Win a ARC from Dead in the Family from Charlaine Harris

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A wonderful Sunday morning beloved Bookworms, today – at least in Germany is a perfect day to crawl in the bed with a book (or in my case with a Kindle) with a hot cup of coffee – or Tee and then do nothing else then read read read…

But before I take my Kindle and get lost I always look through my Blog roll and see what’s up in bloggyland and if there are exciting news I missed while I was sleeping.
Oh and one of the first things I saw was : “Win an advanced copy of Charlaine Harris’ Dead in the Family” OoOoOooooo *died*

If you are not familiar with those books, these are the infamous Sookie Stackhouse Novels that turned into a TV-Show called True Blood. Does that sound familiar? I’m not going to review the books now – but I’m sure one of the Bookworms here will definitely write about the series.
Let me just say it’s awesome – addictive and just great.
So far, there are 9 books out and this *points to the picture above* is book number 10, and squeeeing fangirls ….uhmm.. mature woman like me are dying to know what secrets this book will reveal.
Ok here is the Link to the contest where we can win a ARC copy:
She holds a contest where you can not just win 2 copies you can also win to ask
Charlaine Harris a question in an upcoming interview!
But you have to hurry up, the contest ends today,
5pm UK time.
cross your fingers that one of us wins!

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