
Well did this intrigue you now? 
Want to know more about Aidan? 
..and Violet? 
..and Winterhaven? 
Then I have something for you! 
We will give away 1 copy of Haven (ARC)!
Simply fill out the form below, 
Contest is internationally and 
runs for one week until
4th of February!

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Cheers my Dears! 
…who is still dazzled by Aidan… 

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68 Responses to “Please welcome Aidan…! A Haven Character Interview and Giveaway”

  1. winnie

    Awesome interview! Really enjoyed reading it and now the book will be in my TBR list for sure. Am intrigued by Aidan 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win!


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  2. judit

    I've already heard something abou Haven but reading this interview with Aiden makes me want to scream for the book to come out sooner so I don't have to wait till February 22nd.
    Haven definitely has my attention.

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  3. bierbeck

    I have not read this book, but now that you put the pictures of my second favorite hearthrob in the world in this interview, and now that I have him in my mind as Aiden, I MUST read it!

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  4. Miss Bookiverse

    I hope the Aidan in my head will look differently from the Aidan in the pictures, I don't like that actor much 😛 But Haven sounds good, I want to win it 😀

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  5. acasualreader

    I LOVED this interview!! Aidan is soooooo swoon worthy. This book was fantastic and I already can't wait for the next one!!!
    And Kristi is amazing too! I love chatting with her on twitter !

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  6. Small_Review

    Ooo lala. I am such a sucker for a mysterious guy with a secret affliction. I don't even know him yet and already I'm all "Violet? Pfft. I'll be taking care of Aiden"

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 😀

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  7. Terra Mae

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG!!! I think you are the FIRST person to giveaway Haven. I've been wanting this book for MONTHS!!!! I've talked to Kristi quite a bit on Twitter and she is just the coolest chick! I've been promoting her book like crazy and I've read SO many great reviews about Haven. I really really reallllllly want to get this book! Thank you so so so much for this giveaway and I loved the interview!!!!

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  8. Darkfallen

    This book has peeked my interest for some time now. With it's release date approching I'me getting even more antsy.
    Yummmmm Aiden *bites lip*
    I so cannot wait!

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  9. mrsderaps

    I love character interviews…It's like extra book-ishness. So fun to read! I cannot wait to read this book. Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

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  10. hrose2931

    Well, if I hadn't wanted to read it before I sure would now! The Aidain effect?? Hmm. You did a really good job with that interview. A few more minutes though and we might have thrown a glass of cold water on you! Glad it ended there.

    Seriously very funny! Loved it.


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  11. Melanie L

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this book lately. I have got to buy this as soon as it comes out!

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  12. Go figure. I was already eagerly awaiting Haven's release, then I read this and now I want it ten times more! Not sure if I should thank you or hit you over the head with a book 😛 Great interview! I'm really curious to learn more now, especially about Aidan's 'affliction'!

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

    Reply »

  13. I love this interview! In fact, this just moved Haven to the top of my wishlist 😀 I'm definitely intrigued… and not only by Aiden 😛

    Thank you for the interview and the giveaway!

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  14. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    Awesome post!!! Awesome contest!! squee squee I totally want to read the book that I thought was an evil pac man lolz 😉 (Danny knows what I'm talking about lolz)

    Reply »

  15. ruby95660

    omg, I love character interviews! so awesome. XD Can't wait for this book to come out! Thanks for hosting a giveaway for it! =D I can't wait to read this book!

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