Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & Giveaway

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Ready for some serious fun and awesomeness??

Well, I had the pleasure talking to Galan and Toraf from Of Poseidon, In case you missed my fangirly review from yesterday, make sure to check it out! I loved this book insanely and I was excited when I got the chance to meet those boys!

As a short introduction, Galen is the Prince of the Syrena a mermaid folk that lives hidden from our world. He was strangely fascinated by Emma and … he might or might not fall in love with her! Galen is hot, sex-on-fishtail hot, bad-ass possessive and dominant and .. I fell in love with him insanely! Toraf is his best friends and they are close light brothers. Toraf is in love with Galen’s twin sister and would do anything to convince her that he’s the right fish for her!

Oh and stay until the end, because we have an epic Giveaway for you!

Hey Boys , thank you so much for taking your time to stop by the Bewitched Bookworms today! Take a seat and make yourself comfortable! ut, please no temper rising here we all try to stay calm! (Even though this might be difficult for me in the presence of those two hot boys *blushes*)

So, Getting to my first question, Galen : You spend quite some time with humans but still you don’t seem to like them. Why don’t you like us humans? (*pouts*) 

Galen: Not all humans are bad, I guess. But the females are a bit overbearing. Rachel calls it hormones, but I don’t think that explains all of it. I mean, I guess hormones could be contagious, and that’s why I’m always getting overwhelmed by so many females at school. But Emma seems to be able to control her hormones better than the other females. Sometimes she can even turn them off, like when she wants to ignore me.

Also, why do humans want to fly everywhere? It doesn’t seem natural.   

Toraf, how do you feel about humans? Any more positiveness?

Toraf: What do you mean ‘how do I feel’? What’s to feel? As far as I can tell, you’re all weird. Dressing up and acting like other people so you can show up on that black square that hangs on the wall in the living room. Don’t you feel a little silly, pretending to be something you’re not?  Like that Batman guy…Also, your skin wrinkles when you get in the water. That’s pretty gross.

But one thing I do like are those paints that you make for your fingernails and toenails. Rayna lets me pick the colors for her big toes now. She says that if I can learn to stay in the lines she’ll even let me paint them for her someday. 


Since no human ever saw you before in your natural form, could you tell our readers briefly how you look like? I especially would love to know how your tail looks like. I always imaged something like fish scales.. * cowers* 

Galen: It looks and feels like a shark tail. I don’t know why all the drawings in your history books show us with fins that look like the tail of a goldfish. All fluffy. What are we supposed to do with a tail like that?*rolls eyes*


Galen, Emma is a very special girl and your first encounter with her was … awkward. At least it was for Emma.But,what did you think about her? 

Galen: I thought she was sunburned and clumsy. Turns out the sunburn was a blush. But I was right about her being clumsy.

Toraf: And she gave you tingles. You said that too, remember? When we were talking about—

Galen: Shut. Up. I said I could sense her. I did not say—

Toraf: —Yeah, but you had it all over your face, minnow. You thought she was—

 Galen: I swear by Triton’s trident if you don’t shut your blow hole—

 scccht Guys! Don’t interrupt each other all the time…  

So Toraf, you saw Galen and Emma from the “outside”, did you had immediately a feeling that there could be something going on between those two? 

Toraf: Poor minnow, he’s never really been that smart. A starfish could have seen that coming.

 Any advice for Galen and Emma? 

Toraf: Just watch me and Rayna and follow our lead. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Galen: Of all the stupid—

No Galen, please – we want to hear what Toraf has to say! Your … Uhm.. Highness!, sorry I didn’t mean to disrespect!

Galen: Why does everyone keep calling me that? Is it an insult to humans? Emma says it like it is…like saying “Your Highness” means something bad. She makes this face when she says it.

Galen, what is Emma’s best and worst feature/attitude? 

Toraf: Tingles!!!

Galen: You just don’t have the power to be non-obnoxious for five breaths, do you? Being normal is just out of your reach, isn’t it?

Toraf: Say you don’t like the tingles. Look me in the eye and say it, Your Highness.

Galen: *Sighs*Emma has nice hair. It’s the color of the moon. But she doesn’t listen sometimes.

 Toraf: Really? She listens to me…

 Galen: Shut up. 

..and what about Toraf? 

Galen: Toraf’s worst feature is his mouth. It hangs open a lot, even when he sleeps, and when it’s not hanging open, it’s flapping around saying stupid things. The best thing about Toraf is that he is very good at Tracking Rayna, no matter how far she’s gone or where she’s trying to hide. Also, he’s good at distracting her from throwing a tantrum—which can benefit more than one species at any given time. 

Toraf, what is Galen’s best and worst feature/attitude? 

Toraf: Galen has a pretty fin, don’t you think? But his attitude is just horrible. See? Don’t make that face, Galen. Plus, he always acts like he’s going to hit me, so it surprises me sometimes when he actually does hit me. And he’s moody. And indecisive. And he should be nicer to Rayna, because she’s his only twin sister.

But he does have a nice fin, I guess. It makes him fast.

 Anything else you’d love to add? 

Galen: Yes. Toraf snores like an injured leopard seal. And when he’s in human form, he has hairy toes.

Toraf: Well, Galen likes human soap. He actually likes to smell like a human.

Galen: It’s so that other humans don’t suspect anything, idiot.

Toraf: If other humans don’t question Batman, then they’re not going to question you. You like it. No, wait. Emma likes—Ow! See? Did you think he was going to hit me? I thought he might, but I didn’t know for sure.

Galen: A starfish could have seen that coming.

Oki guys, thank you so much for your time!! I wish I could spend a day with you to see where and how you life… but well, .. not going to happen.. *sigh* 

Galen: Thanks for having us, I guess. Rachel wanted me to remind you that this stays between us. She said you’d know what she meant.

Oh yeah! Of course, totally stays between us three (and …my Readers..)  


Of Poseidon

Book I in a wonderment series!
Genre: YA Paranormal
Pre-order your own: amazon | B&N | IndieBound
synopsis from goodreads:

Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma’s gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom . . .

Told from both Emma and Galen’s points of view, here is a fish-out-of-water story that sparkles with intrigue, humor, and waves of romance.

Wasn’t this awesome?!?!

And now, I’m sure you wanna meet those boys right??

Fear not! As usual we got your back!

Lucky enough Pushy will meet Anna during her Tour Stop in Chicago on June 14th! We will get a pretty Hardcover copy of Of Poseidon signed to you personally and a signed Bookmark and other awesome swag!!!

Yeah, that’s awesome hu? And Pushy is awesome too, because she’s the one going there! And me is very sad because I won’t be going there.. *sniffles*

Anyways! Enter via the Rafflecopter and … Good Luck!!

Much Love, I am so happy to share this with you today!


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107 Responses to “Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & Giveaway”

  1. Danny.

    I was patiently waiting for the release of this book like a normal person when you posted THIS.
    Now, tell me how the heck I’m going to wait for Galen!

    I want to read it NOW!

    I have a feeling that I’m going to be a huge fan of Toraf and Galen. Me can’t wait !!!
    That was a really cool interview 😛
    They are both so funny!

    Thanks so much for this, but I still consider you as evil since you teased me with this character interview ! 😛

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    I am so sorry!!!
    Only, I’m …. not! .. at least not really.. I mean there is nothing better than to share such excitement with all you guys! This is why I started Book Blogging , exactly this magic that happens when you come accross a book like this and then talk to awesome people about!!

    Oh and.. I’m totally ok being called evil!

    (Wait until you meet Kaidan from Sweet Evil next week! Between Galen and Kaiden, this blog will melt with all their hottness! And, remember you called me evil, because you need to call me this again. *grin* )
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

  2. Christina K.

    Sounds like an awesome book!

    I’d love to ask them, if they could take the story into their own hands, what would they do to bug each other?

    Reply »

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THESE BOYS!! <3 LOL reading their banter was hilariously and ridiculously awesome — that's how you can tell the difference between "Yo Bros" and "we are brothers and we like to mess with each other!" x) My favourite part is when Galen doesn't want to admit that he gets tingles from Emma…. Haha, don't even try it buddy! *pinches cheeks* :')

    Love love LOVE this fun fun FUN interview!! And Pushy is so lucky that she gets to meet Anna! Maybe we could hitchhike our way there, Danny? You get drinks, I get snacks, and my sister hotwires a jet plane? (You know, if you CAN hotwire a jet plane LOL…) x) <3
    Mimi Valentine recently posted..Summer Lovin’ Blog Tour: Guest Posts + GIVEAWAYS!My Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    Oh Sweetie, I am so glad you enjoyed this as much as I did!!! Seriously, one of the best Interviews I ever was lucky to host! I was reading it all over again and it made me want to start Of Poseidon again…

    I would be totally on board!! Everything that get’s us there!! Yep, me drinks! Coke? Pepsi? Dr. Pepper? Just tell me and you get it!

    Hotwire a plane? I can try, I’m good with self-teaching! I just ..uhm… google it!

    OR, I come and get you by car and we go on a road trip! That would be fun!!
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

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  4. Bahahaha. this was awesome! Hormones are contagious! LOL I seriously died laughing I love character interviews! Shut your blow hole!

    Awesome post Danny I’m super excited to read this even more now!!

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    Can you believe how I was freaking out when I got this Interview back?? I read it and I was cracking up and starring at it’s awesomness! Those boys are the cutest! Looove them!
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

  5. Bridget Howard

    I’m so excited for this book I can’t wait to read it, ever since I read some reviews on it a few weeks ago I have been dying to read it. I would love to win this book thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!

    Reply »

  6. Wow fantastic giveaway and Pushy is very very lucky! I’ve been waiting for this book since the first review came out and I can’t seem to get my hands on a copy of it. I would ask them if they would ever want to be humans again! Lovely interview
    Jessica Etches recently posted..Review! The Lucky OneMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    If I would not love Pushy so freaking much, I would be indeed jealous! But, she’s always getting books signed for me and goes to signing when I’m fangirling on skype about them :)) Good thing she loves me too!
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

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  7. “Also, your skin wrinkles when you get in the water. That’s pretty gross. ”

    *giggles* I love these boys so much! That first scene between Galen and Emma might be my favorite opening scene in a book ever. SO ADORABLE AND AWKWARD:)

    Loved this interview, love Toraf and Galen, and I love you Danny. That is all:)

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    Those boys are just adorable!!!!! The opening scene was perfection, I loved this- after this scene I was sold!!

    Oh and I love Galen and Toraf too . And… I love you more! :))
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

    Reply »

  8. Gabriella Lawson

    Wow this was a great interview! I am so existed for it to come out. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for it to be released. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Reply »

  9. AHH the interview was awesome !! I love interviews with characters, they’re always so funny, and this one was no exception !! Can’t wait to meet Galen .. I wish I could enter .. I’m not sure I could pay for shipping cost because I really have to save money for Dublin 🙂 !! But that’s really an awesome giveaway girls .. Pushy is so lucky to meet the authors !! Thank you so much Danny =)
    Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday : Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn :My Profile

    Reply »

  10. Wow first just have to say, love that tour banner and the cover. Second can’t wait to meet this roguish boys. Want to know what they would do if they were on land for a day?
    Thanks Danny for gushing and sharing your love for this title!
    Heidi recently posted..Unraveling by Elizabeth NorrisMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/25/2012

    Thanks Heidi, I made the banner myself! But this is not part of a Tour. I just contacted Anna after I read her book and fell so insanely in love with her story and her characters.
    I just made the Banner because, I love the Cover and Love doing these kind of graphics and images!
    Danny recently posted..Character Interview: Galen and Toraf from Of Poseidon by Anna Banks! & GiveawayMy Profile

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  11. alicia marie

    i love character interviews, they’re so much fun to read! it’s been tough waiting for this book to finally come out and now this! i would like my copy now please : )

    Reply »

  12. Emily D

    I am sooo excited for this book (as I mentioned in the post of your review). 😀

    I don’t know what else I’d ask them, but maybe I’ll think of something later. 😛

    Reply »

  13. How did you get your name, Toraf? It’s interesting. Galen, why is yours so ordinary and his is strange?

    I love mermaid type books. That’s why I’m excited. 😀

    TayteH recently posted..Dystopian April #6: Article 5 + 1 thingMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    ROFL I wish I would hear what Galen would say about you calling his name ordinary +snickers*
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

    Reply »

    TayteH 4/26/2012

    Ooops. I thought his name was a different way to spell Glen. Ooops. Sorry! But that is kinda funny.
    TayteH recently posted..Tattoos of the DauntlessMy Profile

    Reply »

  14. Thanks again Danny for your awesomeness !
    I love the fact that there are like 2 love stories in this book. Toraf is very witty and that’s something that I really appreciate in a character. Galen is simply swoon worthy, seriously I haven’t properly meet him but I’m already head over heels with him !!
    AMAZING interview : definitely one of the funniest I’ve ever read ..
    “A starfish could have seen that coming” haha can’t wait to read this book !! Thank you so much both for your amazing review that made me very excited about Of Poseidon and this great giveaway : a signed and personalized copy OMG :!!!!
    Thank you Danny, hugs <3
    Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday : Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn :My Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    and … *hugs*
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

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  15. OHHH I completely forgot but I guess the question I’d ask Galen is : Will you marry me ? lol 🙂 !! Thank U !!! <3
    Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday : Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn :My Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    I’m sorry, the answer is unfortunately now because he’s already marrying me!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

    Reply »

    Elodie @ Once Upon a Quote 4/26/2012

    I guess it’s only fair since you met him first, but I could totally have Toraf being my back up husband : he sounds amazing too .. But I’m definitely holding a grudge against you Danny 🙂 !! Hugs <3

    Reply »

  16. Ha, ha! What fun banter between them! I think I got a better insight into the content of the book and how things work and now I’m definitely more eager to read this one! I haven’t been a fan of mermaid books in the past but this might be the one that changes my mind!
    Candace recently posted..Review: Masque of the Red Death by Bethany GriffinMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    That’s exactly why I love content like this!! It teases you and introduces you to the tone of the book!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

    Reply »

  17. Angie

    OMG!!! I am dying to read Of Poseidon!!!

    On another note… If you kept fish as pets, what type of fish would you like to have in a tank?

    Reply »

  18. Vivien

    So bloody excited for this book. I’m interested to read the mythology that’s used!! What is something no one knows about you? Either one.

    Reply »

  19. “A starfish could have seen that coming” I love that saying! That was a fun character interview. In the beginning when it said “Hey Boys” I thought it said Hex Boys and I thought oh my God, can you imagine getting the six of them together with two very manly merpeople? What a riot that would be! But alas, I was wrong. Still I love the ribbing between the two of them! I have got to have this book!

    Pushy is lucky! And she’s so nice to get a signed copy for one of us! Thanks Pushy!

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review- The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista HolleMy Profile

    Reply »

    hrose2931 4/25/2012

    I should know better than to leave a blog post before I look to see if there’s a question. I’d like to know if Galen liked living on land even the tiniest bit. What was the one thing he liked about living on it?

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review- The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista HolleMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    I bet he says: EMMA! Loool

    And yes Pushy is the most awesomest person ever!! I can’t tell enough how much I love that chick!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

    Reply »

  20. I have actually read Of Poseidon 😀 Via NetGalley. But. I am SO EXCITED to get my pretty hardcover of it. <3 Really wish to win a signed copy 😀 I live in Norway, but I don't mind paying shipping costs 🙂 Loved the interview. <3 Don't have any questions myself, though ;p
    Love, Carina
    Carina Olsen recently posted..Review: Wildefire by Karsten KnightMy Profile

    Reply »

    Danny 4/26/2012

    Truly, this is one of the books I NEED to get as an hardcover. NetGalley does not count!
    Danny recently posted..Review: Illuminate by Aimee AgrestiMy Profile

    Reply »

  21. Caitlin

    I am super excited for Of Poseidon I have been wanting to read this book since forever ago. I would love to ask Galen and Toraf what’s it like to live in the sea and what do they do all day.

    Reply »

  22. Amy S.

    I’d love to read this book just for those two characters! This is an epic giveaway and I’m so excited for the chance to win. Thanks so much!

    Reply »

  23. Candice

    I would ask them what is the weirdest human item that they have found on the ocean floor. Like Ariel, hahaha! Gagets, gizmos? Woozits, whatzits?

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Reply »

  24. I have been dying to read Of Poseidon! Since I haven’t read it, I’m not too sure what I’d ask. Maybe, “How do you handle a confrontation with a shark?” Haha!

    Thanks for the great interview and giveaway! <333

    Reply »

  25. I love the interview, now I’m even more excited for the book! I’ll ask him what he eats back in the sea and if he prefers that over human food (That probably sounds like a lame question but I can’t think of anything!).

    Reply »

  26. Kayla Prada

    I’m super excited for Poseidon because it’s about mermaids and romance! I love mermaids and have ever since I was a little girl and watched The Little Mermaid! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Reply »

  27. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! From what you’ve said, this book sounds really great! It’s on my wishlist now! Obviously I’d love to win this giveaway but if not, hopefully I’ll get my hands on a copy of the book some day soon!

    Reply »

  28. Carl

    I guess I’d ask them about their experiences with humans. Were they relieved when they could get away from those weird-looking creatures?

    Reply »

  29. Michelle L.

    Awesome interview! I loved it! I can’t wait to read Of Poseidon because I haven’t read any mermaid-y books before. A question I would want to ask them…hmm how about another interview. Maybe one with Emma?

    Reply »

  30. Hi! Great and funny interview! I love to see Galen and Toraf interrupting each other!!! I would love to read this book! I recently read Tangled Tides and it was my first ”mermaid” book since the little mermaid from Disney! I don’t know what to ask but I don’t think I would like to meet Toraf, since he doesn’t seems to appreciated human!!! Thanks for this giveaway!

    Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books

    Reply »

  31. OF COURSE I want to read this book! Galen and Toraf sound like awesome characters already and I can see what everyone’s been talking about when they say that this book is hilarious. I love how distinct they are as mermaids! Thanks so much for the giveaway and interview <3
    Sonia recently posted..Black Heart by Holly BlackMy Profile

    Reply »

  32. Kristin

    Hilarious interview! I’m very excited to read this and would like to ask them what they think of the rash of mermaid/mermen books being released this year.

    Reply »

  33. Lacey T

    I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages! Heard so many great things about it. I’d ask Galen how it is being a merman, especially a prince! LOL 🙂

    Reply »

  34. Danielle

    I love the opening scene! I have a feeling that I’m really going to like this book as well as Galen and Toraf. I would ask them what are books under the sea about? Do they have vampires? LOL 😀

    Reply »

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