BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!

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Guys… so BEA13 is over and … we seriously can’t believe it’s already over. We’ve all been waiting for month, planing for weeks and now? Well, now it’s time to share some awesome moments with you and also .. give something back! Just like last year, we are giving away 2 epic BEA Prize Packages for those who couldn’t attend.

Arrival, Book Blogger Con, Meetings & Party!

We both arrived Tuesday and meet in the hotel and now we must thank Danny’s husband for booking us such a perfect place this year. We stayed at the Marriott Marquis at Times Square which couldn’t have been a better place.

After lot’s of squeeing and hugging (seriously, we wouldn’t let each other go after not having seen each other for a year! yeah, I guess we made quite a spectacle..) we meet up with Jenny and her wonderful family for dinner. And another round of hugging and squeeing!

Wednesday we got up early and meet at the Javits Center to grab our badges and attend Blogger Con.

Book Blogger Con

We’ve been to blogger con for the last 3 years and lots has been said about last year’s con, which was unfortunately not as good. So we looked forward seeing what they did this year. We must say that we were widely and positively impressed by the opening keynote speaker, Will Schwabe. He talked a lot about how much book bloggers are doing for authors and that we are all just doing this just because we love books. We read a few posts from bloggers who were disappointed and didn’t like him talking so much about his books, but we understood! The best you can do is talk about stuff you know and he shared some of his experiences, which we both appreciated!

We felt totally warm, fuzzy and appreciated as book bloggers!

The keynote was followed by  YA Editor Buzz Panel and while we loved hearing those lovely ladies talk about books we felt like it missed a little the point of a book blogger panel. We actually wanted to talk more about how book bloggers work with publishers, or how our opinion might matter for them. We don’t know just something like this. As it was, it was more like an advertisement for their books…

The next panel was then about struggles and insider secrets and we think it was a great panel for newer bloggers. The panelists were all very well established bloggers who shared a little about their blogs and how they started. As we’ve been blogging for more than 3.5 years already we didn’t take much out of this panel. But, we truly liked this panel.

We left after lunch then because we mainly needed some time to recharge before BEA opening the next day. Pushy desperately wanted to go over her schedule, and Danny needed to take care of her jetlag.

Evening Meeting of Awesome!

For dinner we meet up with Katie McGarry who we feel deeply in love with last year at BEA! Not only do we love her incredibly as a person, we are also horribly in love with her books! So meeting her for dinner was something we both looked for the most. Jenny also came with us and it was an amazing surprise that Katie also brought Julie Kagawa!

photo 1

We had so much fun!! We talked, we laughed and it was just awesome! And while Pushy stayed with Katie, Jenny and Danny made our way over to the Harper party!

Harper Party

After Dinner Jenny and Danny went to the Harper Party (thank you soooooo much *hugs*) and we had an incredible time!!! Besides meeting amazing Authors like Cora Cormack (Faking It) or Eve Silver (Rush) we also meet lovely Bloggers!!!

HarlequinTEEN Breakfast – Thursday

Thursday was crazy.. like sooooo crazy!!!!! It started at 7 with a breakfeast, followed by BEA, then out for drinks with Macmillan and finally the amazing Bird Bash Party from Penguin.

HarlequinTEEN Breakfast

This year for the very first time HarlequinTEEN invited Blogger for a Breakfast with Authors, editors and Publicists. And.. we abolutely LOVED this breakfast  We got to meet up with Katie McGarry, Julie Kagawa, Amanda Sun and Elizabeth Scott. It was organized like a little Speed Dating where all Authors and Editors stayed once on our table!

We were so excited to meet Natashya  and Margo who are both Editors for our favorite Authors and have just been so incredibly nice sweet and wonderful!! Love them so much!

Apart from meeting the authors, we found it extremely amazing to meet with the Harlequin Team and we especially felt the love for Book Bloggers.  We think Harlequin does an amazing job when working with Bloggers, they make us feel welcome and like a great partnership!

We remember Margo asking if there was anything they as a publisher could do better in working with us, and .. honestly we had nothing to complain and said so!!!

And with this… we stop here as it’s already way too much and continue our report tomorrow!!!



But we won’t let you go without a Giveaway! Just like last year we got some exciting books we are going to share with you! How did we end up with multiple copies? Well, as Partners in Crime we often waited in line together even though only one if wanted the book!

So, looksie what we have for you:


….you know how much we love to share the awesome! Please just enter the Rafflecopter below!

The Giveaway is open US/CAN – but if you are willing to pay for International shipping fees, we are happy to send it to you even if you live outside of the US!

Love you all!



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104 Responses to “BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!”

  1. Amber Hsu

    You guys are so lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to the BEA… just never got the chance…
    It sounded like you had a lot of fun, and met a lot of awesome people…
    I’ve been spending the whole day reading blogger posts of their time at the BEA
    *so jealous*
    Thanks for having this giveaway~
    love the blog!

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  2. Well looks like you gals had fun and saw a lot of old and new peeps, can I be brutelly honest? I’m jealous I want to go to an BEA sometimes in the future but I need a job and saving a budget to do that. I did however do the BEA online from BEA Armchair and that was quite an experiece for me as a blogger. Don’t worry I’ll send word out to Twitterverse when I will make such an appearance and when that time comes around I should be well know as a blogger (at least that my goal that is) Thanks for the awesome giveaway,
    Kat @ SassyCat’s Books Review recently posted..Currently Reading: On My IpadMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    I love Armchair BEA and I’m so happy you had so much fun with it! Hopefully we see each other maybe next year:)
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

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  3. Glad you had a great time!! I wish I could’ve gone, but maybe next year I’ll have the funds to afford it =) I just won’t eat the whole time, lol. (I saw the price of salads behind your heads in that photo and saw they were about $9.50 and above, wow, super expensive)!

    I think I would’ve enjoyed meeting up with HarlequinTEEN the best =)
    Heather C. recently posted..Book Spotlight and Giveaway: Today Only by D. LoveMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    Yes, NYC is expensive but… the amazing thing is the experience! Hopefully next year you can come too!
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

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  4. I can’t believe it went by SO FAST and that I’ve been home a week now. *little sob* I MISS YOU GUYS!! *hugs* SO much fun — loved talking to all the bloggers, authors and publishing folks. EVERYONE was so nice and cheerful and excited about books. The Harper party looks like it was a blast! And the breakfast rocked, of course.
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Speed Date with Shiarra: FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS by Jess HainesMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    Mary… I miss you already so much!! I loved hanging out with you and especially Saturday evening was just perfect!!!!!

    Miss You! Love you!!!!!
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

    Reply »

    Pushy 6/6/2013

    DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once a year is so long to wait between visits but my darn mortgage demands it get paid. SHEESH!!! 🙂 *hugs* <3
    Pushy recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

    Reply »

    Mary @ BookSwarm 6/7/2013

    Darned morgage. So demanding. Mine’s the same way!
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..BEA Awesomeness: The BooksMy Profile

    Reply »

  5. Suz Reads

    I think it’s awesome that you are sharing the love! I’ve never been to an event like this one so seeing all of your pics and hearing about it makes me feel like I’m there with you! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

    Reply »

  6. Thanks for all the fantastic BEA post updates, it’s fantastic for people like myself who is unable to make this awesome event, I have lived vicariously through you Danny this BEA LOL

    Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    You totally made me blush now!!!! I’m happy to share my experience and we just love that we are able to give something back with this giveaway!

    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

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  7. Oh I am sooo jealous. I wanted to be there so bad I even bought my ticket (which I couldn’t use) but I didn’t make it back to NY in time to attend. I am hopeful I can make it next year — I wanted to meet so many of you *cries*…Looking forward to next year! — Thanks for sharing the goodies with us via this giveaway — it is greatly appreciated!
    Maggie K. recently posted..In The Spotlight: Coming Home by BL MooneyMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    Oh no!!! You already had a ticket?? That is so sad!! HOPE you can come next year!
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

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  8. Erin D.

    Gosh, it looks like you had a blast. I would love to go to something like that. I’m so glad you got the chance to go and meet all those wonderful people.

    Reply »

  9. Tiffany Drew

    BEA looks like it was so much fun! I’m totally jealous of everyone that got to go 🙂 Hopefully I can make it next year. Thank you!

    Reply »

  10. Guys! I am so sad you were at the Breakfast too! We could have said hi 🙁 I love love love your recap though, and I hope NYC treated you well. Dinner with Katie McGarry? I can so see why you fell in love with her last year. It was my first time talking to her at the breakfast and I haven’t met an author as gracious as her in forever. She is so sweet, and adorable and I love all of her stories. (I do find it hard to believe she was once a bad girl. She’s too sweet looking!)

    Thanks for sharing your pics! Hope you are dealing with post-BEA blues ok!
    Estelle recently posted..Estelle: The Mourning Hours by Paula Treick DeBoardMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 6/6/2013

    I can’t believe I’ve missed so many people this year!! But.. BEA is so fast moving that it’s sometimes hard to meet everyone.. And too bad we didn’t have time to chat ;(((

    We love Katie McGarry like epic!

    Oh and .. .don’t start with the Post-BEA-Blues.. is it May 2014 yet? 🙂
    Danny recently posted..BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome!My Profile

    Reply »

  11. Emily D

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    I wish I had been able to go to BEA, but I live on the west coast. 🙁
    Glad you guys had so much fun though.

    Reply »

  12. sarah c.

    thanks so much for the giveaway!! i unfortunately couldnt attend (i actually didnt know what BEA was til about 3 weeks ago).. I started following bloogers i think last august so i missed any bloogers mentioning 2012 one.. I would love to go, though..

    Reply »

  13. Had the BEST time with you guys! Seriously. I could cry now that BEA is over and I likely won’t see the two of you until next year. But at least we have Skype right? RIGHT. Love you both to pieces and I’m already counting down the days til BEA 2014:)

    Reply »

  14. Andrea

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! BEA looked amazing, totally wish I could have gone! I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time! (:

    Reply »

  15. Chanpreet

    Oh my goodness! I would absolutely have loved to have gone to BEA. I’m so jealous of all of y’all that were there.

    And is it bad that I’m going to cross my fingers and hope against hope that the rafflecopter gods pick me? Do you think praying will help?

    Reply »

  16. Amy

    That’s so awesome you got to run around BEA with friends and meet authors!

    Crossing my fingers for the Contemporary prize pack! I haven’t read much of that genre recently…

    Reply »

  17. Teresa Salvatore

    I am so disappointed that I missed the BEA! Everyone had such an amazing time even through all the chaos! Looks like you made the most of a great time! Next year for sure! Fingers crossed. 😉

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  18. Bethany

    Ark, I’ve always wanted to see BEA. Except from crazy crowds, everyone who writes about BEA always looks like they had at least some fun!

    Reply »

  19. Marlene Howard

    Looked like you guys had fun, I’m jealous I would love to have went. But I’m glad you had fun though. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  20. Jaime Lester

    Incredibly jealous that you got to go to the amazing BEA! But more than that, incredibly grateful for the amazing giveaway! So, thank you!

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