My Reading Spot Featuring Heather from Bewitched Bookworms

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Happy Friday and welcome to another “My Reading Spot Friday”.

Happy Friday, everybody!

Heather, here, and I’m so excited to show you all of the places I manage to squeeze in a little bit of reading time.

I’ve really enjoyed getting the sneak peaks into everyone’s reading spots over the last couple of weeks, especially since I’ve only seen Pushy’s in person.

You’ll find that all of my places have to do with transportation/wheels of some sort, and it’s pretty fitting that I’m writing this on my netbook in my number one reading spot.

And I apologize in advance for being the wordiest of the Bookworms, but it’s just how I am. *shrugs* Imagine this post is almost exactly like having a conversation with me in person–you can ask Pushy all about that, but minus the anger about the parking situation in downtown Naperville where we usually meet up for book signings.

So without further ado, on with the pictures!


Like most of you, I’ve loved to read since I was a little girl. I’ve was an early reader since I went to Montessori school starting at three years old, and while my hyper cousin Jamie was running all over the place, I calmly sat down with a pile of books, reading for hours on end. Over the years, my love for reading didn’t diminish, but the amount of time that I could devote to my beloved hobby fluctuated depending on what year I was at in school. Summer vacations were gloriously lazy and full of library visits and books, but then I went to college and followed that up with very rigorous analytical chemistry programs for Master’s and PhD degrees. I can seriously admit to reading only one novel during my grad school days because all of my time was focused on chemistry and research. But after I graduated and landed a real job, I suddenly found myself with a long commute’s worth of time to fill.

Train ReadingThe place that I do most of my reading is on the top level of a Metra commuter train, riding from the suburbs into Chicago and back for work. Several things are essential for me when commuting for three hours total per day in this fashion: fully charged electronics–Kindle Fire (not just for books, but also for games of Mahjong when you get bored enough), Netbook(for attempting to write novels, editing other people’s words, and other convenient things such as this post), 80 GB iPod (yes, it’s six years old, still works perfectly, and is almost completely full of music and a few movies), Android Smartphone (since Metra is cheap and has no WiFi), and the essential power cord to hook up said phone to said Netbook when the phone battery won’t last the entire hour and a half one-way trip (because being on Facebook or the internet always seems like a good idea at the time).

Snacks and water are also essential, because you never know when a mishap will happen and the train will be stopped, stranding you for who knows how long. “Accidents happen, now and again,” at least that’s what Thomas the Tank Engine has been brain washing me into believing after my son asks to watch it for the millionth time on Netflix. And I can’t stress enough how essential that iPod is–ever have someone talking right behind your head for an hour? It’s the only way to tune the most annoying commuters out on a daily basis, and I’ve been doing it for nine years and counting with heavy metal.

(And just trust me when I say that it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself on the train. So the picture on the right kind of looks like abstract art with the reflection of me in the window. We’ll just say it’s on purpose. Luckily, I didn’t look like a weirdo taking a picture of myself on the train since no one was around yet. It was 5:40 am, after all)


The second place that I read, although less often than I do on the train, is at home on the couch in my family room. The picture at right is a common occurrence–three year old son tucked into my side, large cat in my lap–and reading does get a bit difficult when they both demand attention. Every other minute. Pet cat, help play with toy cars and trains, read one page of book. Repeat. Not very effective, which is why most of my reading gets done on a train full of strangers who ignore me and don’t get mad when I act like they don’t exist back.

A common thread that I have with other posters for this feature, like Jenny from Supernatural Snark is the need to have blankets covering the couch. But ours are covered to protect them from kids, not pets! One sticky handed son and two just as messy nephews are like a tornado around here everyday, so it’s just easier to wash blankets than covers for couch cushions. And like Jenny  and Heather from Buried in Books, I’m fighting with pets for places to sit–but I usually have two cats that are battling for my lap space. And cats don’t appreciate it when you try to balance a laptop or a Kindle on their backs–I know from experience.


My final reading spot is not used as much as the other two spaces, but it is one that prompted me to preorder a Kindle Fire as soon as I heard that Amazon was taking preorders. It’s the backseat of our SUV, and whenever we take a road trip, my son and I sit in the back together.When night falls, I no longer have to curse under my breath as I turn off my Kindle 3 because I can’t see the text anymore. I can now keep reading in the darkness thanks to my Kindle Fire’s lit screen. Reading a great book makes it so much easier to tune out the sports radio that my husband likes to listen to while he drives us home from the in-laws. The same iPod often gets used here too once the toddler falls into a blissfull sleep in his car seat after pointing out all of the trucks, motorcycles, tractors, and barns along the way.





I hope you liked the little glimpse into my reading spots. I know you’re all jealous of my fifteen hours of riding in a tin box with smelly strangers each week (where’s the sarcasm font when you need it?).

Where’s your favorite place to read? More importantly, are you reading anything good? My to be read list is woefully long right now, and I’m so far behind. But I’m open to any recommendations on new things to add to my list, just drop me a line in the comments below.


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  1. Greta at PW

    Very cool!!!! And I totally agree about covering the couch with blankets. We did that when my son was younger. Spill your kool-aid? That’s ok! That sheet needed washed anyways 😉

    Most awesome spots!!!

    And hahahs! I love how you can see your camera arm out in the window as you take your picture 😉 I still think you should have waited till your favorite ‘friend’ got on the train to help you out ;P

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    Heather 4/6/2012

    Oh my, you know I cringe if I even think about that crazy train guy!
    Heather recently posted..My Reading Spot Featuring Heather from Bewitched BookwormsMy Profile

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