Super Six Sunday – Six Book Characters that You Want to Be

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It’s Heather here today sharing my ….

Super Six Characters That I Wouldn’t Mind Being

The mark of a great writer and a good book to me is when I can picture myself as a character. Sometimes I find myself wondering what I would do if I were in their shoes, their situations, and their are a few main characters that I would swap places with if I was given the chance.


Charley Davidson is smart, sassy, resourceful, and a great private detective. It definitely doesn’t hurt that she has such a great support team in her detective Uncle Ubie and her assistant Cookie. While she can see the dead because she’s the Grim Reaper and it’s her job to cross souls over to the other side–which can be pretty demanding–she also gets to have all the attention from sexy son of the devil Reyes directed only at her. I think that makes up for any disadvantages that being the reaper might have. Plus, she heals super fast for when she inevitably gets beat up or shot at in each book. (Goodreads / Amazon)


Betsy may have woken up undead in the morgue after some asshat ran her over in her own yard, and later she’s married to the super hot and slightly annoying Sinclair, but it isn’t all fun and games being Queen of the vampires. Sarcastic, sharp witted, beautiful, a bit spoiled, but big hearted and very protective of her family and friends, Betsy does her best to make it in her new life–even if her half-sister is the anti-christ and maybe trying to kill her with kindness. (Goodreads / Amazon)


Cat Crawfield was an anomaly from birth by having a human mother and a vampire father. With her enhanced abilities, she was an outcast to other humans but deadly to vampires. Once she was converted over to be a full vampire by her deadly and gorgeous husband Bones, Cat is even more dangerous since she can absorb a vampires extra powers by drinking their blood. Loyal, smart, witty, and completely devoted to her husband and friends, Cat is one tough cookie who can make it through anything, and she doesn’t have to do it alone. She has an inner circle that is just as deadly and devoted as she is, and they would walk through fire for each other. (Goodreads / Amazon)


Ginny Blackstone’s aunt has lived in London for the last years of her life, and she leaves her niece $1000 and thirteen envelopes with instructions for Ginny to follow the clues and open them when appropriate. Who wouldn’t want to go on that kind of adventure? Ginny is a bit shy, but she’s thrust into so many unknown and awkward situations by the instructions in the envelopes that she truly comes into her own. I would love the chance to travel all over Europe on this hunt. (Goodreads / Amazon)


Dr. Elyse Morgan is stubborn, sarcastic, doesn’t hold her tongue, and is a total chocoholic. She’s forced by the United Nations to come up with a cure for a plague that is sweeping the world, and she’s basically held prisoner on an underwater ship while she conducts her research. The captain of the ship is annoying, smoking hot, and arrogant, but of course they have to work together. The chance to save the world with science and be my brash self? Sign me up! (Goodreads / Amazon)



Rachel Young is rich, surrounded by irritating brothers, but also clouded with sorrow. Her one shining light is Isaiah, and when everyone reads this book, you’ll all see what I mean. She has a fast car and she’s not afraid to to push it to its limits, and most importantly, she’s not intimidated by Isaiah’s exterior. She’s loyal, smart, not easily scared away when it comes to some things. (Goodreads / Amazon)



So these were my Super Six Book Characters That I Wouldn’t Mind Being. I tend to like ones that are already just like me: smart and sarcastic!

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