Sunday with the Bookworms {9} … with Exile, Wondrous Strange and Vacation!

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Welcome Friends! Do you have a Coffee or a Tea? Then sit down and chat a little bit about your week with us!

Like every week, Heather, Pushy and Danny are sharing what they read and other exciting things happened in their lives!


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Heather’s Week

I’ve had a super busy week, both on the home front and with work. We’re so busy at work that I worked overtime on Saturday. And on a sad note, my best work friend had her last day Friday since she took a promotion and will be working at our Headquarters on the East Coast. But we sent her off with a fun night out in Chicago, but that made for a very hard time getting up to work on a Saturday. I also took my son for his Kindergarten screening tests and we bought him his first dirt bike all in the same day this week, so I’m a bit emotional on many fronts with those things.

I flew right through Exile by Kevin Emerson. It was an enjoyable book, but it was a bit rushed. I will be checking out the sequel when it comes out next year. Next, I began Soul Cutter by Lexa Cain. I’m about 25% into this horror novel so far, and I’m really liking it.


Don’t forget to check out my review of JL Bryan’s Fairy Luck and enter to win a 4 ebook box set of the first four books in the Songs of Magic series.

Pushy’s Week

Wow, Heather!!!  That’s a lot going on!!!  Things have been hectic here but not quite as emotional.  After 2 weeks of relatively normal work schedule, I just got my new insane project at work, so things will be extra crazy through the end of the year.  *sarcastic yay!*  Also, all the construction on my house from the water leak was started last week, so my house is insane.  Not so bad while the little foxes were gone on vacay last week but now that they’re home…yeah….construction needs to finish FAST!  On the plus side, my house is going to look so nice!

On the reading front, in need of an escape from the crazy around me, I’ve turned to two great fantasies, one I’ve read already and one I haven’t.  New to me is the Wondrous Strange series by Lesley Livingston.  I’d seen them around but I hadn’t been in a “fairy” story mood for a while, but I am now, so I’m finally getting a chance to delve into them.  As for my re-read:  I’m re-reading The Selection series for my book club.  I hope they all love it as much as I have!  I’m definitely enjoying the re-read!

wondrous strange the selection

Last week, the hubz and I started a new (to us) series:  Continuum.  We’re loving it!!!!  So with all this fantasy in place, wish me luck that I can sail through the final week(s) of construction without going insane!!!


Danny’s Week

Danny’s out of town this week, dear readers!  She’s getting a MUCH deserved rest with her parents.  But don’t fret!!  She’ll be back later this week for reviews and of course next week to catch us all up in Sunday With The Bookworms!!

So how was your week? seen any movies? Which books are you reading right now? 






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8 Responses to “Sunday with the Bookworms {9} … with Exile, Wondrous Strange and Vacation!”

  1. My week consisted of me buying way too many books, going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and starting the giveaway for my 1st Blogoversary (which ends on the 15th). I started reading The Parasol Protectorate series this week and got my friends to start Grave Mercy.
    Erin BookNut recently posted..Blogoversary Giveaway- The Book Nut is One!My Profile

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    Heather 8/14/2014

    Sounds like you had one heck of a nice week, Erin!
    Heather recently posted..Dear Celaena – Yours, Danny | Heir of Fire by Sarah J MaasMy Profile

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  2. Heather- I’m the biggest wimp and cannot even attempt horror. F’real. I tried and had to stop because I was so freaked out, so I’m impressed.

    Pushy- I didn’t love the Selection! (eek!) I just couldn’t get over a few things, but I will say that I’m glad someone out there enjoys it enough to read. I think if I were reading that at 15, I’d go all fan girl on Kiera Cass. I can’t get over her whole drama with the reviews, though, either.
    Katie Cross recently posted..Uh . . . Why Did I Indie Publish?My Profile

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    Heather 8/14/2014

    LOL, Katie! I’m the exact opposite with horror. Nothing scares me, so I’m a horrible judge of scary books when I recommend them to people who can’t read horror.
    Heather recently posted..Dear Celaena – Yours, Danny | Heir of Fire by Sarah J MaasMy Profile

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  3. I really want to read Exile so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it! My mom watches Continuum so I think I’ll be joining her since she’s been raving about it too 🙂
    Eileen @ BookCatPin recently posted..Mini Review: Ringer by C.J. DugganMy Profile

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    Heather 8/14/2014

    Exile was good, but it really ends leaving you wanting more and having to wait until next year for the next book!
    Heather recently posted..Dear Celaena – Yours, Danny | Heir of Fire by Sarah J MaasMy Profile

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