BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome! Part II

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Welcome back to our BEA recap! Yesterday we started with Tuesday, Wednesday and ended with the HarlequinTEEN breakfast  This is when we realized that there would be no way to go through all  of what we experienced in one post! So let’s move on with Thursday when finally BEA begun…

BEA opens the gates!

BEA just always amazes me. The buzz, the excitement and all the positive people. And just like every year it simply amazes. The first hour I spend just wandering around, taking everything in before hitting the first line.

Pushy: Whereas I hauled butt to get in line for Antigoddess and was a total fail.  NOT the best start to BEA but as I’ve learned in the past, BEA is about compromises and learning to go with the flow.  So, I went directly to my next line, the lovely Diana Peterfreund and so my BEA-dom began!

We both got a great pile of books, with the most amazing ones being Teardrop and Wild Cards. and… uhm.. we didn’t take a single picture of Lauren Kate or Simone Elkeles! *facepalm* Yeah, Bookworms!  But we did get to pose with some of our other favorites!

thursday authors

Meeting Ksenia

After BEA, we directly headed to an awesome pub, where Macmillan invited us for a very awesome party. We were most excited about meeting Ksenia from Macmillan. Macmillan has the most amazing books, and we love working with Ksenia. So I was especially excited about meeting and chatting with her!!!

The party was absolutely perfect, we had time to talk to Ksenia and some of her co-workers but also had time to chat with fellow Bloggers! .. and again, we failed epically in taking pictures.  But it was definitely one of those parties where we were so busy enjoying the moment that we couldn’t stop to capture it in pixels.

As a special treat, we got an early manuscript from the “Winner’s Curse”  a YA Fantasy from Marie Rutkoski (The Shadow Society). Which for me (Danny) was even more special as I have already read it and was included in the Book Blurbs.

I was most excited meeting finally Katie from Mundie Mom’s and Elena from Novel Sounds. Especially with Katie it just clicked! Love this woman!!!

Katie & Danny

one of my fav pictures! 

Penguin Bird Bash

After this (yeah, the day was not yet over…) we went to the Penguin Bird Bash party. And.. I won’t mention the horrible time we had to get there as there was NO cab available at all….

*Pushy* and it was SO HOT and I was wearing heels and, and, whine……

so we walked, waited for a cab, waited some more, until finally we got a cab!!! And our feet hurt like crazy, you have no idea! We meet up with Mary (The Book Swarm) and Alison (Allison Can Read) and had a blast!!!

This party was so made of win! We mingled with the wonderful Julie Berry (All the Truth that’s In Me) and meet the amazing Alex London (Proxy) who actually spoke some German with me!!  They were both so sweet and kind and just a lot of fun to get to chat with in this fun, informal setting!!

…and then.. *drum rolls* Pushy actually won something! She won a beautiful set of remade Classics!! Go Girl!! We were so excited!

Pushy won books!!!

Go Pushy!!!!


Friday – Books, Authors and Awesomeness

(do you see how much we love the word “Awesomeness?”)

Friday was great and we got to grab some amazing books and meet some crazy awesome pictures! Of course we both had our highlights, but we better let the pictures speak for themselves.

Because on Friday, we actually managed to make some pictures!!

I think Danny was most excited about meeting Rainbow Powell (Fangirl was sooooo epic!!) and meeting Jamie McGuirre, while Pushy went crazy over meeting Holly Black and Anna Jarzab!

In the evening, we meet up with Lisa Wray from Harlequin to discuss and talk about our work together for Kismet Book Touring! We discussed some great ideas and we are just excited about working with them!

Afterwards, we just fell to bed – super exhausted!

Saturday – more Books

Saturday morning we meet up with Jenny, because she made these amazing T-Shirts for all of us! I think you probably know that especially Jenny and Danny are crazy over Wendy Higgins and Sweet Evil, so those T-Shirts were made to show off our love and our sadness that Wendy was not there with us!


Those shirts are made of awesome!!! Jenny is just amazing and I freaking love this picture!!!!

After this we had a pretty relaxed day, but still had some awesome signings. I was especially excited about meeting Diana Gabaldon
. Oh.My.Gosh!!!! I was giddy when she was actually signing a paperback version of Outlander!

And … with Pushy, we should never ever talk about this signing ever again! We shall always remember this singing as the Signing of Hell.

*Pushy* Every one has their moments, right?  Let’s just say, I was happy to have had the chance to walk away *whistles innocently*

IMG_1616 IMG_1614

Saturdays (or the last BEA day) are always pretty relaxing and fun. It was especially nice seeing so many Power Readers running around that day. It was also the time when many publisher have a little more time to chat with us and I had some great chats with people from Penguin and also Sourcebooks!

*Pushy* And don’t forget the wonderful Mitch from Hachette Audio!!!  He’s THE BEST!!

Evening of Goodbyes


After  BEA closed we brought the Books all to the UPS store to ship it to Pushy, send the books we got for Heather and our friend Kristen directly to them and also send the Books to our Winner, Lisa from Lost in Literature.

Then we meet up with Alison and Mary to have a nice dinner with drinks (Yeah, Mary and me had a feeewww drinks). I must say that I absoufreaking loved this evening!!! We had so much fun, we talked about books, about school, about culture and just about everything! I think it was one of my favorite evenings! Love you girls!! Ok seriously Danny is looking major tired… (we all were, dear!)


Best BEA Ever!

So… that was Bea 2013 and … it was the best BEA so far! We meet so many amazing Bloggers, we had so much fun, we went to awesome parties and we just had a great time! Now, we are counting down to BEA 2014!!!

And a very special and very heartfelt shout out to Jenny, Pam and Cathy – we loved spending so much time with you and we think you all made BEA just more special for us! Big Hug, Big Kisses and more Hugs! Also a big hugging shout out to Mary and Alison: This Saturday evening? We must do this again next year – this evening was made of awesome!


Much Love!



P.S.: and .. since I forgot to mention that I meet finally Ashley from Nose Graze I must do this now!! I adore Ashley and she was helped me so much with some coding issues that I feel so bad that I didn’t mention her yesterday!

photo 1
So, looksie what we have for you:


….you know how much we love to share the awesome! Please just enter the Rafflecopter below!

The Giveaway is open US/CAN – but if you are willing to pay for International shipping fees, we are happy to send it to you even if you live outside of the US!

Love you all!



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47 Responses to “BEA2U – Recap of BEA 2013 and Giveaway of Awesome! Part II”

  1. Aww I love this post! And I adore that picture of us! Rreading BEA recaps is the best because I feel like I get to relive the event! And OMG huge congrats to Pushy for winning those remade classics! That stack is crazy! LOL!

    I already can’t wait for BEA2014 <3
    Ashley recently posted..The Dark Shore by Kevin EmersonMy Profile

    Reply »

  2. YOU GUYS!!!! This post is making me so sad, I wish we could have weeks like this at least once a month so I could see you both more often. We had such a blast with you, and next year there’s no way I’m not staying a couple extra days like we did this year so we get more time together. Last year was a complete fail in that regard.

    And I had no idea Pushy won something at the Bird Bash – AWESOME! *claps wildly*

    Love you both:)

    Reply »

  3. This post is making me sad, too, Jenny! I wish our friends were closer but at least we get to “see” everyone online pretty much every day! It’s not exactly the same but it helps. SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!

    P.S. Sorry for spilling that drink on you…that’s what I get for talking with my hands too much! CHEERS!! *clinks glasses*
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..BEA Awesomeness: The BooksMy Profile

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  4. Christina T

    BEA looks like it was amazing this year, I love reading about all the amazing books and seminars and meets and greets with authors. Pictures only make these posts better. Thanks for a chance at some awesome books.

    Reply »

  5. Kai W.

    Everyone looks like they are having so much fun at the BEA. I wish I knew about about it. I would love to attend. Maybe next time. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Reply »

  6. Hey Ladies,
    So fun to have met you! Thanks for your kind words. I love that picture of us! Mind if I borrow it and share it?
    Julie Berry

    Reply »

    Danny 6/8/2013

    It was so excited to meet you Julie!! And yes!! I can even send it to you if the download quality is bad!!

    Thanks for stoping by today!!!

    Reply »

    Julie Berry 6/8/2013

    That would be fantastic! My email is julie at julieberrybooks dot com. Thanks!

    Reply »

  7. I love you guys so much! I love reading your posts, your adventures, and your reviews! And I also love the word awesomeness too. It is really fun to say! Oh and Danny, I love those scarves girl! I am a tad bit obsessive when it comes to scarves and you have a beautiful collection! I love how you guys write up your posts about the BEA. It almost feels like we are really there with you! Thank you for that!

    And one day, when, not if, but when I get to go to the BEA I hope I can meet you guys because you guys are totally rocking!
    Amy@Read to My Heart’s Content

    Reply »

    Danny 6/8/2013

    Amy, your comment just made my day. Seriously, I showed to to the hubs and told him ” look those things made my day, look what she wrote ” .. I guess he doesn’t get it!! LooL men..

    So you caught my scarf addiction hu??! I loooove my scarf collection and I even wear them in summer even though people look at me funny. I can’t go to a shopping trip without buying one… I’m actually excited you caught that!! I’d love up see yours!!

    And Amy, it makes me happy beyond anything that you’re reading your blog.

    Big hugs!!!

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  8. Stacie C.

    Thank you for posting about your adventure at BEA! It sounded like so much fun. I love reading your posts, they are so fun to read. I can’t wait to start my own blog one day! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  9. Christine

    Two awesome prize packs–it’s practically impossible to choose between them! 🙂 Glad you had such a great time at BEA, even though I’m totally jealous and am dying to go myself (I was in NYC a week after it and was wishing I could have been there for BEA!)

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  10. Mimi/Michelle Lovell

    I’m loving this giveaway and I am super jealous of all the awesome authors you have met! Thanks for the giveaway!

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