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I’m so happy to bring you a guest post today from one of the four authors of an eight-part, high octane FBI thriller series, Tough Justice. Tyler Anne Snell is here to give us her insights into how writing this serial is different than her other books for Harlequin.



Romantic suspense author Tyler Anne Snell shares what she loves most about Tough Justice and the challenges of writing a multi-author series. 

F.B.I Agent Lara Grant is broken. I think that’s why I sincerely loved writing her and perhaps the thing I loved most when writing the serial in general. With a past like hers we would have been fools to write her as anything other than damaged. However, that’s not saying she’s incapable of living life and doing her job. She, like most real people, just has to work through pain and uncertainty and stress. Lara is a real person. She’s not some glorified, untouchable main character that is always going to come out on top. Nor is she going to make it through the rabbit hole unscathed. Lara Grant goes through the ringer. She gets beaten up, physically and emotionally, and often finds herself between a rock and a hard spot. But, that doesn’t stop her. She’s one of the most driven characters I’ve written to date with such strong determination that it’s almost contagious. Throughout the serial I hope readers feel that too and, like Lara, feel the absolute need to figure out what’s going on and how to bring justice to those who deserve it. Because, at least in my opinion, readers root for the character that they can relate to, the person that’s most real, and Lara Grant is certainly just as human as we are.

Now, writing Tough Justice was definitely a change from writing my other books, I’ll admit. My Harlequin Intrigues focus on a hero and heroine and always end with something happy. Not to say I spare the characters from difficult scenes and pain during the journey to happily ever after, but there is a filter on them that keeps me from getting too gritty or too sensual. Tough Justice, on the other hand, allowed me to strip that filter off and really dig in to the different situations. I dove into the language, the fight scenes, and even the more sexual ones with the understanding that I could be more graphic, more detailed, more real. I believe that the lack of writing boundaries brought an entirely new level to understanding the characters and relating to them and their struggles. Plus, if I do say so myself, it also makes the serial that much more exciting!

The hardest part of writing Tough Justice would have to be breaking out of the romantic suspense mindset. Unlike my Intrigues, I was able to “let loose” (when it was necessary) and focus on the case and action without worrying about infusing each chapter with romance. Again, not saying that Tough Justice is devoid of any romance/sexual tension/sensuality. Tough Justice was just a different beast to get used to but one I very much enjoyed. I’m sure readers can feel how much I loved writing Watched and Betrayed!


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About Tough Justice:

A new job. A new case. A new criminal…?

Special Agent Lara Grant will do anything to get her mark—until her last undercover case, infiltrating the notorious Moretti crime ring, forced her to get close to the top. Way. Too. Close…

Now starting a new job in New York City, all Lara wants is to leave the ghosts of her past behind. Until a dramatic sniper attack leaves Lara’s face – and real name – all over the media. In the blink of an eye, her cover is blown, her identity exposed.

Then a woman’s body is found, branded with the ritual Moretti tattoo. Someone knows who Lara is…and exactly how to make her pay
Part 1 of 8 in a chilling, high-octane FBI thriller TOUGH JUSTICE from NYT bestselling author Carla Cassidy and Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson and Gail Barrett.

About the author:

TylerAnneSnell_AuthorPicTwitter | Facebook | Website

Tyler Anne Snell writes and reads a little bit of everything but has a soft spot for thrillers, mysteries, and sexual tension. When she isn’t writing or reading, she’s re-watching her favorite TV series or playing video games. The first book she finished in one sitting was a Harlequin Intrigue. It taught her to appreciate the power of a good book.

Tyler lives in Florida with her same-named husband and their mini lions. Visit her:



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