Author Interview with H.P. Mallory and Giveaway!

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Some time ago we reviewed two books from a new author here on the Blog:
“How to Kill a Warlock” and “Fire Burn & Caldron Bubble” by H.P. Mallory. Read our Review here. 

We enjoyed both of her books, since they were really fun to read! Today we have her here for an interview annndddddd for a giveaway!!! But let’s start with the interview we really got some nice answers and she’s an incredibly nice person to talk to! We are happy she took the time to answer our looong questions!

We read that you designed your covers yourself and they’re absolutely fantastic! Is this sort of graphic design just a hobby of yours or is this something you have done professionally?

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H.P Mallory: While I did design the covers, I didn’t create the art work. I purchased the art of the people, then added the Halloweeny backgrounds, changed things like eye and hair color, added the text and voila, cover completed! LOL And I’m by no means professional–I just have a good working knowledge of photoshop which comes in handy from time to time.

Why did you decided to start two series instead of focusing on one, bringing it to its completion and then going on to the next?

H.P Mallory:Well, at the time that I finished Fire Burn, I was being repped by an agent and she told me to start a new book rather than a follow up book to Fire Burn in case it didn’t sell. So, that’s why I have two separate books rather than the follow up to Fire Burn.

How many books are you planning for each series?

H.P Mallory: I think 3-5 for Jolie and not sure on Dulcie. I’ll probably just end it when it feels like it needs to end.

How did you come up with the concept of Netherworld? Did you do research common lore or did you create it all yourself based on what you already knew from other stories/mythology?

H.P Mallory:I didn’t do any research on it–just created a world that appealed to me. That’s the beauty of paranormal fiction–you can create whatever you want to.

Both books are set in the same “Fantasy World” (Netherworld you created, yet they seem different. Like the government Dulcie from “To Kill A Warlock” is working for doesn’t seem to exist in “Fire Burns and Cauldron Bubble”. Did you just take the basic rules and adjust them for each series or do you intend to tie the two series together in a future book?

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H.P Mallory:I’m glad you asked this because there has been some confusion about it. Each book is completely unrelated so the characters and situations have nothing to do with one another.

Both your female main characters are very strong and determined, especially with the men in their lives. Is this a reaction to other female characters you’ve read about or just how these characters come to you?

H.P Mallory: I think it just comes down to the fact that I like strong women so wanted to write about them. I can’t stand reading lead characters who are shallow or waiting for their knight in shining armor. I like women who take the lead and make their own destinies.

If you had to pick your favorite paranormal archetype (vampire, witch, werewolf, fairy, etc.) both to read and write about, which would it be?

H.P Mallory: Well, everyone loves a vampire so I’d have to say I do love the vamps! People have asked why the vampires in my books play more secondary roles and that is due to the fact that I think the publishing industry is inundated with vampires so I wanted to create something a little different–witches, fairies and warlocks aren’t necessarily uncommon but a little less so than vampires are. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the vamps and reading about them but wanted to try my hand at something different.

What are your future plans and more specifically, how long do we need to wait until we finally get to know how the stories go on?

H.P Mallory: I’m halfway with the second book in the Jolie series and hope to have it finished in 3-4 months time. I’m also looking into turning Warlock into a graphical novel which I think could be very cool! I’ll start the follow up book to Warlock as soon as I finish the follow up to Fire Burn, titled Toil and Trouble.

You have a husband and are raising your baby, when do you have time to write?

H.P Mallory: It’s tough! I wake up every morning at 5 am and that gives me 1.5 hours to write each day.

Since your self publish your work, does it take away the pressure of deadlines you’d have from a traditional publisher? Or do you set your deadlines yourself ( Danny: I for myself I neeed deadlines! lol)

H.P Mallory: I try to be mindful of deadlines because I really am eager to get the next book in Jolie’s series out there. So, while I don’t have the strict deadlines given by a publisher, I still try to adhere to my own personal deadlines.

How much of yourself or your own personality do you find weaving its way into your stories?

H.P Mallory: I think no matter what, an author always ends up in his or her characters somehow. I mean, how could they not since they story and characters are coming from the author. I try to really separate the voices of characters though so it doesn’t sound like the same person playing each character.

Some writers write detailed outlines before they ever start writing a book and some just start typing with page one. What kind of writer are you and how do you feel it impacts your editorial process once the first draft of your novel is completed?

H.P Mallory: I am an outliner! LOL I outline each book, chapter by chapter because I seem to write best this way. I can avoid things like writer’s block when I have a clear idea of what should happen in each chapter and that way my books are less tangential.

Would you give us 5 small facts about yourself?

H.P Mallory: Sure, my favorite color is blue, my favorite holiday is Halloween, favorite author is Jane Austen, favorite comedy is Big Lebowski and favorite tree is a Sycamore. LOL

Thanks so much for being here and again for your time!


Now, let’s jump to the giveaway!!
HP.Mallory is giving away a copy “Fire Burns & Cauldron Bubble” and one copy from “How to Kill a Warlock”. All you have to do is leave a comment and fill our the form and we will draw a winner next week! And as usual, you can gain extra entries… πŸ™‚

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