My Reading Spot Featuring Erica from The Book Cellar

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Happy Friday and welcome to another “My Reading Spot Friday”.

I’m happy to host today Erica from the Book Cellar! I found her blog already a long time ago and I just love Eric’s Reviews! Last year we briefly had the chance to meet at BEA – which was fantastic! The Book Cellar is definitely one of the Blogs I tempt to visit as often as I can! I also love watching her Vlog’s! So, if you don’t know her yet definitely show her some love and stop by!


Please welcome Erica from The Book Cellar: 

As a college student, I’ve found myself reading essentially whenever I can squeeze in a few pages, as I’m not exactly sure when I’ll have time again.

My favorite time to read is at night after I’ve done all my work and I can just curl up in bed with a good book and not have to worry about any more work to be done. This is my favorite place! I have YA book posters covering my walls, so it really feels like the perfect place to read.

It may sound odd, but I have found reading on the bus as I get around campus and to/from work is another really peaceful place to read. It’s never that long of a bus ride, but I find myself reading on my Kindle whenever I’m on the bus.

I also love taking walks, and listening to audiobooks. It’s such a peaceful way to kind of get away. And I feel productive while doing this, since I’m reading in time I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, so it’s a double win for me.

In the summer, we have a hammock outside in the shade, and I love to lie out there and read for hours. It’s just really nice to be outside and be in fresh air. I’ve been known to lose track of time and stay out reading for hours.


Gosh, I love those posters on your wall Erica! I haven’t read Sea yet but you have a Patch poster!!! *gasps* I loove this fallen Angel so so much! I’m actually jealous… I can’t put up such posters anywhere… My colleague would kill me if I would hang something non – science  related into our office, and my hubs would react similar if I would hang something like that on the wall…


I want my own room, maybe my own library for me and all my books! And.. some posters!

Much Love,

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11 Responses to “My Reading Spot Featuring Erica from The Book Cellar”

  1. YAY FOR POSTERS. You know, I never thought about listening to audiobooks while going on a walk… I may try that. And I admire you, Erica! I just couldn't do my work FIRST then read. I don't prioritize very well. Or perhaps school work just isn't at the top of my priority list *LOL*


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  2. Great reading spot! I have nothing on the wall behind my bed. Maybe I should put some posters up! My son actually sleeps with me b/c my husband's cpap machine makes too much noise so I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I put pictures of pretty girls up. I LOVE that SEA poster with the blue garland around it! That is what I call making it your own!

    When i was in college, I don't think I ever found extra time to read. Good for you for having time to read and blog! I'll come check it out!

    Love this new feature Danny!

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  3. What a cool feature! I love getting to know other bloggers!
    Erica's little nook looks so comfy! I wish I had a spot just for reading, lately I end up sitting at my desk to read, not comfy at all, lol! and I want some posters on my wall too! Wonder if hubs would mine Patch and Edward hanging up in our room, lol!
    I look forward to 'meeting' the next blogger, Danny! Thanks 🙂
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