JL Bryan’s Songs of Magic Fairy Board Game Guest Post and Giveaway

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To celebrate the release of the fifth installment in the rockin’ fun Songs of Magic series, JL Bryan is playing an imaginary game…a board game to be exact. And since he knows that my favorite character from the Songs of Magic series is the eternally grumpy, sarcastic, and hungry goblin Grizlemor, I get to feature the Snack Cards today–complete with comments from the the most lovable goblin out there. Take it away, Jeff…


Songs of Magic Game: Snack Cards

from J. L. Bryan

One of my favorite things about writing the Songs of Magic series is the freedom to create all kinds of fun, magical, silly, and often pun-based settings and creatures.   To celebrate the release of Fairyvision, the fifth book in the Songs of Magic series, I’ve dreamed up elements of a Songs of Magic board game (which does not actually exist in any form…) and asked some bloggers to share them as guest posts.  Huge thanks to Heather and the Bewitched Bookworms for sharing today’s installment!

Following are just a few of the “Snack Cards” that a player might draw in the course of the game. The snack cards include comments by Grizlemor the goblin, known for his very particular taste in food. I hope you enjoy!

SnackCard2Sugar Swamp Salad: The sugar swamps of Faerie are rich with sweet produce (and sneaky saber-toothed ducks). Even the worms are gummy and yummy, and the fish are sweetish.  Adverse reactions to eating sugar swamp food are widely reported, but never seem to stop anyone from eating it.  It’s just that tasty.


SnackCard3Prairie Muffins: The giant, carnivorous muffin-trap plant attracts creatures by offering tempting treats between its massive green jaws—cupcakes, pastries, eclairs, and other carb-and-sugar-laden delights.  The muffin-trap plant has been slightly domesticated to grow in rows on fairy farms, but harvesting the muffins and other treats is still a dangerous enterprise.


SnackCard1(revised)Weaselwurst Delight: This goblin delicacy is an example of why nobody goes to goblin dinner parties.





Enter the fairy game giveaway!  One winner will receive an autographed set of the five fairy books, including the newest, Fairyvision.  Follow J. L. Bryan’s blog for more Songs of Magic game posts and more chances to enter!

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Click the images above to take you directly to Amazon.com for each book.

J. L. Bryan is the author of the Paranormals series (Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, Alexander Death, and Jenny Plague-Bringer) and the Songs of Magic series (Fairy Metal Thunder, Fairy Blues, Fairystruck, Fairyland, and the new book, Fairyvision). Fairy Metal Thunder is free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Smashwords, Sony, and KoboJenny Pox is also free on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, and Kobo.  He’s on Twitter and Facebook, and has a website and blog and all that.



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    I have been wanting to read this series! My library doesn’t get many new books though. So winning this would totally make my month great! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win too!

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