Paradigm by Claudia Lefeve

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Paradigm  (Travelers #3)Paradigm

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by Claudia Lefeve

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Published October 2012

Copy provided by author in exchange for honest review


Take hold of your destiny.

Etta Fleming doesn’t know she was meant to return to her true reality four years ago. After years of being the “orphan girl” in the alternate world she grew up in, she’s finally carved a niche for herself with a great job, a steady boyfriend, and a best friend by her side.

Undeterred by the shift in the timeline, it is up to Cooper Everett and his friends to convince Etta that she is still destined to become their leader, fighting against their post-apocalyptic future.

Will meeting the ghosts of her past convince Etta that she’s part of a grander destiny? Or will her past, present, and future worlds collide?

PARADIGM is the third book in the Travelers Series.

***Mild spoilers ahead for Parallel and Paradox (My review of Books 1 and 2)***

My Thoughts:

Meet Etta four years later: she’s in her early twenties, still addicted to coffee, skipped college to work as a paralegal for a ball busting family law attorney, is in a serious relationship with the popular high school jock that never noticed her in while they were high school together. This Etta is different than how we left her at the end of book two, and it’s only because her father’s evil former research partner Thornberry has ordered someone to travel into the past to prevent seventeen-year-old Etta from traveling with Cooper to her original reality to lead the rebellion against him.

When someone interfered with Etta’s jumping into the proper reality, the timeline was altered. Cooper and the other members of the group that were assembled in book two, Paradox, knew that something had gone wrong because the 2017 version of Etta was there with them one day and gone the next. So Cooper, 2017 timeline Etta, Jenny, Moose, and one of the twins Chase band together to find a way to get past Etta back on track and find out where the timeline went astray.

When Cooper reappears in Etta’s life after a four years absence where he’d tried to convince her to leave with him when she was seventeen, he again tries to sway her into his favor. But this time, he changes tactics–and he doesn’t shy away from using their sizzling romantic connection to his advantage. Unfortunately for Cooper, his charm isn’t enough to pull Etta in, so Jenny, Moose, and Chase have to use their own ways to show Etta that she is very important to the cause.

Etta has grown into a more confident young woman, but she has commitment issues and often goes to her best friend Jamie for advice. While it seemed to take Etta a long time to catch on to what was happening right before her eyes, she takes a very big risk in the end of the book that made me cheer. I always love it when girl power kicks in and a character takes charge of her own fate.

I give this one a five out of five. Paradigm finishes off volume one of the Travelers series on a strong note with a fast paced look at how one change in a past event can alter the course of things across the board. Great character development, and an increased look into Cooper’s psyche is a plus. I can’t wait to dive into book four and kick off the rebellion.

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13 Responses to “Paradigm by Claudia Lefeve”

  1. I’m so behind in this series! I read book one and loved it, and I’m so glad to see book three is a five out of five. I obviously need to get cracking on Paradox. Great review! 🙂
    Lauren recently posted..Book Review: Mind Games by Kiersten WhiteMy Profile

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    Heather 2/21/2013

    Book three completes volume I in this series, so you can read books two and three with no worries now. Plus, book four is coming out pretty soon. 🙂
    Heather recently posted..Paradigm by Claudia LefeveMy Profile

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  2. I remember you reading these! I added them to my wishlist but…never got to them. *sigh* That happens all too often, doesn’t it? Anyway, I like how this one is set a bit later, so the reader can see how the character’s grown and changed but still be a part of their life. Sounds great! *re-adds to wishlist*
    Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Speed date with Rory: THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH by Maureen JohnsonMy Profile

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    Heather 2/21/2013

    Book one is free on Amazon, Mary, so you can at least download it for free. It’s a great series.
    Heather recently posted..Paradigm by Claudia LefeveMy Profile

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  3. I haven’t seen this series before, but it does sounds good. Excellent review. I am really curious about this one now.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever
    Jenea @ Books Live Forever recently posted..What’s Next #38 Ashes and Ice, Recalled or Altered?My Profile

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    Heather 2/21/2013

    Book one is free on Amazon, so you should check it out. Great series!
    Heather recently posted..Paradigm by Claudia LefeveMy Profile

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    Jenea @ Books Live Forever 2/23/2013

    Yay..go it. Thanks.. 🙂

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever
    Jenea @ Books Live Forever recently posted..Upcoming New Releases for the week of February 26thMy Profile

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  4. Oh Heather, I remember I bought this first one on your recommendation but I still haven’t had a chance to read it! I didn’t really read this review so I wouldn’t get any spoilers, but I did see that you liked it! So I REALLY need to get busy reading this series!
    Candace recently posted..Adult Review: Black City by Christina HenryMy Profile

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    Heather 2/21/2013

    Definitely start reading these, Candace! Book three completes volume I of this series, so now’s a good time to start.
    Heather recently posted..Paradigm by Claudia LefeveMy Profile

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