Yes, it’s crazy but true – The Bewitched Bookworms are having a blogiversary:  We’re turning 3!

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So we –  Heather, Pushy and Danny – decided to celebrate this with you. Last week, we looked a little back at the last three years – what happened and what stayed in our mind.

This week, we want to share the love and talk about all the Blogger Friends we made during those last 3 years and the Blogs we especially adore!!

Jenny – Supernatural Snark.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.23.51 PM

I guess a few of you know already about our Big Love Jenny. Although we knew her blog for quite some time, we met her at our first BEA (2011). Well, it was love at first sight! Ever since we’ve been close.

Alison – Alison Can Read

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 5.53.19 AM

We always followed her Blog but it wasn’t until last year that we meet! She’s such a wonderful person and she was the first one ever to visit Danny in Germany!

Candace – Candace’s Book Blog

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.46.26 PM

I just love and adore Candace. She’s been blogging a little longer than us, but I feel like we did grow together. She’s a wonderful blogger and I love visiting her blog!

Mary – The BookSwarm

We meet Mary last year at BEA and instantly fell in love with her. Since then she’s a constant face here at the Bookworms and we also love to visit her blog as she reviews tons of different books!

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 5.51.05 AM

Lori – Pure Imagination

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.47.12 PM

Lori is the cutest. Love her taste in books and her great reviews.

Alice – Alice Marvels

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.02.24 PM

Alice Blog is fantastic and offers the perfect combination of book related post, movie related posts,  promo’s and basically keeps everyone updated! Also she has the best Newsletter ever!

Stacy from The Page Turners

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.08.17 PM

Pushy, Heather and Stacy all live in the same area – so of course they attend to the same events. Stacy is a wonderful person and it’s always fun meeting her at BEA!

Ashley – Book Nook

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.42.35 PM

I don’t know Ashley for such a long time. but I love her blog and often we have such similar opinions that I know when she loves a book I will love it too!


Kelly – Radiant Shadows 

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 6.57.28 PM

Kelly is cute, her blog is pretty and she has a great variety of posts!!! I love her discussion posts!


More Blog Love goes To

Honorable mention: 

Missie – The Unread Reader

I love love love Missie and we started book blogging at nearly the exact same time. Unfortunately I never met her, but I would absolutely love to meet her at some point! Too bad she’s on a blogging hiatus since a few months ago, I miss her deeply!

 You know what else we love???

Uh…a whole lot of you guys, that’s what!  So remember last week, when we mentioned we’re giving away a little slice of technological awesome?  Well, you can still enter the Kindle Fire Giveaway from last week!  BUT, because you love books and we love you….lookie at what we have to give away this week:

prize pack

Yup!  It’s Balthazar by Claudia Gray, Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry and a SIGNED copy of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo!!!!

So now, leave a link to your favorite Blog and enter the Giveaway to win this awesome Prize! 

Much love and thanks for celebrating with us!!!!


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Obsessive Reader by Night - Scientist at Day! You can also find me on goodreads. I'd love to get to know you so, don't be shy and say Hello!

Thanks so much for mentioning me!!! You’re one of my favorite blogs too. It was so fabulous to meet you – and visit Danny . Hopefully I’ll see you again in NYC for BEA this year. I’m pretty sure I’m going. I should look for a job, but Scott and I have have so many travel plans for the next few months that it’s delaying things. Oh darn. :-)

I don’t know a few of the blogs on your list. I’ll have to look them up.
I’m so sad that Missie is on hiatus. I hope she comes back. What I really miss is her Book Boyfriend feature.
Alison (@AlisonCanRead) recently posted..Feature and Follow Friday #136My Profile

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Brooke Banks 2/15/2013

I’m actually a reader of all the blogs you listed. I love the book blogging community and follow a lot of blogs. I’m still working on my style and voice for reviews/blogging and just seeing so many great examples of different ways to do things is really inspiring. There’s also several blogs with helpful tip sections and stuff.

I’ve really tried to narrow my list but it. is. so. hard. Here’s a few more blogs I’m a fan of:
Brooke Banks recently posted..Giveaway + Guest Post + Review of Stich by Samantha Durante {CBL Book Tour }My Profile

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Len D. 2/15/2013

Happy Blogoversary, guys! I love PageTurners and Lori of Pure Imaginations. You and these two were the first few blogs that I followed back when I was starting to get familiar with the book blogging community. You were all fantastic and a big help.
Len D. recently posted..I will be off for a while!My Profile

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Sara 2/15/2013

I really like She reads a lot of new adult and contemporary romance :)

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Krista 2/15/2013

There are two blogs I look at every single day – this one and The Book Cellar (
Krista recently posted..REVIEW: Gabriel’s Inferno (Gabriel’s Inferno #1)My Profile

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Ashley 2/15/2013

Thank you so much for the mention, ladies! <3 I ADORE the Bookworms and I can't wait to meet up with you guys at BEA!!!! :D
Ashley recently posted..BBB Questions: How are Followers Measured? And What the Heck is RSS?My Profile

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Happy blogoversary!!!! I love Bewitched Bookworms and so glad I found your blog :) You gals have wonderful posts and features and it’s always a joy to read <3
Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide recently posted..The Second in a Series SlumpMy Profile

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Mary @ BookSwarm 2/15/2013

LOVE YOU ALL!! *hugs* And hopefully, I’ll make it to BEA again this year so I can hang out with you lovely ladies (I had SOOOO much fun last year!). I’ve found so many awesome books through your reviews, too. Eclectic books, FTW!
Mary @ BookSwarm recently posted..Speed Date with Bowen: HIGHLANDER MOST WANTED by Maya BanksMy Profile

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Happy Blogiversary!!! I love Jenny, Candace, Mary, Alison, and Lori!! :) So happy for you girls. I loved meeting Danny at BEA last year. :) You’re so sweet!! Here’s to many more years of blogging!

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I like The Book Twirps,
Crystal @ My Reading Room recently posted..Book Review and Giveaway Link: Easter Bunny Murder by Leslie MeierMy Profile

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Jenny 2/15/2013

You know what’s awesome Danny? I get to see you in 4 short months. Just four months and I get to pounce on you and generally make a scene in which I express my love for you with hugs and squeeing and other awesome things. I ADORE YOU GUYS! As much as I love reading and reviewing books and talking with authors and publishers, it’s the bloggers I get to laugh and cry and obsess with each and every day that make blogging so rewarding. *massive hugs*

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smiling_ina 2/15/2013

Happy blogoversary!!!

My favorite blog is Fiktshun –

It was the very first book blog I ever visited and to this day it’s the only one I check out daily. The owner, Rachel, is an amazing blogger and person. :)
smiling_ina recently posted..Book Blast + Giveaway: A TOUCH MENACING by Leah CliffordMy Profile

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Ashley Rogers 2/15/2013

I really like! Quite the blogger this one (;

Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway!

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Alice M 2/15/2013

Great blog! Happy Blogoversary!! :~) So many new books to check out, but always fun finding something new!!!!
Alice M recently posted..ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE BLOG HOPMy Profile

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Vivien 2/15/2013

I love Hafsah at Icey Books. She has all the good cover reveals :D

Reply »

Candace 2/15/2013

Aw, thank you so much!!!! I love you guys and your blog too! I’m always excited to stop by and read your enthusiastic reviews, you always get me so excited about books that I often never heard much about or wasn’t excited about before.
One of these days I WILL meet you!
Candace recently posted..Confident Reads: Interview with E.J. Wesley, Moonsongs Tour & Give@wayMy Profile

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Angela 2/15/2013

Happy Blogoversary!! I really like The Readers Den and The Book Babe (:

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gisellecontreras39 2/15/2013

Happy Blogiversary!!! I love winterhaven books:)

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Amber 2/15/2013

I LOVE SPARKLES AND LIGHTNING! The reviews are fabulous~ Here’s the link~

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Christine 2/15/2013

Love so many of these blogs you mentioned, like Alice Marvels, Candace’s Book Blog, and Pure Imagination.
And, of course, Bewitched Bookworms!! :)

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Kai W. 2/15/2013

Happy Blogiversary!!! I have been following this blog everyday. Congrats and with many more years to come.

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Litza 2/16/2013

Happy Blogoversary! Such an amazing milestone! Other than loving you guys and you’re amazing blog, one of my favorites is For What It’s Worth. Karen has amazing taste in books AND music, which is a total win in my book. She’s also incredibly awesome, to boot. :)

Thanks very much for the amazing giveaway, too! I’m especially excited for Shadow & Bone! I’ve been DYING to read it!
Litza recently posted..Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. SmithMy Profile

Reply »

Dione Sage 2/16/2013

I have so many different blogs that I like to follow. I don’t think I could pick a favorite! I love them all (including this one). After all that’s why I follow you all and get emails sent to me…otherwise trust me I don’t like a cluttered email box but when I see an email from one of the blogs I follow (like yours) I get excited because it usually means the book world has news!
So my favorite blog would be any of the book blogs I follow!

Reply »

Lori 2/16/2013

Aw, you guys!! You’re so sweet! I love your blog so much. You always have a awesome new books to recommend. You make my reading pile grow every day. :)
Lori recently posted..Saturday Situation: Link up your reviews &amp; giveawaysMy Profile

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Meghan 2/16/2013

Once upon a time, I was a book blogger but I wasn’t exceptionally good at it, so I put it to the side. I’ve found that I much more enjoy the act of reading books, and other people’s reviews rather than creating my own.

Y’all’s blog is seriously one of my favorites, among a few others. Cuddlebuggery is fantastic, and Radiant Shadows is another fantastic one with unique and creative articles!

Reply »

Miss Page-Turner 2/16/2013

Happy Birthday girls! I wish you all the best! Continue just as great as before:)
Miss Page-Turner recently posted..Book Review: Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie WestMy Profile

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One of my favorites is Reading Teen ( They do wonderful reviews and giveaways and are just awesome in general! ^_^
Shalena @ Writer Quirk recently posted..Quirk Review: The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine #2) by Bree DespainMy Profile

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Carl 2/17/2013

I like The Quivering Pen
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Darith3duh 2/17/2013

I like The Story Siren :)

Reply »

Kelly 2/17/2013

Oh my gosh Danny, thanks so much for mentioning me!! I love Bewitched Bookworms right back – you ladies are the best!

Congrats on your third anniversary – wow! Such a great achievement!
Kelly recently posted..Keeping Up With the Blogosphere!My Profile

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Wren B. 2/17/2013

I love Good Choice Reading and Once Upon a Twilight.

Reply »

Bookish in a Box 2/17/2013

I don’t feel right leaving just one blog I love, but I can tell you that I love Bewitched Bookworms and 4 of the above blogs. I haven’t checked out the others yet, but I’m going to!

Reply »

Alice 2/17/2013

Aww, thank you so much for including us in such wonderful company! These are all fabulous blogs, and we’re honored to be on any list with them. :-)

I’m SO incredibly happy for you ladies—congratulations on your blogiversary!! We are all such huge fans of BB—your discussion posts are so thoughtful and creative, and you write such amazing reviews. I can always depend on your blog to help me find the best swoony and New Adult books when I need them (which is often). Wishing you another three years of blogging success!

PS – we need to get drinks at BEA this year so we can all meet in person finally! :-)
Alice recently posted..Spotlight: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board by Zoe Aarsen + GiveawayMy Profile

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almendra 2/18/2013

i really like the next blog:

Reply »

Michelle Lovell 2/19/2013

The Indie Bookshelf, because when I first heard about Indie books, I found this blog. I had no idea there was this awesome world of Indie book blogs and amazing Indie authors!!!!

Reply »

Marianne Robles 2/19/2013

Happy Bloggiversary! There are a lot of blogs that I love, but one I’ve come to visit a lot has been I love the layout of the site, I’ve gotten a lot of book recommendations from her and I love the email subscription.

I also really like this blog, although I’ve been visiting it only recently.
Marianne Robles recently posted..Fire (Graceling Realm, #2)My Profile

Reply »

Kristin 2/19/2013

Well, you guys are my fav, but I also like Two Chicks on Books and Tynga’s Reviews I know you guys mentioned Supernatural Snark, her cover reviews of bodice rippers are BEYOND awesome!

Reply »

Pabkins 2/20/2013

Favorite blog? ehhh I don’t think i have one! I have a favorite web comic! lol but thats too naughty to leave here. But this is probably ONE of my favorite blogs – cause Danny is so radtastic.

Reply »

TayteH 2/22/2013

Well, favorite blog, besides this one, would have to be Xpresso Reads.
TayteH recently posted..Giveaway Alert! Valentine’s Day EditionMy Profile

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Jacklin Updegraft 2/23/2013

I actually really love chapter by chapter, I am a reader! They are some great blogs!

Reply »

kimbacaffeinate 2/27/2013

I love so many blogs, but here are a few: Christy @ Love of Books, Heidi@ Rainy Day Ramblings and Felicia @ Geeky Blogger Sam@ Realm of Fiction
kimbacaffeinate recently posted..Book Blitz/Giveaway: His Allure, Her Passion by Juliana HaygertMy Profile

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Resource 6/18/2013

It really is definitely a excellent in addition to handy bit of information and facts. I’m happy for you to distributed this helpful info along with us. You need to stay all of us informed this way. Thank you for expressing.

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Blue Sky Shelf 3/27/2015

[…] Bewitched Bookworms’ Three Year Blogoversary. Like Cuddlebuggery, the nice people at Bewitched Bookworms are giving away multiple things in […]

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