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Weekly meme from The Story Siren
The idea is to post the books you got this week,
whether you bought them, got them as a gift,
from the library, or received them to review.

This week’s blogger is cutie.
Good morning, fellow readers!
I would like to sincerely apologize in advance  
for the lameness of this post.
a. I’z got a Rock Band hanger.
b. I forgot to put this post together yesterday
(see above point).
c. This morning is me and the mister’s 12th anniversary!
d. I just woke up and thought:
Oh s#*t I forgot to do the IMM post!
e. I am fail.

I’m gonna just spam y’all with a bunch of book titles and pictures.
Sound good?

This week I bought two books I’z been dying to read.
I picked up a mountain of books I had on hold at the library.
I received a few ARCs in the mail that are to die for.
And for fun, I thought I’d share the awesome bookmark
my good friend uhyesplease sent to me for Christmas!

Books bought:

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Books borrowed:

Angel: After the Fall Volumes 1-4
created by Joss Whedon
Tyger Tyger: A Golin War by Kersten Hamilton
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
Taking Off by Jenny Moss
Fixing Delila by Sarah Ockler
Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves
Scrawl by Mark Shulman
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Anna and the French Kiss by Ellen Schreiber
Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber
I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Books bestowed:

Red Moon Rising (ARC for review) by Peter Moore
The Dark and Hollow Places (ARC for review) by Carrie Ryan
The Girl on Fire (ARC) compolation of multiple authors

Bookmarks of wonderment:

Tis what I know and what’s I’ve got.
 Make sure to check out other participating blogs/sites!!
But before you scamper off make sure to share with us
which books you acquired this week and
THE one you have been dying to read.
Pleasy Cheesy share with us!

Until next time– 
Yours forever truly,

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26 Responses to “In My Mailbox – a cutie edition”

  1. cutie

    The bookmark is super cute! I actually just have it by my desk so I don't lose it, cause truth be told, I am always losing bookmarks!
    Also, walking out of the library was hard with all those books!

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  2. cutie

    I *heart* the library! It really does save us a ton of money, plus storage space. Then I can read every and any book for free and simply buy the ones I MUST read again!

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  3. Oh My Goodness. You had an amazing book week. There are so many books here that I would love to get my hands on. I sure hope you get to read them all. I can't wait to see your reviews. I'm super excited for you!

    Chelsea @ Rand0m Girl

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  4. Book Noise

    Amazing haul this week. Great selection of titles you have there. I can't wait ot get my hands on Across the Universe and Dark and Hollow Places. Unearthly is amazing.

    Happy Reading!

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  5. I thought I was going to be busy, LOL! You've got some great stuff there!
    I'll be wating for your review on Carrie Ryan's The Dark and Hollow Spaces. That's one of my favorite series.
    Have lots of fun!
    My recent post

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  6. cutie

    I will try to get as many read as possible. I had requested them all so long ago they just all happened to show up on the same darn week! LOL
    I will review my favorites on cutie's corner, no doubt!

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  7. cutie

    I've heard nothing but good things about Across the Universe. And I am so flippin' excited we got a copy of Dark and Hollow and that Pushy mailed it to me! She loves me, truly she does!
    I am also excited to read Unearthly. Ever since I saw the cover (which was months and months and months ago) I wanted to read it. It's so pretty! Happy reading to you too!

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  8. cutie

    The bookmark is awesome! I am afraid to use it. I just know I'll lose it.
    Tyger Tyger sounds interesting. The whole goblin thing sounds fun!
    And I adored The Body Finder and can't wait to read the sequel!

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  9. cutie

    The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a great series. I freaked out when Pushy told us we were getting a copy of it! We will be doing a group review!
    I am definitely in over my head, but I always love a good challenge!
    Happy reading to you!

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  10. uhyesplease

    Use your bookmark, silly girl! I can make you another like that! *snaps* I even know how to use the laminater now because of it. Easy Peasy (SORRY HEATHER!!!!!)

    Across the Universe is DA BOMB! FINALLY A BOOK THAT DOESN'T SUCK! At least, not yet, I haven't finished it yet. But I will tonite….so angsty and sciency and kinda icky at the same time. I love it!

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  11. hrose2931

    That is a cool bookmark! I've read Tyger, Tyger and loved, loved, loved it! One of my top ten last year. Oh and I just finished Anna and the French Kiss last night. I still can't stop smiling. It's just one of those books that makes you smile. Good or bad, happy or sad, it makes you smile. I am reading Desires of the Dead right now, I have Unearthly to read. I still don't know about "Across the Universe. I still see giant orange globs and not a boy and girl when I look at the cover. Maybe I'll listen to it on Audible.

    Have fun!!

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  12. cutie

    Truly, it is a Neverending Story. Get it… they are stories… and… errrr… there's no end to them? I'm quick draw McGraw, no? *hangs head in shame*

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  13. cutie

    Bwahahaha Yes, you must be very careful with those peaies and easies. She's a lot closer to you than me. I fear for your life my friend! (Side note: I just noticed I put a Pleasy Cheesy in this post. I tots didn't mean to, and now I am dying laughing over it!)

    I am sofa king glad you are enjoying a book. Please email me your thoughts like yesterday! I am for sure gonna get it read. Honestly, I'm a little overwhelmed by the stack of books and don't even know where to begin!

    I adore you. The end.

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  14. cutie

    Oh YAY about Anna and the French Kiss. I am a sucker for contemporary romance stories and that one just looked extremely cute! I also am stoked about reading Tyger, Tyger. It definitely sound creative and original. Happy reading to you!

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