Super Six Sunday – Pushy’s Super 6 Killer Endings

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Hello, all!!!

*Pushy waves*

Welcome to the latest installment of Super 6 Sunday!


Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish. Check out the weekly schedule of themes here.

Super 6 Killer Endings!


Cliffhangers can be killers!  Hell, even if it’s not a cliffhanger, some endings are killers!  Here are six endings that nearly sent me to the morgue!

sss 1 catching fire
So we all love The Hunger Games.  But in Catching Fire, that shit got REAL!!!  And the ending, sweet Jesus!!!!

sss 2 hushed

Have you guys read this book yet???!?!?  Because if you haven’t this book will BLOW. YOUR. MIND!  And it’s a stand-alone.  And it’s awesome.  Go read it now!

sss 3 sweet far thing

Oh…Libba Bray!!  You all know her books are amazing, but this series was un-FREAKING-believable and the shiz these girls went though was crazy!!!!

sss 4 siege & storm

So there are endings and then…there’s the ending of Siege and Storm.  MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!  Alina is such a bad-ass!!!  And the Darkling!!!  And Alina!!!!  And the ending!!!!!!

sss 5 blood & starlight

Akiva and Karou…their world is falling apart…their relationship is falling apart…their WORLD is FALLING APART….Lord, how their story rocks my world…

sss 6 the ask and the anwer
Readers….if you haven’t read this series…..

Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking series is one incredible, mind-effing, cliffhanging second after another.

And Todd and Viola and The Mayor…..WW2 has nothing on this shit. It’s FREAKING intense.

‘Nuff said, dear reader!


So those are MY top 6 killer ending.  What about you?

Can you narrow it down to only 6???

Do you have a top 1?!?!

Let us know!

Now go and get lost….in a book!

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  1. Uh oh. You’ve made me nervous now. I’m currently reading Siege and Storm, which means I’ll be meeting a killer ending soon.

    I totally agree with you on The Sweet Far Thing. That’s an amazing book.
    Kaitlin Snider recently posted..Review ~ The Collector by Victoria ScottMy Profile

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    Pushy 8/11/2013

    Kaitlin, let me just say the last 40 pages of S&S is a freaking REVELATION!!! SUCH an amazing, forceful ending!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!
    Pushy recently posted..Super Six Sunday – Pushy’s Super 6 Killer EndingsMy Profile

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