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Let’s face it.

Comments are the icing and the cherry on top of a cupcake.

We blog and hope that someone reads our posts, that is why we blog in the first place, we want to discuss and talk about the books. So, the comments on each posts have insane value to me. I still jump and squeal when someone takes her/his time to comment on something I wrote. It’s one of the most rewarding things.

Even more important than statistics! Don’t you think?

If I would have to choose between having 10 comments per posts and 1000 Page views per day, I take the comments. Page views can mean anything and nothing, but comments mean so much more! It means someone read your post and has something meaningful to say!

In addition, I have the feeling that the comments changed during the last year. Before, there were often short comments like “ Great Review, Thanks!” and while  I appreciate these comments a lot, I get more and more comments which are longer and where people have more to say!

Did your comment behavior changed?

Mine did! Instead of leaving a short comment, I try to go more into what the reviewer had to say, to show I read the post and thought about it. In return, I see that I also get more comments on my posts.

This is indeed the magic behind everything comment related. Sure, you need to have a decent post, but if you go and comment on other posts I am sure you also get some back! So, no magic at all! Just appreciation! In return, I try to go to each blogger that left a comment and visit their blog in return.

How to get so many comments??!?!

You might wonder why some Bloggers like Supernatural Snark, The Unread Reader , Kindle Fever and Xpresso Reads (just to name a few!) get tons of awesome comments on each post?

Well, it’s easy. First they write awesometastic posts!! But, if you in addition have a closer look, Jenny, Missie, Rebecca and Giselle comment on tons of other Blogs! I see them everywhere! And they never leave a short comment, they always leave a wonderful and meaningful comment!

Then I wondered something else, and I really would love your feedback here! Do you care if a Blogger replies to your comment???? Because, I do and I try to reply to every comment I get! Maybe not the same day, something life comes in the way of blogging.. *duuuh* However,  I always try to find the time to reply.

But, do you care? Does it matter to you? Do you go back and look to see if your comment got a reply? Do you subscribe to comments via Email?? Tell me, please I would love to know this! 

Because, I do care and I love when the blogger replies to my comment. I subscribe to those posts where I left a comment. Sometimes, this even leads to a mini discussion! I had it a few times with Sarah from I’m loving Books, or Heather from Burried in Books. I love these interactions and this is why I subscribe.

Who are you, my dear Reader and Commenter?

The last point I wanted to make is: Who are those commenters! And.. I would say that most of them are Bloggers themselves. Right?! Look at your own blog and see who leaves a comments, I bet most of them are bloggers like you and me! But what about the other Readers!? *waves* Why seem mostly Bloggers involved in these kind of interactions? Do they see the value a comment has for a blog? Are they more outgoing and feel more comfortable?

I remember back then when I started discovering blogs. I only read – I was a Lurker! Yep, totally was! It was when I started blogging myself that I started to leave a comment. But, why?

Don’t be shy! Join the Interaction!

So guys, no I want to hear it from you!

How and where do you comment? Do you always reply?

Do you care if you get a reply to your comment? Do you subscribe to the comments or just go back and see if you got a reply? 

Why don’t you comment? Lack of time, shyness or something else?

I’m excited to hear your input!

Much Love and Happy Saturday, Yours


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You can also find me on goodreads. I’d love to get to know you so, don’t be shy and say Hello!

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57 Responses to “Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!”

  1. Iman

    Hi, ok so I’m not a blogger, just a reader, but I do love blogs, and irecently started following yours. I’m also very picky about the blogs I choose to follow (4 in total, including yours), so I comment often enough.. to answer your question, I DO care if I got a reply, and I check back whenever I comment to see if I got one. It’s just like you said: it means someone read what you have to say and has something meaningful to reply. It’s one of the reasons I love your blog, you care about what your readers have to say… Great post!

    • Iman!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. See? A comment like this makes me giddy with excitement, I feel honored and proud! *hugs and kisses* Thank you so much for reading my posts and to comment!!

      I’m happy to hear that you are one of those who care about a reply. I do myself, but I feel that sometimes not many read the actual reply.
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

      • Iman

        I hereby declare that I have read your reply:) :p… Since I don’t have much time to follow lots of blogs and comment, I like to leave comments on the ones I really like… I read your posts because they’re awesome…

  2. I love getting comments! They make me feel special [LOL!] knowing that someone’s reading the things I post. I don’t know how to subscribe to blogger comments, but I do go back and check sometimes on the blogs that I post on. Replying comments are always nice. I think I just like comments in general 😉
    Misa recently posted..Book Review: FallenMy Profile

    • This is exactly what I mean, it makes you feel wonderful and excited!!! Below each blogger post and the comments is an option “Subscribe to comments”, then you get all comments and the reply. But, if you go back than it’s fine too.

      However, I tempt to forget to go back which is why I always subscribe.

      Oh and YES I also do love comments in general:))
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

      • *facepams* Well, now I learned something new XP Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before! *subscribes*

        I always try to leave comments on posts I read – if only I had the time to! I wonder how they do it; how they leave so many awesome comments. I really do need more than 24 hours a day, LOL.
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  3. I only comment on a post when I have something to say about it, which isn’t all that often and most of the time I don’t subscribe to them. I just speak my mind and then move on. I’ve started commenting on more posts but it’s mainly because I actually have something to say about them. I’m not a fan of commenting for comments’ sake.
    Donna @ Bites recently posted..80s Awesomeness! ~ 155My Profile

  4. I’m first to admit that while I used to comment TONS, but once I had to take my hiatus I slacked off. I’m just now catching up on reviews and am able to dedicate more time to commenting.

    I’ve always had a “meaningful” comments only policy. I try to comment on a minimum of 10 blogs a day, I may read plenty (I try to read everything in my reader daily….eek). The 10 blogs only goal usually is exceeded, but it at least gets me to commenting. 😉

    Whenever I see a blogger who comments regularly on my blog I be sure and return the favor as much as possible! It’s only fair. I actually sort my feed reader into folders and move people around as I see fit. I love organizing, but it also lets me know who the people are and why I started following them!
    Amanda recently posted..Review: Belles by Jen CalonitaMy Profile

    • Sometimes we just don’t have the time. It’s simple as this and I think it makes sense to limit yourself in order to manage your time better!

      I like that you sort your Reader, this makes so much sense!!! Do you use the Google ReadeR?
      I really neeed to do this myself, I follow so many blogs, but I would love to see my reader more organized!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

      • I use FeedDemon, it syncs with Google Reader (that way you still get your GFC ones if you wish or read your feeds on the go). The perk of FeedDemon though is that it’s a program you download and it includes a web browser built in. It makes commenting from the reader so much easier, plus I can still see the pretty blogs.

        Alternatively there is also RSSOwl which does the same things. I have been testing them both. I like each for different reasons.
        Amanda recently posted..In My Mailbox (50)My Profile

  5. I almost always try to comment back on blogs that I have received a comment from. I don’t usually reply to comments unless a question has been asked. Same goes for when I comment. I’ll follow via email if I’ve asked a question. Although I know there are some bloggers who reply to all comments, such as you, and I think I should always click on email follow option for those. Good thoughts. I appreciate how much you comment and am always striving to improve the amount and the quality of my comments. I think it is important.
    Annette recently posted..Follow Friday – Books that Shouldn’t be MoviesMy Profile

    • I think that makes sense too Annette! I mean sometimes a reply really isn’t necessary but, I tell myself that if I start replying only to some comments it will look bad and I don’t want to be selective.

      I also realized that some Bloggers tempt to reply, so I there I definitely subscribe. But there are other bloggers that don’t do this and instead of replying, they come to my blog, so there I do not bother to subscribe:))
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  6. I love comments!
    They make me feel special and I know that there are some people reading the stuff I write.
    I only get very few comments per blog post, about 2-3, but they still always make my day! 🙂
    I always reply to comments on reviews.
    Also, I make it my duty to reply to the people who comment on my posts back on their blog 🙂

  7. I didn’t used to be a commenter – either because I didn’t know what to say, or sometimes because it looked like they had so many comments already that they wouldn’t even notice mine!

    But I agree – I used to be sort of a personal blogger. Blogging only for me, but it meant so much when I got the odd comment – and blogging isn’t the same thing as keeping a journal. It’s more of a social thing, and if you want people to see and comment on your blog, you can’t be an island – you have to see and comment on other people’s. I’m trying to comment more – and I find that in looking for something relevant to say, I have to read the posts again, and more closely this time, and I take something extra away from it that I didn’t the first time.

    Also, it’s really fun to subscribe to the comments and read the follow-ups on my Blackberry while I’m at work! 🙂
    AnimeJune recently posted.."Scoundrel’s Kiss," by Carrie LoftyMy Profile

    • Aime, that was a wonderful comment – Thank You!!! It’s true what you say that blogging is a social thing and you have to get out and talk to people because, basically this is also why you started in the first place, right?
      If you do not care about reactions to your writing, then you could by all means also write for yourself in a journal. That’s a perfect comparison…

      I had to giggle that you said often you read the post twice. Totalyl do the same. I read it once and then when I decided I want to comment I read it again to pick something I want to say.

      Oh and seriously, I love the comment Emails on my Phone!! hehe!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  8. I totally agree comments are much more important and defining of your readers than GFC followers or page views that could all be from giveaways. I always browse my reader in the morning and even though I don’t leave comments on everything I read, I try to leave a few and sometimes I go back to leave comments on what I read the morning when I have more time later in the day. About the replying though, sorry that I don’t usually reply unless a question is asked or I really want to comment on your comment. I don’t have the threaded comment system so it’s not as easy as you have here, plus I assume most don’t come back to check as well. But I still love and thankful for all comments even though I don’t always reply. Great post Danny and thanks for the mentions 🙂

    • Giselle, see you are one of those Bogs that get tons of comments which is super awesome! And, I know that you normally do not reply and this is totally and absolutely fine by me. I know that you in return come back to my blog when you find the time. This is how you handle being social and I like it!!!!!!
      See. it really depends on the blog. If there is a blogger that never replies and never comments somewhere else, I’m being honest and do not bother to spend my time to comment. But, if I either get a reply or the bloggers visits me in return? This is the social attitude I’m looking for :))

      So I hope you didn’t get this wrong! Love your blog and you are a wonderful and very social blogger which is why I love coming to your blog!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

      • Nah I wasn’t offended or anything just thought I’d mention why I don’t. I love coming to visit your blog. It’s part of my favs (of only 14 – special you! haha) that I check daily even though I may not comment on every single post 🙂

  9. First, I found your blog yesterday through Shadow Kissed and had to follow.

    Secondly, I always try to comment on posts that I find interesting, although I’ll be honest and say that I’m painfully shy and it takes a lot out of me to comment.

    I love getting comments on my blog entries — it makes me feel like all of the time and energy I put into writing up that post was worth it! And even though I’m shy, I love discussions as well! It’s one of the reasons why I became a blogger – I wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way about a book as I did! And if they didn’t, I’d love to know why.

    If a blogger leaves a comment…or even an author…it’s a total big deal to me. Same with readers…someone took the time out of their busy day to read my post and wanted to let me know their feelings.

    I also subscribe to the comments where I left a comment in the off chance someone responded to me. I need to figure out how to do threaded comments on WordPress so that people actually know I’m commenting back to them.

    Thanks for this great post! I really enjoyed reading it and responding!

    • Welcome Angie!!! I’m glad you found us and decided to stay a while! Thanks I am glad you liked this post!

      See, that’s what I mean, I know that many people are too shy to leave a comment. I was absolutely that way when I started reading blogs. But, when I started blogging myself this changed for me and I knew I needed to be a little more outgoing. And yes! That’s the reason why I started myself. I wanted to talk about books!!

      Gosh, don’t get me started on a Author who comments, this makes not only my day but the whole week!!! I’m squealing with excitement!! Besides the interaction with other like minded people, talking to authors is the best!!

      And, if you do to your dashboard at wordpress. There is a tap on the side called Setting and then you have to do to Discussion! There you have tons of options among you will find the threaded comments.
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  10. Viki S.

    I’m only a reader but I sometimes write real short comments and sometimes I get a bit long winded ;). I subscribe to comments mostly to see if you guys answer me but if my day isn’t too crazy I’ll read through them all.

    This was a great post and I appreciate your bringing the matter up. Thanks.

    • Vivki! This is so wonderful to hear!!!! And it makes me so happy that not only bloggers comment here but also Readers. I try to reply always! However, sometimes I do not manage the same day – there is the thing called life and work… duuuh.. but then I reply that next day.

      Thanks for commenting today Vicki!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  11. Ash

    I love getting comments! I always try to reply to comments on my blog but I tend to be horrible at remembering to comment back. I try once a week to go through my inbox, I get most of my favorite blogs delivered by e-mail, and comment on at least a few of the posts but I’m crazy shy and not always sure of what to say. I always check back though to see if the blogger replied to me. :]
    Ash recently posted..Review of The LuxeMy Profile

    • Oh Ash, there is always life and it’s sometimes hard to manage everything between reading writing a blog post. Time management it sometimes hard and there are times when I just do not have time to comment. Simple as that. Just like last year when I finished my PhD. I managed to get some blog posts done, but I truly had no time to comment…

      And don’t be shy!!! If you don’t have something to say, then don’t! There will be the post, just like this one where you really know what to say and want to add to the conversation. Clearly, I also only comment when I have something to say or when I am intrigued by the book the blogger talks about.

      But it’s good for me to hear that most actually check if they get a reply – this makes me feel better!!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  12. Oh I love comments! To me it shows that you cared enough to come visit my blog and let me know you were there. When I comment on someone’s blog I always go back and look to see if they responded. I especially love when authors take the time to leave a comment on my blog. I enjoy you girls at Bewitched Bookworms! Your posts make me smile! To answer your question about when do we leave a comment on a blog, for me I usually only read book review blogs. I will leave a comment if I can relate to what the blogger had to say about the book or if I too have read the book and reviewed it. I have to admit that I am also a lurker at times 🙂 sometimes I feel a post just doesn’t need my input. Also, I do try and respond to all comments on my blog. It is hard for me to NOT respond. Happy Saturday to you Bookworms! Great post Danny!
    Julie @ My Favorite Pastime recently posted..30 Day Challenge-Day 14My Profile

    • Oh Julie Thank you soooo much!!!!! I’m happy our posts make you smile!! What feedback can be better than this!! And seriously, YOUR comment here now made me smile and super happy!! *hugs*

      I am like you Julie, I comment when I can relate to the book the blogger is talking about. Either because I want to read it, or it caught my interest or because I read it already. If I am not interested at all in the book, I do not comment!

      Happy Saturday!!
      Danny recently posted..Discussed! by Danny – Comments and Interaction!My Profile

  13. Ohh! Definitely an interesting discussion! I agree it feels like it means more than numbers as well; I want to know people like what I do with my blog! There’s no better feeling. And I’m real set on replying to them all, although lately I’ve had a lot keeping me from doing it right away, but I’m doing my best to catching up! I also try to reply on my blog, although that’s something that’s gotten a bit forgotten with the real life interfering lately, and I spend the time on commenting on other’s blogs instead. But I think it’s FUN to leave comments, probably because I know what it means to get them!

    And if I write something like a question or more discussion-y, I ALWAYS check back too! Sadly, with most blogs having subscriptions for ALL comments, it’d be a pain to subscribe to all posts which is why I have to limit it to the ones I really want a reply for, but in my experience not many do reply, which always makes me wonder if people care about replies themselves too. o: *curious* I do love the comment discussions though!

    Before I got a blog myself, I was totally a lurker too. I think it’s easy to be, when you’re not “in” the blogging crowd in the same way! I was scared I would say something wrong or it was just not important enough to say. But I’m much more comfortable now and I love it when readers comment too! Always makes me happy:)

    Great discussion! Love ittt. 😀
    Rebecca (Kindle Fever) recently posted..Your Fate in Fiction: Living LiteratureMy Profile

    • You know what ? You made a great point! I hate subscribing to alll the comments! This is why I liked Intense Debate so much, there you were able to only subscribe to replies and I loved this. Now, I switched back to normal comments for different reasons, which mainly have to do with style lool! So I’m going to check if there is a plugin for this and I’ll let you know!

      From the feedback I got here on this post I feel like people DO care, of course not all of them but they care, so I go on replying I guess 🙂

      It felt so weird leaving my first comment and I had the same fears, nobody will care etc etc. But having now a blog myself, I know I care about all my comments!
      Danny recently posted..In My Mailbox – Pushy in the House!My Profile

  14. I totally agree. I’ll look at how many times a new post was viewed, and it’ll be in the 100’s, but then there are like 7 comments. I always wonder, did all of those other people like the post? Did they hate it? I wonder what they think about the content.

    I like to respond to the comments, but I figured most people don’t sub or check back. So if they have a blog, I might go comment on theirs and mention something about their comment on mine. I usually do subscribe to comments though, especially if I ask a question.

    And I admit, I don’t always comment on the blogs I read. I subscribe by email to some of my more favorite blogs, like you, Giselle, and Rebecca. So when I read them, sometimes I forget to go comment.
    Christy (Love of Books) recently posted..I’m Moving!!My Profile

    • I truly think most people read and then move to the next blog, which is fine because when I do not have so much time I do the same. Or, reading in a Feed Reader or Email etc etc. But it feels good to know that there are some people who leave a feedback!

      I also wondered myself whether people check back or not, but as far as for the feedback I got it seems like many do!

      Thanks for stopping by! :-))
      Danny recently posted..In My Mailbox – Pushy in the House!My Profile

  15. Alice

    Great post! I totally agree with everything you’re saying. I haven’t started my blog yet because I’m in my last year at high school and life is REALLY getting in the way at the moment, but since I’m solely a blog reader right now, I’ve noticed that the blogs that I take more of an active interest in are those that either a) write great posts OR b) reply to my comments.

    I always try and leave long comments to show the blogger that I read the post, and when I get a reply back from that blogger, it means SO much more. I feel like they actually truly do apprecite my comments and what I have to say. Even if they don’t have time to respond to EVERY time I comment, it just makes that much of a difference between a blogger who responds to commets to one who never does. I also feel like by responding to comments, I get to know about the blogger themself and interact with them, which again makes me more open and appreciative of their blog.

    Oh and HI! I’m a new follower to your blog. <3 *waves*

    • Alice, who soooo hit the nail with your comment! Thank You!!!!! Because that is actually what I felt myself. As a Blogger I feel the same way as a Reader, so I comment on blogs that either just write awesome posts where I simply have to comment, or on blogs where I know they appreciate me leaving a comment!!

      It’s exciting to hear how you feel about getting a reply and I was actually reliefed to hear that. See, I spend tons of time to respond to comments but I never knew if it really mattered? If it really got appreciated? Now, I know it does! Thank you!!!

      Oh and Alice: It’s good to put up school first, you will have time to start your own once your last year is over! Good Luck with this!!!!! I hope everything works out great for you! *hugs*
      Danny recently posted..In My Mailbox – Pushy in the House!My Profile

      • Alice

        I definitely appreciate it when bloggers reply to my comments. That’s why when I eventually start my blog I’m going to try to respond to most comments (not necessarily ALL, just in case life gets in the way, but yeah!).

        Thank you so much! <3 I've only got a few months to go now and once I'll be done I'll have 3 months where I don't have ANYTHING to do. 'Tis exciting. 😉

  16. Well you mentioned me, so I had to write a comment now didn’t I?? LOL, I planned to anyway. I love commenting on your blog, b/c you either email me or comment here and I get a notice telling me you commented so I love that.
    I haven’t changed the way I comment. I’ve always been long winded. But I’ve been a little more selective about the blogs I’m commenting on. I spend some time commenting on a blog and if they don’t return the favor, I stop commenting. I might still visit, but not as regularly.

    I don’t know what all this statistic worry is, but I think comments show a lot more than statistics. Though sometimes I think no one has visited when my statistic tell something much different so I’m not even sure if they’re right.

    As far as commenters, mine are almost always the same people. My blogging buddies except for a couple of non bloggers who consistently read my blog and comment and tweet for me 🙂 I’m not sure that that’s a good thing. I’m not attracting new people to comment. But the more I comment, the more comments I get back. That only makes sense. I take the time to read your blog and comment (very longishly) you come comment on mine.(you always do, thank you).

    Okay, this is a book, so I’m going to stop now!

    hrose2931 recently posted..Review- A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie MontMy Profile

    • LOOL hon, I knew you would even without the shout out! You are a constant force and I love you for this! But, I guess I told you that before right?!:))

      I love when we mail after a post and discuss things, I love when you leave one of your super long comments. They always make my day and leave a smile on my face. You always leave the impression that you are truly reading what I had to say and I love that about you!

      The Statistics … *well* I know I’m silly – butI do care a lot about my stats! I try to tell myself everyday that I shouldn’t but, that’s just who I am! I guess the move to WP and loss of GFC left a scar.. Ok, back to topic 🙂

      I also have the same people that comment constantly, but I’m always excited to see someone new, but you are right leaving comments on other blogs totally increases my own!

      Thank you so much for being such an awesome reader and commenter!! *huuugs*
      Danny recently posted..In My Mailbox – Pushy in the House!My Profile

    • Of course, School and work is always more important!!!!!! And everyone understands this. I just realized myself that when I was so busy with my PhD last year I felt like I lost a lot of readers due to my lack of comments and replies. But maybe it was just my imagination and fear lool!!!!

      As I said before, basically I am happy with any kind of feedback, be it with a reply or with a comment on my blog 🙂
      Danny recently posted..Anderson Awesomeness!!! & Epic Giveaway!My Profile

  17. Very insightful post Danny. Couldn’t agree more. Yes, I love getting comments and I do try to return the Favor and comment on the commenters blog. I personally think the number of comments is a more accurate representation of how active a blog is, when looking for blogs to host tours, instead of the number of followers in the GFC or whatever, I always check the number of comments yes a blog might have 2000 GFC folllwers but no comments. That is not encouraging. Sure commenting takes time but the benefits reaped are well worth it and I admit I don’t frequent blogs where the blogger doesn’t ever return the favor. I would rather visit blogs where I am guaranteed interaction. I know I have been a bit flaky the last couple of weeks but I had compamy 🙂
    Heidi recently posted..Fateful by Claudia GrayMy Profile

    • You have a valid point! When Pushy and me put together a Tour for Kismet this is one of the factors we look at!! We want interaction we want to have active blogs, so this is always one criteria how we choose a Blogger for a Tour.

      Commenting does take time, of course! But it’s also part of Blogging in my opinion. I don’t think it’s enough to just write a post and then go. At least this is how I feel about Blogging!

      And.. Heidi, you are always a welcome reader here ! thank you so much for your input!!
      Danny recently posted..Anderson Awesomeness!!! & Epic Giveaway!My Profile

  18. I try to comment as often as I can, which is not enough! My comments usually depend on the amount of time I have and my mood, lol! I always try to let blogs know that I’ve stopped by – I love it when others do, makes me feel special 🙂
    I try not to dwell on the stats either, but it’s so hard not too when you want your blog to succeed and be seen and liked by others. I try not to fall into the popularity part of it anymore and just work with what I have and hopefully they’ll stay/come back!
    Thanks for a great and thoughtful post! Happy reading!
    margie c {the bumble girl} recently posted..My Saturday In My Mailbox #15: The New Bookshelf EditionMy Profile

    • Oh my… the stats! But you have a point here, if you want to be seen and want to get your blog out there it’s hard not to think about stats.. at least it is for me! But I try to get better :-)))

      Sometimes I also just read the posts in the reader and just have no time to comment. It’s sad though! Also I have no idea if this is a counted visit in terms of stats? That would be interesting to know!
      Danny recently posted..Anderson Awesomeness!!! & Epic Giveaway!My Profile

  19. Awesome post Danny, and so true! You have to leave comments to get comments. I will admit I’m terrible with this. I have every intention of commenting on a list of certain blogs from my reader, plus anyone who comments on my posts. But then my days just tend to get away from me and I lose track of time. I need to work on it a lot more because I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs and reviews.

    Also, as for the whole discussion thing. That’s why I love IntenseDebate, because it notifies people of a reply. Most times visitors won’t come back to see if you replied so I like that. 🙂

    ♥ Sarah @ I’m Loving Books
    Sarah recently posted..Review: The Awakening by Kelley ArmstrongMy Profile

    • Oh seriously? no!! You are an awesome commenter, at least to me! You always reply to my comments and I see you here a lot!!! You even reply back more than once!! 🙂 so, see I have a totally different picture of you !

      I really liked ID a lot. But I couldn’t customize the design as I can do it here, and I hated the default Avatar, this is why I switched back. But, I love this instant subscription to replies, it was perfect and I wish there would be an pluggin like this for the normal WP comments..
      Danny recently posted..Anderson Awesomeness!!! & Epic Giveaway!My Profile

  20. I love this post and it’s all very true for me! Comments are probably the thing that discourages me most because I am envious of the number of comments other bloggers get. I know I shouldn’t be but when some bloggers have 35 comments and I only have 5, it makes me feel like no one is reading our posts.

    I think I commented more when we first started blogging because we didn’t follow as many blogs so it was easier to keep up. Now, I follow A LOT of blogs so it takes much more time to get through all the posts. I really try to get to as many as I can and I also try NOT to leave the one-liners because I know people appreciate comments that are more thought-out.

    And thank you for always visiting us and leaving comments when you can 🙂 I appreciate it more than you know.

    XoXo, ♥ Isalys / Book Soulmates
    Isalys recently posted..Author Blog Soulmate: Kendall GreyMy Profile

    • OoOOO hon!!!!! I soo feel your sadness!!! I look over at this amazing blogs with tons of comments and I just wish I would be there… And just between you and me I often feel the same, like noone reads my posts. But. I should be quite because since the beginning of this year and since I had more time to spend time on other blogs it got better and now I’m honored with lots more comments than before!

      But, just like you I follow sooo many blogs!!!! But, I have some blogs I read constantly and daily and there I try to comment. Also I try to comment on those who leave a comments here, to return the favor. Sometimes I just can’t because it’s too much ;((

      And Sweetie, I love your blog – you two girls are the cutest and sweetest Blogging Duo ever!! Love you girls!!
      Danny recently posted..Anderson Awesomeness!!! & Epic Giveaway!My Profile

  21. I definitely agree that comments are a much better indicator of readership than stats! Though I can’t deny that I do sometimes get caught up in the whole stats thing…especially when you hear that a lot of publishers judge blogs by them.

    I try to visit, read and comment on all the blogs of those that comment on mine. I feel that they are more likely to see me that way than if I reply on my blog. I used to try to reply to every comment on my blog but now I only reply to about 1/2 of them. I know that I don’t subscribe to comments because I hate having hundreds of emails pouring in…(if I commented on ten posts a day and they each got ten comments after mine=100) If I’ve asked a question or really engaged in a conversation I just check back later.

    I also try to go through my reader and at least read and comment on my favs out of the hundred I follow…once or twice a week but it does take a lot of time. And then I read a lot of posts but then don’t have much to say…is it better to leave a one liner after reading a post or to leave no comment at all???? I debate that a lot. I think I would prefer someone leave a short comment rather than no comment but I am afraid to do that to others as it may seem that I don’t leave “meaningful comments”…

    Lots to think about…and no easy answers…
    Melissa recently posted..Book Review: 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan HarstadMy Profile

  22. Sometimes i love internet,i really do because with sites like Twitter and Goodreads i have discover wonderful people (including your self) and their blogs and their thoughts about books i have read or discover new. I dont know if it is important a blog(mine yours or everyone else) is that important as long as you share the passion and the love about Books. You can call me anytime romantic but thats what i believe =).
    Maria recently posted..Waiting On Wednesday (6)My Profile

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