Hush Hush Discussion and contest ahead!

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Did you read Hush Hush?
Did you fall in love with this dark Fallen Angel called Patch?
Do you love Becca Fitzpatrick for this awesome piece of a book?
Well, I do for sure! And I’m not alone! I read it because cutie from cutie’s corner was extremely mesmerized by this book. So much, in fact, that she’s hosting a Hush Hush discussion, chapter by chapter.

I can tell you this will be tons of fun! The last discussion we had was about Beautiful Creatures at fragile little human’s blog and we had a blast! It is beyond exciting talking about a book you adore and share your feelings, ideas and impressions you have when you read it.
This is how it will be done:
Each week, 3 chapters are recapped by a guest poster, then we discuss three questions (give or take) about those chapters (and inevitably our feelings, ideas and theories – we’re girls!) in the comments. If you haven’t read it yet, but would love to join the fun then why not start now? Actually, this is what Pushy is doing: she promised to read the three chapters each week and participate in the discussion. This can be indeed even more fun, since you have no clue what will happen! I’m excited to read her comments *giggles* (See Sweetie, here I said it, I will remind you every week) (Note from Pushy: I am already in LOVE with Patch – he’s SO FREAKING SEXY and I’m only on page 31!)
  • Hush Hush Discussion Contest : win a pre ordered copy of the sequel to Hush Hush – Crescendo! (wooohoo) Check this post for the rules how to enter and get entries. The contest will be run as long as the discussion.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I haven't read Hush, Hush yet but I do own it. I might try and join in but I'm still not even half way through another book and I don't like to try and read too many at once, otherwise I get nowhere.

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