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Oh, dear reader…. we know how you love this series!  Cassandra Clare is on the must read lists of everyone who loves YA and so when we heard she was coming to the area, we knew we had to be there for you!


The Q&A….

The event took place in an intimate theater full of super excited fans!  Heather, her friend V and I met up in front and quickly took a seat.  And before we knew it, we were being treated to the book trailer for City of Lost Soles on the big screen.


Pretty cool, hunh? But wait! Because next, Cassie herself was on the stage.



She was a lot of fun, even for Heather and I, who haven’t read her books yet! She did a trivia game and then took a bunch of questions (seriously… A…BUNCH!!!). She had Vanyia, who was there assisting her that night, running up and down the aisles! 






 What’s next?  Tats!

After that portion was over (and it ended far earlier than some wished, that was quite clear…), Cassie was whisked away to the signing area and the cover model of Jace was whisked in to take pictures with anyone who wanted them.  It was fun to watch, seeing this sweet boy being posed this way and that by Cassie’s adoring fans, but the three of us got in line for the tats instead.


Heather and Vickie were tempted by my promises of shiny nickles (not really, but it passed the time) to let me take pictures of them at the event.  We had a lot of fun chatting in the tattoo line, but it did take an insanely long time.  But, when they finally got their turns, as you can see from the results, it was well worth it!

They were both so patient, with both the wait and my crazy invasive pictures, and they even emerged with smiles on their faces! It was a good thing! (Heather: And I had no clue what these runes were, so I just picked one from the list that sounded cool–the “Speak in Tongues” is what I chose. Vicky’s a huge fan of this series so she actually knew what her rune was, but I forget…)









And then finally…

We hit the signing line.  The first seventy five signing numbers took a LONG time.  It was as if everyone ahead of us brought every single book Cassandra Clare had ever written in triplicate to be signed!  But when they asked everyone to keep it to the new book and two others, things moved much faster!  Before we knew it, we were out side in the signing area, getting books personalized for three lucky girls, including Missie from The Unread Reader! (Heather: Pushy isn’t kidding when she said it took a long time. Cassie started signing at 8, we finally got through the line at ten–and we were #129)

Cassie was lovely as she signed our books.  She was so supportive of the role of bloggers and just a very nice lady.  As soon as we were done in the signing line, we headed home, exhausted.  It was a fun evening and we were very happy to have the chance to go. (Heather: And it was really cool because she knew exactly who Bewitched Bookworms were)

So tell us, since neither Heather nor I have started these series….what is the number one reason we need to pick it up today? (Heather: I’ve heard the cliffhanger endings are killer, and I’ve bought all of the books, but I’m waiting for the last book to come out next year before I start them.)

Leave it in the comments and now, go and get lost…in a book!

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17 Responses to “Bloggy Fun: Cassandra Clare Wrap Up”

    • Cassandra Clare answered questions from the audience for an entire hour before she started signing books, and she was super nice. She had someone handing out prizes for answering trivia questions about the books too. It was a nice change of pace from the usual signings we go to.
      Heather recently posted..Bloggy Fun: Cassandra Clare Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I have the entire series, but I still haven’t cracked the first one yet. I loan them to two people at work when I get the latest one, and they tell me all about them, but I’m waiting for the last one next year before I start them. I have too many series I’m waiting on right now!
      Heather recently posted..Bloggy Fun: Cassandra Clare Wrap UpMy Profile

    • We had a great time! It gave me an excuse to meet up with my friend Vicky finally, and to see Pushy again. It’s nice to get out during the week, even if it makes for a late night and the next morning comes way too early for work. Thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂
      Heather recently posted..Bloggy Fun: Cassandra Clare Wrap UpMy Profile

  1. AHH, so great! I have read this series and am already done with City of Lost Souls. I kind of wished I would have waited for them all to be done. I am NOT patient in between books. We thanks for sharing, its like we got to be there. Yay!

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