Book Spotlight: Hollyweird by Terri Clark, Character Interview & Giveaway

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Please welcome today Des from Hollyweird ( Terri Clark) at the Bewitched Bookworms.

I read Hollyweird a while back and found it absolute light and funny, so I’m excited to had a chance to chat with Aly’s awesome sidekick Des today!! She was awesome and one of my favorite Characters in this story!


Adriana Granda- Des

The Book opens with Aly telling her best friend Des (Goth, awesome sidekick) that Aly won a trip to Hollywood to meet Dakota (think Jared Padalecki…) star of the paranormal hunter series (think Supernatural). (Think Danny squeeing, because she loooooves this series so much..)

And… Des reacts by .. fainting.. duh! At this moment I was already laughing so hard that I knew I was going to like this story, and this was my first question:

Me: So… you fainted when Aly told you that you both would go to LA? Embarrassed much? 🙂 

Des: Whaaa… Dude, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. (under breath) I’m gonna kill Aly, strap her to the Rack and turn the crank. She wasn’t supposed to tell anyone!

Me: Would you mind telling us what is so exciting about this guy, Dakota?

Aly: Serious? He was only the hottest, sexiest star of Paranormal P.I. And the guy has these redonkulous washboard abs your great granny could do her laundry on.

Me: When you finally met him, did he meet your expectations?

Des: Hells to the yeah! At least at first. He’s even more gorgeous in person. And he smells divine, which you can’t know from TV. It was like every girl’s wildest fantasy come true. But then there was that whole Son of Satan thing. Such a bummer, his evilness.

Me: Then, there was this guy, Jameson, you and Aly met? What is it about him? What were your first impressions?

Des: He’s a hottie too. Totally diff from Dakota, but no slouch. In fact, I planned to call dibs on him until I saw Aly go all luststruck and then it was hands off.

Me: So, Jameson is a Fallen Angel! Wow that sounds awesome, how did you and Aly react when you find out that there are indeed paranormal creatures out there?

Des: Well Aly completely freaked. We’re talking brain-blooey. But I totally knew. I’ve always known! I’ve been telling my girl for years that we are not alone. She never believed me, but who got the last laugh on that?

Me: Jameson and Ally are really cute, what do you think about their attraction to each other?  Any advice for them? They seem to need some help here…

Des: They’re nauseatingly adorable together. And I couldn’t be happier for my bestie. A part of her died when her mom did. I’ll always be grateful that this trip—that Jameson—brought her back to life. And I love that little Miss Nonbeliever fell for a Feather! As for advice…nope. I’m more interested in finding someone for me!

Me: So, without revealing too much, what was the best of your trip to LA with Ally?

Des: Two things. 1) getting to tell Aly, “I told you so,” and 2) Dakota…naked.

Me: Anything else you’d like to add Des?

Des: I just hope everyone likes our story and will recommend it to their friends because we’d love to go shut down Dakota’s sister in Aspen next.

Me: OoOO does this sound like,.. there might be a sequel??!? OoOO we have to wait and find out… 

And here some eyecandy.

Jensen Ackles inspired Jameson and Ashley Tisdale – Aly


And just for the record, I had a hard time finding the right picture from Jensen Ackles for this post… I couldn’t decide, there are tons of pictures that are so incredible swoon worthy… Totally made my morning *sigh*


HollyweirdHollyweird by Terri Clark

Standalone (?)
Genre: YA, Paranormal
publication: May 8th 2012 by Flux Books
Paperback, eBook: amazon | B&N | IndieBound
synopsis from goodreads
My Review & Rating:

Aly King is about to fall for the fallen

My best friend, Des, and I totally freaked when we won the contest to meet THE Dakota Danvers in Hollywood. But now we’re finding out he’s SO not the angel everyone believes him to be. In fact, Dakota is the son of Satan, wreaking havoc on Hollywood and creating an evil army hellbent on world domination.

Lucky for us, Dakota’s super-cute personal assistant, Jameson, is a fallen angel trying to get his wings back, and he’s working undercover to squash his demon boss’s plan. If Jameson hadn’t taken me under his wing I’d be in serious trouble, because I’m a total newb when it comes to conquering evil. But, truth be told, that sexy angel’s got me all aflutter and may be one temptation I can’t resist.

About Terri Clark

find her: goodreads | web | twitter |facebook

Terri Clark feels blessed to demonstrate her passion for young adult fiction as both a teen librarian and author. For as long as she can remember she’s been fascinated with the paranormal, so it’s little wonder her stories dabble in the dark and different. Her next book, Hollyweird , will be released May 8, 2012 with Flux Books and you can currently read her in the Hunger Games related anthology The Girl Who Was On Fire from Pop Smart books.
And now:
Terri offered generously a

signed copy and a movie clapboard keychain!

I know, awesome right??

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That was so much fun!!
Thank you so much for stopping by today,
Much Love
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28 Responses to “Book Spotlight: Hollyweird by Terri Clark, Character Interview & Giveaway”

  1. One of my friends says “ridonculous.” I’ve never heard anyone else say it. It’s so cute.
    BTW…your Tweet on the giveaway form is one character too long.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Alison (AlisonCanRead) recently posted..Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth FantaskeyMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    I never heard this word before, but I love it :)) Thanks for this prob about the tweet I changed it after I saw your comment 🙂
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

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  2. Oh my gosh, this book sounds SO CUTE — a.k.a. like a book that Mimi will fall head over heels in love with! Aly sounds like an adorably quirky heroine and I just love the idea of a gothic sidekick — both Dakoita and Jamesome sound super-hot too! Although I think I’d be so embarrassed if I passed out like Des did LOL x) Still, Adriana Grand (LOVE HER), Ashley Tisdale, and Jensen Ackles make the perfect cast!

    This was such a fun interview, Danny! Thanks for getting me to put this ah-dorable book on my TBR pile, and for giving me the chance to win it!! <3
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..Charade Blog Tour: Meet the Characters + Giveaway!!My Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    This book was total cuteness! I remember when I picked it up, I wanted a light and quirky paranormal read and this is what we got. Plus these constant Supernatural references were perfect for an addict like me 🙂
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

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  3. Guess you never know what you will find in Hollywood, including angels… interesting. These two dynamic characters sound like a lot of fun. Not to mention i have a feeling they might be inclined to get into some trouble! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    Heidi recently posted..Charade(Heven and Hell #2) by Cambria HebertMy Profile

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    Danny 5/31/2012

    Yep there is a lot of trouble involved but of course, we want the drama! ;))
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

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  4. ha! Redonkulous is the best word ever, so redonkulous washboard abs must be the most HOTTEST ever. *melts*

    Super fun interview. You are not alone Des, I would have fainted too!
    Missie, The Unread Reader recently posted..My Book Boyfriend (71): HenryMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    It totally is and I was laughing ma a** off :)) Des is so awesome and this opening scene was hilarious , I bet she sees is differently!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

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  5. This is a very cool book review blog! I found it as I’m searching for new book review sites to add to the sidebar list on my blog as a resource for writers. Hope you don’t mind that I’m adding you! I’ll be back to check out more of your reviews 🙂

    Reply »

    Danny 5/31/2012

    Woot thank you, this makes me incredible happy to hear and of course I do no mind :))) Welcome!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle RowenMy Profile

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  6. Jaime Lester

    Hi there! Thanks for the giveaway. Terri Clark Books “like” button isn’t showing up and I am not sure which one it is on Facebook. Help please?

    Reply »

    Jaime Lester 6/5/2012

    Nevermind. I googled away, and I think I found it!

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  7. I’m so reading this! A shout-out to Supernatural (the best show in the world!!!) is just what I need to read about. I mean, frekkin Jensen Ackles! (Swoon). The fangirl in me likes the idea of meeting your favorite star (Jensen!!). To the TBR pile!

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