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Proxy by Alex London


Dystopian Thrill Ride Proxy by Alex London starts off with the main characters, Knox and Syd, isolated from one another and only peripherally aware of one another.  Sure, Knox knows who Syd is; and he should!  Syd’s the poor schlup who’s been taking the medicine (frequently in electroshock form) for Knox’s criminally bad choices.  And Syd sure knows about Knox and his careless, reckless ways, even if he’s never set eyes…

Between us and the moon

Welcome to the Pre-Squee, a new weekly feature here at the Bookworms and at The Book Swarm. Some books, though they might not be coming out for a few months, need an early squee — we just can’t hold in our excitement about them! Sure, we’ll do full reviews closer to the release date but this feature gives us a chance to share a little bit of our love, whether…

TV Tuesday with “The Dome”


As much as we love books and reading at the Bookworms, we also love watching our favorite TV Shows. So we decided to talk semi-regularly about TV shows, or Movies here at the Bookworms and we hope you’ll also love talking about these stories with us! And today, I’d love to talk about a TV Show that I would have completely dismissed if not for Netflix. I guess you all…


I am so very excited to bring you an excerpt from the upcoming novel, The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery. I’m kicking off the TLC Book tour, and there will be a different excerpt on each of the blog stops along with a fabulous giveaway that you won’t want to miss! Nicole Lord wants to be a good wife, but there’s a difference between being supportive and supporting…

The Big Love Letter Event is back for February!

love letter color XS

February is the month of Valentines Day and all things about loooooveeee! So last year Jenny from Supernatural Snark and I hosted a special event all about love, which has been so much fun and was really exciting! We had some amazing authors last year and we are excited to be back again with : Jenny and I are both big fat suckers of romance, and if a story doesn’t…


Welcome to the tour stop for Karen Ann Hopkins newest release. It’s Danny posting for Heather so please don’t get confused! But you should definitely stay because Heather really really loved this book! Thanks for posting for me,  Danny, due to lots of overtime at work and a little techinal difficulty.  I simply loved Lamb To the Slaughter,  and I couldn’t wait to see what Serenity investigated next!  Whispers from…


Courtney Cole’s Beautifully Broken Series has me returning each book to learn more about a side character from the previous book that is brought to the forefront and paired with a brand new character. Their tumultuous relationship goes through the ringer while they deal with very harsh and difficult issues of their own before they can finally find their own form of a happily ever after–together. Before We Fall focuses on…

Polaris by Mindee Arnett – Avalon #2


So everyone knows that sequels can be a tricky thing and I’m often scared to pick them up, especially if I loved the first book so much. With Polaris I shouldn’t have been afraid, it’s been just as amazing as the Avalon! And since I had Mindee Arnett here on the Blog twice where she shared 10 Facts about Jeth (swoon worthy ladies!) and just last week she shared 10 Secrets…

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday

There are not many books that completely blow me away and that stay with me for such a long time after finishing. You know, these books hat you can’t stop thinking about and that you wish you could read all over again for the first time to experience all you felt while reading? Maybe Someday is such a book, and now  more than a month later I still tear up thinking about it and…

WinnersCurse BlogTour

Happy Sunday! We have a really special post today for you guys, and we are excited and thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s Curse  and the sequel The Winner’s Crime.  Heather and I are BIG fans of the books, it’s a such fantastic series — and the sequel is just as amazing as the first book! The Blog Tour is truly a special one, as Bloggers…


We would love to welcome again Joanna Wiebe here at the Bookworms to celebrate the sequel to “The Unseemly Education of Ann Merchant”, which is a “deliciously dark tale” that was received so amazingly last year! Today, we have an excerpt to share with you and a Giveaway at the end!   Exclusive Excerpt 9: The Mentor Here she is, my brunette friend who’s at least a foot shorter than…

This Shattered World

I guess this was one of the most anticipated release of the end of 2014. These Broken Stars was one of these fantastic super hyped books from 2013 and everyone was extremely excited to finally get their hands on This Shattered World. Now, it’s not necessarily a sequel, but rather a companion book that is set in the same world and continues the timeline of These Broken Stars but with…

Ignite by Sara B. Larson – Defy #2


Defy was one of my favourite books last year and I couldn’t possibly be any more excited about picking up the sequel. Even though sequels are often a hit or miss and I’m often enough scared to picked up a second book, Ignite delivered completely and again managed to amaze me! Being a Prince is not easy, but being King takes the stakes even higher! In Defy Alexa was a disguised…


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