Happy Birthday Heather!!!

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Happy Birthday, Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From all of us, we just wanted to let you know how much we adore our tough girl with the heart of gold.
We wish you a day filled with baby-snuggles, kitten whiskers and bubble baths….
We really wish you a day filled with quiet, awesome books and lots of yummy heros 
(and we’re not talking about sandwiches!!)
*Kristen stands up*
Dearest Heather:
Since I know how much you love flowery language and inappropriate touches, I wish you none of these for your glorious day of birth.
Have a kick ass birthday full of zombies and vampire hotties with a giant side of snark and bitch-faces!
High fives and roller derby!
*cute grabs the mic*
It’s Heather’s birthday?!
Well then, my gift to you shall be,
some lyrical genius to dance to:
and a dancin’ partner:
No need to thank me.
I know. I know.
You are speechless with joy.
Happy birthday, my friend.
I hope it’s fan-freaking-wonderment.

*Pushy butts in screaming, “My turn!!!”*
So, my lovely Heather!
 I wanted to find you a birthday greeting that fully encompassed how much I love your wonderfully snarky side, but most of those weren’t really suitable for the blog….
Instead, I got my good buddy here to help me out:
*Now me!!! I also need the mic now .. *
Danny clears throat: 

Happy Happy Birthday also from me… 
wasn’t it a year ago we were at your house to celebrate your last B-day
with a delicious  BBQ? 
Time’s running fast my friend! 
I love you and wish you the most wonderfulest day today
and I just wanted to express how happy I am that 
I can call you a friend! 
I Love chatting with you, I love laughing with you 
and… I also love bitching with you when I’m pissed. 
And thanks for helping me with my thesis. 
I so very much appreciate all your help and input! 
Oh and … look who I found in my bed this morning..: 
He also wanted to say Hi: 
Oh and as a BDay present I share him with you for one day
one night! 
But, then I need him back exactly like you see him above..
in white linen sheets… 
*were was I* 
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13 Responses to “Happy Birthday Heather!!!”

  1. Heather

    I love you guys so much! And I'm really touched by how much you really, really know me.

    Kristen – I'm already ahead of the bitch face and inappropriate touching game by not riding the Metra into work and staying home. Yay for four day weekends! I plan to snuggle up with The Paris Secret a little later. At least I don't have to flex my snark muscles with only my little one around. I've gotten the best present ever by being alone at home with just baby C and the two kitties. And a huge pile of laundry, lol.

    Cutie – How did you know that 50 cent is the only rapper this rock n' roll chick can actually stand? You are psychic, my friend. And the wedgie celebration dance? Classic.


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  2. Heather

    Pushy – Satan that could be straight out of Sesame Street singing his very special version of Happy Birthday? Only you know how perfect that is for me. *tears up* You get me so well.

    Danny – I only get Eric for one night? WTF–I need to figure out which Eric I want. Decisions, decisions. Amnesia Eric and showers, or the regular bad-ass Eric. Hmm, but I can't guarantee he'll be that pristeen when you get him back. In all seriousness, I'm glad to help you out with your thesis. And we usually have the same things to complain about, so why not do it together?

    Seriously girls, you just made the beginning of my birthday awesome! Love you!


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  3. Darkfallen


    Now shake your booty…..go on DO IT!!! LOLZ

    Happy Bday Heather. Hopw you get a day of peace, quiet, and yummy hot tattoed men!
    at least that's what I asked for on my bday*winks* Of course if I was actually to get the tattoed num num I doubt there wold be anything quiet ab out it! lolz

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  4. Greta is Erikasbuddy

    You 've never had a moonpie?!! Is that legal? Do they sell them where you live? I live right by a Bass Pro Shop and you'd be amazed how many flavors there are (I guess people who like to hunt and fish like to eat MoonPies. Or Alabama has successfully convinced tourists that they are a great souvenir lol) If you don't have them near you then I'll have to send you one once the weather cools off (cuz it will melt)

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